So .. The Cooked Rice Experiment.  Let’s Talk About That

So .. The Cooked Rice Experiment. Let’s Talk About That

Something kind of fun happened this morning. My channel rolled over all 7’s 7, 777,777 I was not planning to make a video at all today today’s supposed to be my day off, but I have something I want to show you. All of my countertops for the first time in years are almost completely clutter-free. This little table over here has had stuff sitting on It ever since I moved it down here from four years ago And this entire area has been crammed packed with clutter ever since we finished the kitchen down here This is the only clutter. I have left it will probably all be cleaned up in the next couple of weeks. So let’s talk for a minute about the rice experiment from yesterday’s video. The comments on that video are amazing So let me just start off by saying no, I wasn’t high when I film that video it was not an april Fool’s prank it was not a social experiment although the kind of reaction to God might make it worthy of one it was not promoting Pseudosciences and it was not scientifically conclusive, but I like you guys And I really care about what you think so when there’s such a strong reaction like there wasn’t a video yesterday I feel like I have an obligation to give you the rest of the story. First of all everything I said in the video was true We did come across a book that people told the street like you most likely we were a little bit skeptical But we thought we just read the book and see what I had to say, my wife And I both read it it seemed interesting enough although. We weren’t grasping on the concepts as truth instead We thought it might be worth just having some fun and putting it to the test and see what happened we’d seen on the internet the hundreds of people had tried taking cooked rice and putting them in different jars and Labeling them and speaking to them so for a fun family Activity we decided to get the kids involved and we tried that ourselves now. This is about five years ago We just moved in our new house I just started producing my king of random videos things got crazy busy, my wife let me know that for about a month She did try to keep up with the experiment by having the kids talk to the jars in the morning before school But with the craziness of life they eventually just got brushed aside, Tucked on the shelf and completely forgot about and that right there was pretty much the end of the story until about six months later We had some people visiting and they asked us what these jars were on the shelf and at that time we noticed they were changing Color which we found was interesting. We said they’ve changed colors and interestingly enough They’d change colors to kind of match the labeling on the jars now [likee] we didn’t draw any conclusions We just thought it was interesting and then forgot about them for about number four and a half years two weeks ago I was running around my basement cleaning up everything that I could possibly clean up donate to charity throwing in the garbage and Decluttering when I came across these jars I thought it’d be fun just to do a quick video and show you the results of the experiment that we tried I saw so many comments from people concerned that this wasn’t followed through the scientific process there should have been more Samples the jars should have been sterilized there should have been in control guys did not see that coming if the result of this video inspire other people to try the results for themselves and Everybody comes back with the same results Then maybe this idea is worthy of a more scientific study until then it was just a simple family experiment Non-Scientific never claimed it was, go back and watch my video, and you’ll find that my words were chosen very carefully But apparently they may not have been chosen carefully enough because a lot of you got triggered so on that note I really hope I’ve been able to satisfy your concerns and put a little context behind the video obviously this wasn’t an mit Sponsored Scientific event they’re just some kind of interesting results to a simple household experiment I wanted to show you before I threw those jars away see in the next video One last thing apparently I forgot to put the instagram link in the video where I mixed aluminum with brass I still am giving away this master sword as well as all these metal alloys So follow me on Instagram watch the stories in the next couple of days I’ll post a link on how you could apply to get them. See you there! *Grant feeds his chickens*

100 thoughts on “So .. The Cooked Rice Experiment. Let’s Talk About That”

  1. Feels so good to declutter! Hopefully this explanation clears things up for the confused. See you tomorrow!

  2. And that is how pseudoscience survives.
    We like to think it is because people who believes in pseudoscience are nuts, but the fact is people don't care.
    If you present someone with facts or even try to take the discussion further you will get a "You take things to seriously" or "Doesn't matter anyway" and this person will keep believing on whatever because they don't want to think about it.
    Unless believing in pseudoscience has a direct effect on these people lifes, they will not care.

  3. How's this for science? Positive charges. Negative drains. Neutral grounds, which is a slow draining in and of itself. Let the nay sayers deny that.

  4. one nother thing, the way i choose to respond to your ideas is all me. i neither edit your thoughts nor experience the feelings generated therefrom

  5. I kinda liked the video; this is The King of RANDOM after all…

    Sometimes, you find a tangent, and you have to run with it to see where it leads… But I am accused of doing that so often they are no longer tangents.

  6. -Funny
    Haha I never thought these so called "people of science" in comments would be the closed minded ones. They're getting so angry because this doesn't line up with their ideas and what they think they know. You're being just like those religious people with pitchforks back in the day, that by ignorance and close mindedness sent back science decades, because they thought it was magic and couldn't understand what it meant.

    Obviously this wasn't a perfectly controlled experiment, but by being butt hurt cause you think science is limited to a specific type of thinking and guidelines, and that there's no room for mystery, and therefore later understanding, then you're just a brain dead sheep, that will never add anything to this world, cause you can only in think in confines of the present knowledge.

  7. Well it was quite unwise to call it an "Experiement" then, since that is a strictly scientific term which certain criteria that have to be met for it to be classified as one.

  8. Please make flashbangs with your pull tabs and a magnesium reaction! Thanks!
    To the viewers: If you like this idea, well, then like it!

  9. Grant, dont worry about the snowflakes. They're triggered by clouds that look like frown faces and mismatched clothing colors

  10. funny to see all these people complaining but nobody doing the experiment and making a video to prove it wrong

  11. Presenting pseudoscience with a proviso is to promote pseudoscience.
    "…if everybody comes back with the same results…"
    Based on what? How many people have shared a negative result? You should definitely bring James Randi in on this.

