Spotlight On: Leah and Jeff Huss, Huss Brewing Company

I’m Leah Huss and I’m Jeff Huss. We have been in the industry, I’ve been in history since 2001, Jeff has been in the industry
since 2005. after culinary school I was owner and
manager of Papago Brewing Company in Scottsdale for over 14 years. I went to
brewing school in Chicago and the second half of it was in Munich and I was
offered a job down here with BJ’s and in the meantime I applied for a job with
her. Fast forward we were married and we have a daughter. When we found out we
were pregnant with her we decided to sit down and talk about our future and
started a building search and after two years went right to the City of Tempe
and said please tell us where can we go so this is actually the old Rio Salado
Brewery which is now defunct. We came to Tempe because of the ease of help from
the city and everybody over there and how they made it easy for breweries to
come here so that’s why we ended up in Tempe. I think what makes us unique is a
lot for the most part the the amount of experience that’s behind everything that
we’re making. I think it’s the beers. I think the quality consistency we’ve got
some really interesting and different beers but I also think that they’re so
approachable. It’s something that anybody and everybody can drink. The flagship is
Scottsdale Blonde for sure that one is our most popular as well as the Papago
Orange Blossom. That one is so iconic to Arizona so unique to Arizona and has
been around since 2005, so people really identify with it. We actually opened with
a different IPA a beer that we were gonna brew one time. People ended up
really liking it so we stuck with it. We decided to kind of move and change with
the way that things were going and the way things are going is a much more
drinkable IPA not as harsh and crazy hoppy, it’s a little lower in alcohol,
it’s got an awesome copper hue to it and we named it the Copper State after
Copper State and the five C’s of Arizona. We’re kind of seeing people
growing up with craft beer which is so different from what I grew up with. You
can get our beers around, we really love to see people pick up our six-packs in
the local independent grocers and see stores and things like that we’re huge
fans and big supporters of local and independent businesses.

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