Socket Shelf Comparison: As Seen on TV vs Amazon!

Socket Shelf Comparison: As Seen on TV vs Amazon!

This is Socket Shelf.
It’s an As Seen on TV 8-port surge protector. It has six
outlets, two USB connectors, and a shelf. Not to be outdone, Amazon has their own
kind of version with six outlets, two USB ports and a small shelf. For the low end
version, this one has no outlets but it has a shelf. Today I’m comparing all
three of these socket shelves to see which one is the best deal. I’m James
White and this is Freakin’ Reviews. I actually have two socket shelves.
I purchased both of them for about 30 bucks. The reason being is because I saw
two completely different packages and I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t
two versions floating out there. They are the same version so we’re gonna take one
of these and put it off to the side. Here’s where I unboxed both of these to
make sure they weren’t different. Let’s get these out of the way first, deal with them later. But this is what I’m talking about right now. This is Socket Shelf.
It’s been advertised on television actually for a while now. They test
marketed a year or two ago and just brought it back. Now they’re advertising it.
But I’ve seen two different packages here. They have the same barcode so I’m
pretty sure it’s the same item. But sometimes these As Seen on TV products tend to change over time and since the packaging is so different I bought this
at an As Seen on TV store, this at Bed Bath & Beyond. I figured I would just get both of them at 30 bucks apiece and see how they work and make sure there’s no
difference between the two of them. And also compare them to a couple of
competitors on Amazon. Let me crack all these open and get started.
Socket Shelf number one. By the way this one says it’s from Sharper Image, the
commercial says sharper image. I don’t see Sharper Image on this one anywhere.
Don’t know if that’s significant or not. It’s possible they’re the exact same and
they’re just testing different packages. It’s possible that different retailers
get different packaging, I don’t know. This box looks a lot less As Seen on TV-ish
than this one does though. Now the instructions look As Seen on TV.
Alright here is the glorious shelf. Alright there’s the back of it. Two plugs
on this side, two in the front, two on the side. And you got two USB ports.
Pretty basic. Socket Shelf number two. This looks very familiar. Alright here is the shelf. The instructions appear to be identical.
Okay so I’m thinking might just be difference in packaging.
All right Socket Shelf number two. I think they’re the same thing same thing.
Same thing, right? Two of the same thing? I’ll look a little more closely but it looks like
they’re the same thing. I just wanted to make sure the packaging
wasn’t showing maybe a different version, an updated one. Because things like
The Clapper, even the Bell & Howell Disk Lights have changed over time even
though the packaging may or may not have. So I just wanted to make sure, and I can
always use an extra one of these assuming they actually work.
All right let’s get to this Amazon one here. This is a little different design.
A little different. We’ve got three on each side. You still have six and two so the
same number of ports. Six outlets and two USB, just designed a little bit differently.
And this one has a shelf I believe. Where is the shelf? I think this
is the shelf. I think that’s the shelf but I don’t know how to open that up yet.
Well there are no real instructions with this. There’s some product specs in here
but there aren’t any instructions. So I guess I have to just kind of wing this one.
All right I’ll get to that one later. And finally this one which is a
cheap… this one doesn’t have outlets. This is just a shelf itself.
A nice big shelf at least. Oh and these are actually heavy. And they give you two different kinds.
It’s well packaged. All right so it looks like one of these goes in here and
your shelf goes up there. So I have to put this together in a little bit here.
I’m gonna read all these instructions over and then guess I’ll get started.
For those of you concerned about safety, the Amazon one has an ETL listing and the
Socket Shelf has a UL listing. Now the two that have outlets in them, they’re both
15 amps and the USB section, this is 2.4 amps and this is 2.1. So pretty similar.
Let me put the the shelf on this particular unit. I think it just…
it’s a good sized shelf. Compared to the Socket Shelf it’s
certainly deeper. Not as wide though. The way you’re gonna attach the shelf here is…
It’s not quite as easy as it should be. I’ll get it. I did it once. I can do it again It should be easier than this. Hey I got it.
And there we go. Boom! I think this one’s shelf… I was looking at the shelf slides out like that.
Well that’s not much of a shelf. Is that even really a shelf?
I’m not sure if that would be considered a shelf or not.
It does have a little ridge up here so you could put your phone on top and it doesn’t slide off
so I guess it’s kind of shelf-like. Anyways here’s our three competitors.
I think it’s time to get started. All my bathrooms have a socket right
underneath the medicine cabinet. Even if I could get it to fit this way, which it
doesn’t, you’re gonna have a shelf right underneath there. That’s not gonna work.
I’ll have to find somewhere else but in my case I can’t even use this in any of my
bathrooms which is kind of the main place they showed it being used.
