Snake soup and Snake Fry – SCARY FOOD – Exotic Meats in Thailand

Snake soup and Snake Fry – SCARY FOOD – Exotic Meats in Thailand

[IRFAN’S VIEW’S INTRO MUSIC PLAYS] The snake has come, [MUSIC] It looks weird for the native of Thai.
Just think about me then! I am scared. The snake meat, [MUSIC] Wow!! That wow is for the sauce, They have added enough amount of taste enhancer, They have also added garlic, the right amount of chilies, And also the ginger, it is visible all over the dish. They have also added a small amount of pepper, I guess. Then the taste enhancer. It is very chewy, I’ve never had meat like this before. It is like…. It is chewable for a longer time. I’ve never dreamt of this moment, When we see it, it is scary. While eating it, It is good. They offer a hot tea as a side, It is called as Chinese tea. It is a tea, hotly served. If you have as soon as it comes, it is good. They are saying that this meat will give strength, And also good for the health. Sometimes people will say this for exotic food like this. They will exaggerate sometimes. But I don’t know the truth. May be, it is good for our health. If you want to try the adventurous thing, It has no foul smell, The meat itself has a minimal flavor, It is rubbery and chewy, As we chew, the juice comes out of it little by little. It gets differ from all the other meat. It gets differ from all of it. I get a little scary while eating, It won’t bite it now. After they hang it, they slaughter. They are afraid of the head portion, When it gets nearer. They just slaughtering it, and at the end, they dispose of the head with so much care. Because its fangs have poison, Try it dude, I won’t leave you till you try it. Try it,
He is saying no to it. [IRFAN REPEATS THE WORD CHEWY FOR MILLION TIMES] Another dish is on its way. Three dishes. The snake is done in four ways, Three ways are reaching us after the cooking process. One way is the raw heart. I cannot forgive these people for that process. Ginger and garlic, a taste enhancer, and chilies are enough to make this dish. Nothing other than that. The taste is because of the taste enhancer, The real taste of snake may be identified in the upcoming dishes. There is a chance for me to identify in the soup or the fry. That is why I am telling like that. They also sell turtle. That cost 3000 bhat. 1 kg cost 1000 bhat, It may weigh so and so. It depends on the weight. They are raising it, and selling They put it in bucket, If you guys see that place, you will not have the food here. We are eating it for video sake. Our chief is just enjoying the dish. I don’t know whats the matter. You just play with it man, I just pray to God that our stomach should not play with us. The next is…… Omg!!! They have made a fry out of snake’s scales. [MUSIC] Dude look here!!
It is the snake soup!!! Oh man!!! Crocodile was good, But why it so scary? [MUSIC] It looks so weird. Totally three dishes, Next, we’ve got the soup. Today our guest is Woo, The snake meat!!! The first dish has only the meat, So it was not weird. It was like having chicken. At the time we saw the soup, It has the tail of the snake, With its bone, They’ve made it. In this too I can see lots of ginger. They’ve added more amount of Ginger. Woo is taking a snap and sending all his friend, Saying “Look here I am having Snake’s meat” He has got more excited. [MUSIC] As I said before more amount ginger is there, Woo is telling that he gets the taste of Beef, Obviously they’ve added the taste enhancer. I am getting the flavor of the meat. It has a small bones, Just look at it, It is disgusting. But I want to show you guys. It is the snake bone. It is like removing fish bones while we eat. [IRFAN LAUGHS AS HE DESCRIBES THE MEAT] I swear I don’t know whether I will be allowed in my house after this. We can chew it, he says. We cannot pluck each one. [MUSIC] [WOO THINKS IRFAN WILL BEAT THE NATIVES OF CHINA] In every meat, the bones have the more flavor I guess. That fishiness of meat is so much in the bones, It is a different kind of fishiness. Because it is the snake’s meat. In soy sauce, they’ve added garlic and chilies. We can eat it like sushi, One piece of it dipped in the sauce,
