100 thoughts on “Spaetzle, Schnitzel, and Whiskey Shots: Chef’s Night out With Pig & Khao”

  1. I was curious about the Schnitzel and well… In Austria and Germany only fast food restaurants use a deep fryer for Schnitzel. A decent Restaurant would always use a frying pan with clarified butter. A deep fryed one can't compare to it at all!

  2. She was a straight up Hoe on Top Chef Season 5, sleeping with the snotty and undeserved winner of that season, Hosea Rosenberg. Still very disappointing that Carla didn't win that season, but in the end her career bloomed further than Hosea and this slut, Leah Cohen.

  3. lol whatever the chick's name is 100% THAT GIRL* when she drinks.. she gets wastedd and then cops out and just says she doesnt remember anything so her being a drunk, annoying slob ends up not counting for some reason.

    *THAT GIRL- One, a female, who gets trashed fairly regularly even though she claims she rarely drinks. She acts a total fool while also annoying anyone around her who is less drunk than her which normally ends up being just about everyone. After drinking like one, she proceeds to eat like a slob, potentially off of the ground. She has woken up on the bathroom floor countless times and in a random dude's bed nearly an equal amount of times. She is "THAT GIRL" and she is not proud of herself. May or may not have warts in some area either above or below the belt. IDK what the opposite of pride is (shame not good enough) but whatever it is that's what her parents and ex-boyfriend are for birthing / knowing her. THAT GIRL… good luck bitch. Cheers, Peace.

  4. This girl is annoying as shit. Im sure she worked soo hard and saved so much of her own money to open that hipster ass restaurant…

  5. please guys do not fuck up schnitzel not same as milanese or katsu it should cook butter i didnt know kimchi traditional avustian ( korean )

  6. "We had Porkbelly with Kimchi and slow poached egg. The food is traditionally austrian food" Whaaaat? 😀 Go home yer drunk!

  7. My wife is half Philippines and half white and the chef chick looks like my wife.  I have never seen my wife drunk.

  8. The boyfriend is a fat slob and think he's the shit. Ftp the chick is the prize in this episode. I would've carried her all through out the day. Smh on the boyfriend fuck me?!?!?!?

  9. I love the shit out of my staff, they're like, retarded, my food has so much sugar in it, it's retarded, I love the shit out of it, my staff are great, I love the shit out of my staff, they're retarded.

  10. Maggi… are you… no… no…
    Edit: Thumb up for the Austrian Restaurant and the "Ried Achleiten, Grüner Veltliner from Jamek" i love this Wine ^^
    Greez from Styria 😛

  11. if your in my Canadian timezone and you gotta watch that bullshit india Canadian commercial about this indian broad and her singing I'm sorry…. it IS annoying and I WISH it would disappear hahahah

  12. Thats some pampangan style sisig if my eyes dont deceive me. Kinda bummed i was sick and had no appetite when i went to a place that served it, because it looked good as hell.

  13. why was she riding in the back seat of the taxi she's focus of the episode. Armando get your fat ass in the back seat so she can sit next to her boo.

  14. lol at all these angels in the comments like theyre any better. i want my own restaurant and more experience in the kitchen like her. so wat she got drunk lol

  15. lol at all of the other staff cringing so hard toward the end of the video like "Just let her be obnoxious… we/she need her parents money to keep flowing in"

  16. Duterte would disapprove, which makes this so much harder to agree with.

    I'm agreeing on the disapproval.

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