  12. I don't think that poking myself with a needle everyday to see if I can grow numb to the pain is an experiment. I don't see why people could assume that what you did was. all you did was test to see if a theory could have any viable factitious basses. from what I saw you proved that there might be something that is going on with flow of energy through rice. to test on water you would need just water to remove any contaminants that rice would, could and should have. on the more up beat side words of wisdom never fail when there time is to be

  13. No no, this isn't supposed to be a fun experiment. This is literally depression at its utmost level and form. Putting rice in a jar, labeling them then talking to them is also how you become a crazy person.

  14. Sorry grant, but this 'experiment' very much is promoting pseudoscience. How anybody can think cooked rice perfectly understands the English language is not ridiculous is beyond me.

  15. Theres a lot of cases of pseudo science hurting people in various ways. Them not getting the treatment they need or not giving their children vaccines or similar things.

    Your video showing as little skepticism as it did could have been used to support more harmful beliefs. That's prob why the reactions were so strong.

  16. Grant, you rock. The fact that you took the time to respond in a very nice and professional way, shows a lot about your character. Thank you for all the videos and for your inspiration.

  17. There's a lot of evidence suggesting that singing to plants makes them grow faster and appear to be more healthy. Lots of people swear by it.

  18. Actually, I performed a similar experiment a few years ago. I made two plates of potatoes au gratin, and put them in separate rooms, each covered with plastic wrap. I then went on to read poetry to each plate daily. To plate "A", I read bad poetry in a cheery voice and to plate "B", I read slightly better poetry, also in a cheery voice but with a very fake and exaggerated French accent. After three months of this, I introduced plate "C" which was a plate with a smaller plate on it, but no potatoes. At the end of the experiment I affixed plates "A", "B", and "C" to the back of a motorcycle with scotch tape and rode across 100 miles of the roughest roads in the U.S.. When I got home, all three plates were gone from the back of the motorcycle. Coincidence? I'm afraid the results are inconclusive, but interesting nonetheless and perhaps deserving of further study.

  19. With your number of subscribers and your reputation you were giving credibility to pseudo-science quackery – this is a shame and disservice to society.

  20. I think you should make a giant silicone mould of yourself sometime. Maybe use quick curing silicone or something?

  21. It was an interesting video on positive power and the stuff that comes with it. There's just a lot of negativitiy in our world sometimes that we forget about the positive stuff.

  22. Put tardigrades and honey in jars, label the jars with either positive, negative, or no comments.
    Then see if negativity can destroy the immortal.

  23. I personally rolled my eyes at that video too… However! I also realize that if someone believe he/she knows everything already and that certainty is etched in stone, then nothing new will ever become truth. Science is all about an open mind, experimentation and inference. Kudos for doing it with your kids, teaching them that it's OK to ask, even silly, questions and question the status quo, instead of just telling them to shut up and buy into the party line. I really like your videos, but the rice-one, not so much.

    Greetings from the cold summery Denmark

  24. "pseudoscience can hurt impressionable children"
    "teaching evolution can hurt impressionable children"
    "showing lgbt couples can hurt impressionable children"
    it sounds more like each of you who spout this rhetoric are more concerned with preserving preconceived ideologies than the well being of anyone.
    And oddly enough, science, the broad umbrella that is bringing everything into an observable light and then observing it, is the last place i expected close minded individuals to exist, and yet here you all are.

    This experiment was predicated on pseudoscience, but you're acting like the term pseudoscience means obviously false, when it actually means any claim without a concise testing method and verifiable results.

    until the last century, the theory of atoms and their structure was pseudoscience, and truly inconclusive, until we had a means of testing them.

    what I'm saying is that instead of leaving these things as falsehoods maybe expand your horizons to pouring these things I the realm of possibility, not probability, until we can prove or disprove them.

  25. I have done the same experiment 6 or 7 years ago and had the same results. I had no idea that just the label would have an affect

  26. At least the rice experiment was consistent like others. Meaning something words have power. what more equipments you need. those scientists and their gadgets are not the Judge to say what's real or not.

  27. There is no such thing as "pseudo science". Scientist do not even understand how gravity works. When you hear the words "random" and "we think" used in science, that literally means they dont have a freaking clue. So, everything is possible until it is proven IMpossible. Ergo, there is NO pseudo science.

  28. U less you made a vid about the rice and I couldn’t find it. This would be the worst one I have found ! Lmao. Wtf man. You’re better than this! 😁💯

  29. You shouldn't do these non-experiments, because that is what they are. Its not scientific so the results are not relevant. The problem is that there are a lot of people out there who will take this as proof of their faulty believe system that talking to rice can influence it in any way. How fast the rice will spoil depends on several factors that have nothing to do with the words one says to them. We already live in a world where people believe all kinds of nonsense. From flat earth to denial of evolution.. Don't fuel stupidity.

  30. I swear these "science" fanatics are the worst, they can't take a simple fun family experiment without getting up in arms on how it wasn't according to the scientific method. All of you need to chill and go get some basic imagination.

  31. People still don't get it … the experiment is not very scientific but if you think all of the people who have tried this rice experiment at home is already considered a random sample of people. Since majority of the people who have done this experiment got positive results, therefore, most likely the results are true. Some people have even done this in groups, and always more than 90% got a positive result. Examples, a class of (30) students have performed this experiment. Another group of (300) spiritual devotees have conducted this experiment with the same results

  32. Lol- it’s VERY scientific, lol. Also- science is NOT the gold standard for truth and the reality of our lives haha… science can’t even prove your thoughts or emotion… so- ppl need to chill… enjoy the experiments and test other words out, and how the frequency , tone, and “words” make or break who YOU are or our lives in general. Lol

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