Here you go buddy!!! It has the sour taste, The flavor of the Soy, Also the taste of the garlic. Finally the green chilies. This gives us a familiar taste to us. But we are getting the flavor of the snake as we chew it. The soup was good, as they added more amount of ginger. And also the flavor of the snake was there. You may not understand when I say “The flavor of Snake” You will understand when you have it. It is the snake’s feast. Dude, they’ve cooked its liver too. Snake’s liver. I think it is, it must be the liver. It doesn’t looks like the meat. Thank God! He is a good human. [MUSIC] [IRFAN TRIES TO FIX HIS SENSORY ORGANS AT A PLACE] [IRFAN CHECKS OUT HIS TONGUE] Everything is enough man, I want to end up the review till this dude!! Please take me, home dude!! We’ve come to the last dish. I don’t want to expand it to any other extent. I must taste and let you guys know about it. Because I bought it. I came here to taste everything. He said no to this. His expression is more scarier than this. Being a native of Thai he is ignoring this dish, Take a small one Irfan. [MUSIC] I am doing this for you all. Kindly subscribe and click the like button. Also, share the video. Let me not dip it in anything. Because I want to know the exact taste of it. [MUSIC] It is good. It has not only taste enhancer but also it has soy sauce. The flavor is very good. Its texture is like, In the chicken, the breast piece has the white bone along with the normal bone. Its texture has crispiness as well chewiness. In leg piece too, After eating up the meat, You will find the white color cap-like thing on the bone. Some say it as crisp bone. Some will eat and some won’t. It has a crisp texture. This snake’s skin gives that feel. Crispiness as well as chewiness. The meat was very chewy, In the soup, the bone was the disturbing thing. This one is good. It looks scarier than the other two. But it has the beauty while we eat. Snake is telling us not to eat it after this. In China it is a normal dish, so we get in the Chinese restaurant. It is the food for some people out there, So be easy on it. In Korea they eat Dog’s meat, I think. A native of the US go against it as the dog is a pet for them. The cuisine differs in each place. Here they eat snake like we eat chicken. They eat dogs like it US people eat pork. It is said to be the Universe. It is all just a part of it. But I don’t know why did they choose Snake, He tells to someone that “This guy will not leave me until or unless I have the snake skin” He has not accepted it. [IRFAN DEDICATES A TAMIL SONG TO A CHINESE MAN] Let us go out and talk about this place. This is the place. This is the name of the place. I feel relieved after having these dish, Because I’ve accomplished my task. This was like a lifetime experience for me. I had a snake meat, I feel unique, Because it is not a normal food which we get in every place. Out of three dishes I liked the Snake’s skin. That crispiness, In the lungs of the goat, we have a pipe-like thing, Its texture was exactly like that. It was same as the trachea of the lungs. It doesn’t have any other fishiness in it. If I am compelled to have a snake I will choose the skin. As I said before the meat was chewy. A man said to me that, some snake’s meat is chewier than the some other snakes, The crazy part was a bone which was there in the soup. Another is also there which was the craziest of all. I felt something weird when I had the bones. First and the foremost is the heart, He has squeezed the heart in the liquid and asked me to drink it. It was bitter. They said it gives power, I had it because I don’t want them to get hurt. Also, you guy will watch me having. I had it because I want you to know about it. But I didn’t drink the blood. It was an awesome experience for me. To show you guys, I gained some experience. If you guys liked the video, Like, share and also subscribe. Risk is in the sense I am having the unaware dishes, right? Taj asked me why did I choose this? You guys want to watch some adventurous content, As well as I wanted to give different contents to you guys. It is one of the extent. I took this risk because it is the legal thing. If it hurts you, forgive me. I’ve not shown you guys the whole thing. I will show you guys some part of slaughtering it. Taj how much do you like? TAJ: I liked the meat. TAJ: It was chewy, TAJ: So I liked that. TAJ: The soup seems to be a little scary as it has bones in it. It was a Chinese restaurant so they use the taste enhancer more than the ginger. It is a common thing in a Chinese dish. We cannot tell that it is bad because many people are using it. I will share the location in the description if possible, If you guys come to Thailand try this too, 4000 bhat, which is 8000 rupees in our money, For the cab we spent 1000, Totally it came around 11,000 rupees. [MUSIC] We are going back to the hotel. The time now is 5:30 p.m. We left the place around 5:10 I guess. In 20 minutes we get a churning feeling in our stomach. Not churning, it is paining. The mixed feeling. Also having vomiting feel, I don’t know why, I don’t know whether it is just an imagination, But he too feels the same. I will update you guys about the reaction, Within tonight, We will tell if something happens, Otherwise we will end up with it. [THANKING GOD THAT IRFAN AND TAJ ARE FINE]

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