Spent Brewers Grains as a Chicken Treat

Spent Brewers Grains as a Chicken Treat

OK some my wife knows someone who makes the
own beer at home, and they gave us some of this byproduct of beer they produce which
is known as spent brewers grains or brewers grains, which is the
the solid residue left after the processing of germinated and dried cereal grains for
beer. Though barley is the main grain used for brewing, beers are also made from wheat,
maize, rice and sorghum. The remaining product is a concentrate of
proteins and fiber that is suitable for animal feeding. Many farms us it for cows, goats,
sheep, etc. These brewers grains are a highly variable byproduct, meaning that the nutritional
value depends on the process of the beer making and which method they used and also on what
grain was used to brew this beer Brewers grains have a long history in animal
feeding. Before the industrial revolution, farmers and monasteries in Europe brewed their
own beer and fed their livestock with the resulting byproducts. These practices have
changed with the industrialization of brewing and animal feeding and brewer’s grains began
being used by the feed industry Brewers grains can be fed to poultry but the
high fiber content and reduced protein digestibility tend to decrease their nutritional value compared
to the original grain As a result, brewers grains are not well suited to the feeding
of poultry with high energy requirements such as young broilers. They are better tolerated
by older broilers and laying hens; as which we have. Brewers grains can be fed to poultry
in dried form, as it is easier to store and more stable than the wet form. But, what we
received is the wet form, fresh straight from the process of the beer making process. And,
you can use this wet form, just make sure it is fresh. There is a very short “shelf-life”
of the wet product, so make sure you refrigerate it at the minimum. You can also freeze the
grains in a small to medium size containers, and give it to them like a suet block over
time. Once again we are going to use this as a treat
for our hens. So if you haven’t thought about it, maybe see if you have a local brewery
or someone you know who makes their own beer at home, and you have a wonderful treat for
the hens. Just keep in mind that this is a high protein treat So thanks for watching! Make sure you subscribe
to our channel to see more on our chickens, and as you can see our chicken are quite happy
with this treat. Just use this as a treat and…you’ll be ok. Everything in moderation.
We always use a non-GMO feed, and of course they’re pastured raised in our backyard
scratching for bugs, insects, like nature would want. Thanks for watching!

7 thoughts on “Spent Brewers Grains as a Chicken Treat”

  1. The girls definitely love the grains! My red wigglers like them too.

  2. I just picked some up yesterday to feed chickens and compost. I'm going to freeze a bunch also for future as its been two years since our brewery has allowed collection of grains.

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