Disappointing. Let me see if either one of these fit in here now. All right well
the Amazon one actually can fit there. Although it’s kind of strange because if you wanted to charge a device here,
the plug’s kind of in the way, and you can’t put it up there because
the medicine cabinet’s in the way so it’s kind of strange. I guess you could put it like that. That’s not that great, but it fits here better than this Socket Shelf
which doesn’t fit here at all. With this one it would certainly fit but you’re gonna
have the shelf there so I would say in the case of the bathroom when you have a
medicine cabinet here, this is probably gonna be your best choice because the
shelf is a little bit lower. I’m not sure it’s gonna work in my bathroom. If you
have a bathroom with an outlet not underneath the medicine cabinet, it might work for you.
But let me try the kitchen now and see if I have any better luck in there.
Hmm well once again all of my sockets in my kitchen are underneath something.
But let me try anyways. As Seen on TV. All right well I mean it definitely gives me more outlets over here. I’m not sure about this.
You know what this reminds me a little bit of? You might remember the Side Socket which is also six outlets, no USB. This is from like 2012 I think. But this
one swivels so you can kind of plug it in there and you can keep it flat.
You got the same thing here but you got two on each side.
See the font on the Side Socket? That’s pretty similar. Something tells me these are related. But I digress. What I want to know is if I put weight on one side if
it’s gonna be a problem here. Not that you’d store can of soup up here. Yeah I guess
it’s… I guess it’s kinda sturdy. The shelf’s pretty deep so if you have a
phone up here, you’re gonna have to put it way back there in the back.
So I’m charging my phone, that’s cool. It’s on the shelf up here. If I wanted to
view it, that might be a little more problematic. I’ll have to put in the back.
Four extra outlets and two USB is always gonna be a good thing. Can’t have enough
power here, right? But as far as storing spices and things, you know it’s like…
That’s not gonna work. I’m not even sure that’s… is that convenient? You guys
tell me if you think that’s convenient or not. Having a spice way back there, I
don’t know. I just could reach in here and grab one.
Anyways let’s try another one. Once again I’m not thrilled about this
being in front of your shelf, because look. I mean you can’t really put it at a
good angle. You can’t put it up here. It actually seems to hold the phone
better on top, minus the shelf. And actually better than the Socket Shelf because
it’s not so deep. If you’re not using the USB then the shelf works
pretty well I guess. The Socket Shelf seems like it’s moving
around back and forth when I put weight on it. This one less because it has more
support. One more. All right there we go. Well obviously you’re not getting any more
outlets or USB ports, but how about the shelf itself? I mean it holds the phone.
The phone doesn’t really prop up because it’s so… it’s not wide enough. I guess I
could do that. I’m not sure about that. I just don’t think this is a good
area for one of these items because you got… This is limiting you the whole time
It’s also so narrow. I mean what are you get, two spices on there?
It’s pretty narrow too. It’s very deep. I don’t think you need all that depth.
I don’t think you need all the depth. The one thing I do like though is
they have this little opening so you can run a cord through there but it’s about
the only advantage over the others I’ve seen so far in this. Otherwise I’m not
so impressed. Let me go to somewhere where I’ve actually had a need
for something like this which is my bedroom. All right this is my current setup
in my bedroom. I actually bought this when I went to Australia last year and
it doesn’t add any more outlets but it added two USB ports so I figured I would
just use this, get some use out of it here back in America and I actually kind
of use this as a shelf even though it doesn’t have one. It’s not really a shelf
but I rest it on there. And this one, this does have a built-in cable that can
charge most Android devices. Right now I’ve got my BedJet plugged in here, my
laptop plugged in here. I charge one of my iPhones here and I’m charging
my battery pack. This is a standard setup. This is my room
every day. So let me see what I can do. Starting off with the Socket Shelf.
And this time I’m gonna actually remove the faceplate for all of them to try to
secure them a little bit better. Even with the screw in place it’s still…
you know. Alright so I’m gonna put my laptop on the side here. You can see it moving
as I’m sticking it in there. I’ll put the BedJet in the front. But not only do I
have better space optimized but I still have four more outlets so I’m pretty
happy with that. I think the instability is… it’s not so
bad that it’s gonna be a problem unless you put something really heavy on there.
But I kinda like it. Let me try an iPad and see how that works in there.
One thing about the iPad is the cord’s on the bottom. A lot of devices are
like that so you’re gonna have to put it upside down which most devices can
automatically flip so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Now let’s see how
this bad boy works. I do like the fact that the shelf kind of can be hidden,
although it’s such a small shelf. See this one also moves a little bit too. And it’s
screwed in there. Hmm. Alright my battery pack doesn’t even fit. Doesn’t fit.
It’s too thick. So I’ll put it up here I guess. That does hold it nicely though.
