Smosh ROAST Parody (Diss Track)

Smosh ROAST Parody (Diss Track)

Oh MyGod! I haven’t seen this intro in years!
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chat after this video. OK. So, I’ve been roasting a lot of people
lately like Casey Neistat, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, yada yada yada. And you guys are
always leaving me comments telling me who I should roast next. And right on time… “Can you please roast
Smosh” Come on nobody wants me to Roast Smosh! 101 thumbs up?! OK I guess you guys do want me to roast Smosh! Well those guys Ian and Anthony, they are
like the original YouTubers. I remember back in like 2006 when they had the #1 most viewed
video on YouTube. I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was. Pokemon gotta catch them all it’s you and me I know it’s my destiny Oh come on guys I’m in the middle of a Smosh
flashback here! Fine if you guys really want me to roast Smosh,
I’m gonna give them a call and make sure it’s OK that I roast them. Hey uh, Anthony you’re getting a call from
a white bread. Oh yeah. Uh his name is Chad but I know like
23 Chad’s so it’s the only way I can remember his name. oh, he’s really really white like white bread. Yep Well, that’s rude. They didn’t answer.
I’m guess I’m gonna jump on Twitter and ask you guys what I shouild roast them about. I’m gonna use your tweets in my next video
so hit reply and roast Smosh. OK, let’s see what you guys have to say here. Why do you look like the dollar tree version
of Ian? Guys, I want you to roast Smosh not me! Hello! Smosh, I used to watch you, then I grew up! Their videos are as cringey as a Nickelodeon
ad i’m here with my friends. Nickelodeon. The
sun never ends. Nickelodeon. 2010 called, they want their YouTubers back! 3.9? What does 3.9 mean? oohhh, Smosh the
movie got a 3.9 out of 10 stars! When was the last time Ian got a haircut 2003?! I need a haircut too. Speaking of Ian’s hair, the only thing that
sucks worse than Ian’s hair is Anthony! Worst kept Secret Gay affair ever Whoa, hold up hold up there Vic. Not everybody
with that particular hair cut is gay ok? You make me feel straight! Chad, guess what! Uhh, let me guess, Smosh just roasted me…? Who? Smosh Who? Uh you know, Smosh! Who? No! Your Pen Pineapple Pen video is about
to hit 50 million views. But that video only took like 1 day to make! I know, every time you make a crappy video
it does so well Gosh, why do I keep trying to make good videos? Cuz you’re an idiot… What? because you’re a perfectionist Can you leave… and then come back in pretending
smosh said something bad about me? fine… Oh my god Chad, you can’t believe it. Guess
who roasted you, Smosh Hey Ian, guess who makes the worst YouTube
videos…Chad Wild Clay. One second, putting in contact solution. But I thought Smosh loved my YouTube videos… You know what I’m gonna do?! I’m gonna roast them! Wait a second…hoverboards weren’t invented
when Smosh was popular. For them I gotta go old school transportation. A walking stick! Yeah! Anytime I need to totally roast somebody I do some crazy
hacking, but because Smosh is so old, first I need to travel back in time. Whoa? Where am I? A VCR?! I really am in the olden days! And here’s an old laptop! Time to start hacking! So after a bit of hacking, I discovered that
Smosh used to be the #1 most subscribed YouTube channel. Ah back when 2,000 subscribers would get you
the #1 spot. But then on June 12th, 2006 they were passed
by a guy name Judson Laipply. Oh I member this guy Yeah you ain’t nothing but rabbit and you
ain’t no friend of mine. And then 1 year later Smosh became the #1
most subscribed channel for a second time only to be passed again but this time by Ryan
Higa! Hey guys, we made it to the #1 most subscribed
spot on YouTube. But fast forward to 2013 and Smosh became
the #1 most subscribed channel for the 3rd time. But again they were passed by…can
you guess by who? How’s it going bros. It’s Pewdiepie. And thank
you since we hit #1 Hey man! Congrats for making #1 subscribed
really awesome stuff. OK, that’s enough research. I’m ready to
roast… Three times you were the very best
Like YouTube’s number 1 PewDiePie and Ryan Higa passed you
Even that guy Judson I heard you met in science class Way back in 6th grade
But the last time you made me laugh Was way back on Myspace OK Smosh, 2010 called
It’s Anthony And then there’s another dweeb
OK Smosh, oooh you’re just best friends Why, do you already have boyfriends?
OK Smosh, 2010 called 6 billion views
A good time to quit YouTube Your careers and your hairdos
Cut them off, 2010 called 2010 Called
Yeah 10 Smosh channels, 10 too many
Thank god they don’t all show your face Once I watched accidently
So I sprayed my eyes with mace Come with me, let’s waste some time
watching Smosh the movie Out of 10 got 3.9
Still better than Smosh magazine OK Smosh, 2010 called
It’s Anthony And Ian the other dweeb
OK Smosh, oooh you’re just best friends Why do you already have boyfriends?
OK Smosh, 2010 called 6 billion views
A good time to quit YouTube Your careers and your hairdos
Cut them off, 2010 called 2010 Called. Yeah! Haha, I roasted them! Well now that all of Smosh’s biggest fans
have already left a thumbs down now is probably a perfect time to let you know this whole
video is a joke of course as always. Ian and Anthony are actually really cool guys.
I actually kinda miss the old days of YouTube when they were the most subscribed on YouTube Please don’t forget to hit that bell symbol
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I might end up using some of your tweets in a future video and let me know below as well
who I should roast next. Also be sure to check out this video here
or maybe that one too that’s a cool one too. And I’ll see you guys real soon with a brand
new vide……o!

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  1. I pause the watch though you’re a grown-u but now I watch how do I claim I thumbs up versus videos because he’s cool👇

  2. Chad wild clay the same thing what I did and the bottom f**** your that's why you f**** is he's like the cringiest lad in the world project zorgo's not real it's probably just his cousins dressed up as now

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