That’s good. Try the iPhone. Oh look at this. I mean
look at that. What a terrible place to put them.
I just don’t get it. They could have put them higher. They could have put them
somewhere else. But right there, right where your phone is gonna be.
If you don’t want to look at your phone I guess it can squeeze in there. I don’t know. I’m not too convinced and it definitely didn’t hold this one. This was just too thick completely.
Look at that. Nope. Now let’s see if this iPad is gonna fit. I guess it
fits in there. I don’t think I would trust it to stay there. The problem is
now if I want to… This won’t fit here. Guess I can just put on the floor. The iPad
does fit nicely right there though. It does fit nicely. And I could probably fit
my phone here. Kind of. I think it’s… It’s alright. Oh I haven’t even plugged
anything in yet. Laptop is plugged in. We’ve got one two
three four more over here. It just seems a little bit more cluttered and more
cramped than the Socket Shelf. Now I’m certainly more into the price on
this one which was $12 vs $30. I’m starting to lean towards this
one being a little bit better. We have one more to check though. All right and
for our economy model here. You don’t get any extra outlets but you get this nice
deep shelf. In my case I actually lose something because I was using this
before which gave me… It didn’t give me extra outlets but it gave me two extra USB ports.
Now I have nothing. So what if I could just plug that back in there? Maybe
I should just do that if I wanted a shelf. Because really I can’t go without
USB ports here. I can’t. I just can’t do it. I won’t. I’m just gonna stick this
back in there. I don’t care. I’m just gonna do it. I’m gonna plug in my
laptop, plug in my BedJet. And the nice thing about this shelf, you can feed
your electronics up through there which is kind of nice. Now that’s what I’m
talking about. You could obviously just put a cube down here too.
I mean if you guys call this cheating, I could just do this. All right now I’m
not cheating anymore. But then I have to decide between my
laptop and my BedJet. But anyways I do like the fact that when you feed that
through there it kind of holds it up in place. That’s kind of nice. Same thing
with the iPad. It does hold it up nicely. I think that just as a shelf it’s
actually pretty good and the price point is pretty good as well so I think it’s
only eight bucks. So let me see how much this shelf actually holds. I can’t use it in
the bathroom because of my medicine cabinet’s in the way. So let me just try some
bathroom items right here. I’ll put the bigger stuff toward the back.
Some shaving gel, maybe some hand soap. Miscellaneous item number one, some beard oil. Maybe some q-tips. Can I fit it on there? One more thing. Oh I fit everything
on there. The only problem is you kind of have to dig toward the back because it’s deep.
Let’s see if the Socket Shelf with its more wide shelf is more efficient.
Try the same items. Not as much depth but let’s see. Shaving gel, miscellaneous,
q-tips, beard oil, more. I actually think I have more space. I think the Socket
Shelf with its wide design actually might be a little bit better. I’m a
little bit surprised. I thought with this big deep shelf that it would hold more
but I think there’s just more room on the Socket Shelf. Well I think I have all
the information I need to wrap this things up. All right it’s time for some
pros and cons and ranking these three. Number three at the bottom is the cheapo
shelf that doesn’t really have any extra sockets to it. The pros would be that it has
a shelf and it has this cutout for the electronics but you don’t really get
any extra outlets for it so it’s just a shelf. And you have to take your original
faceplate off so there’s some minor assembly required. Number two is the KMC
from Amazon. It’s pretty good because it seems stable when it goes into the outlet.
It does have six outlets and two USB ports. but the shelf space is pretty limited.
I mean you could barely fit a phone in there. You might be able to
lean something up here. But if you’ve got something charging in the USB ports it’s
kind of is in the way of the phone so for 12 bucks it’s actually a pretty good
deal. I just wish these USB ports were somewhere else. And I wish the shelf was
a little bit bigger. Not bad it’s just there’s a few design flaws. And that leaves me
with number one, surprisingly, As Seen on TV Socket Shelf comes out on top.
This one has I think the best shelf of them all. It seems to have the most shelf space and the USB ports are in a convenient location. Now it’s not perfect. It’s 30 bucks.
That’s pretty steep for something like this. I was thinking 20 would be a
little bit more like it. But on the other hand if you’re not
worried about that as much, I think it does a pretty good job. The only problem
with any of these is that if you’re adding a shelf to an outlet, a lot of
times outlets are underneath things like counter spaces and medicine
cabinets so you may not be able to use them in those places. I’m gonna stick
with my Socket Shelf. Now I have an extra one I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with
but maybe I’ll give that one away. Check out the comments to see what I’m gonna do about that. But have you used the Socket Shelf or one of these other items?
Tell me what you think in the comments below. Please follow my social profiles
for progress pictures, videos as I go. And please subscribe for more product
reviews from me James White, with Freakin’ Reviews.

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