SSSniperwolf Roasted My Friends (FT. Alissa Violet & Sommer Ray)

SSSniperwolf Roasted My Friends (FT. Alissa Violet & Sommer Ray)

*over dramatic intro* YO WHAT IS UP GUYS back at it again, *zooms on pretty face* But let’s be honest guys this week has been a pretty chaotic week like there has been a lot of drama this week has been a pretty chaotic week like there has been a lot of drama , Going on this whole week, and I’m exhausted. *insert dramatic music here* I’m tired and Im calling quits . I’m done with all this drama. I’m done with all this pettiness and just. I’m sick of drama. I’m over it, time back to normal video… *gets hit with even more drama* Is her name Alissa? Er yeah Is she talking about Alissa? First it was Alissa, now she’s making fun of Sommer?! *ugly shrek laugh* Alright guys, that video just randomly appeared but I am just confused. Why is SSSniperwolf. just randomly making mean comments about my friends?, like, I’m kind of friends with both of them so you know I’m just in the middle of this. But I mean honestly she’s just sitting here *insert throwing action here* throwing rude comments at my friends for no reason, you know. Sssniperwolf is like this “gamer” YouTuber and like these two girls are just you know, instagram models or whatever they do and it’s like completely different lanes and This is so unnecessary how they’re causing drama and me being the guy, and I never have anything to do with this type of drama but I’m gonna somehow get involved. Because we all know drama gets the most views and I can’t miss out, soo… Hi Sommer, what are you doing? heyy , why are you filming me Okay, look I know you’re always in a good mood. and u need to sub to manotive You didn’t even ask for permission. Okay, look I know you’re always in a good mood and stuff, but someone just roasted you *confused as hell look* Yeah, so what roasted here watch this *another shrek laugh* *lol wut* Wait, are you not mad. She called you a toe. I know but why the left toe and not the right? What’s wrong with her right toe? Does she not have a right toe? I don’t know Well. Yeah, what is wrong with her… *interupts* And I don’t even wear that much makeup. Yeah. * uncomfortably agrees just to be nice* But, it’s, whatever. Are you not mad at her? No You Don’t want to roast her back? *wheeze* We don’t want to give her that much attention. I like that spirit, okay. Well, I will see you later. We don’t even care that much. B*tch we don’t care about you! *huhuhuhu* Alright guys I already know how Alissa deals with drama. She hates drama, so Hi, Alissa, and you look really happy right now Look at my little puppy! You probably don’t want to hear this but someone roasted you again Are you serious? Yeah Do you know like SSSniperWolf or something like that? What? Have you heard of her? She’s like a gamer.. No…. Wait wait SssniperWolf Is that the one that has like the leaked sex tape and like And like the leaked nudes And like, has like a mugshot for stealing? like Trying to join Faze but, like, she couldn’t… and then like *wtf savage* tried to bang like Banks, and then he said no, and has a nose job and she has like a nose job? and like… *Stop the savageness* Yeah, yeah, yo chill. *Thanks rice* Yes, her, you know who she is? *Bish wut* No never heard of her. oh, haha Yeah, well here, watch this she roasted you. You need to do something *Screach* calm the f*ck down! wtf Watch the video Watch that. She roast-she roasted you. *shrek laugh again* Whatt the f*ck?! Why would she do that? I don’t know, like, I saw it online first and me being your friend I just have to show you.You know what I mean I dont even know who this girl is.. I know it was so unnecessary, you know. Can we do something about it? I mean you can. I think you should fire back on her. Duuuuuudeeeee…. (Where´s my car?) We should do another disstrack or do something. Why are you looking at me like that you got it all by yourself. Yooo.. Rice seriously that would be so dope. Guys, I would love to but I need to stay away from drama. No way like drama is getting What? Oh… Shit, okay. Now you’re talking hold on. Wait, so I could have him? *awkwardly holds the dog* Yeah, it’s a girl, Rice, you can have her. I’ll see you in the studio. Alright I’ll see you in the studio, bye. #respectforwaman (That ass may pass) #changedman england is my city

100 thoughts on “SSSniperwolf Roasted My Friends (FT. Alissa Violet & Sommer Ray)”

  1. Gurl u roast sssniperwolf who gives a fuck suck it up and it's true u wear lots of makeup and bitch sssniper will probably fucking roast because if u roast her here I'll roast u right now
    Roast #1: u should introduce ur upper lip to ur lower lip sometime &shut the fuck up
    Roast #2: f u can like ur mouth you'd be in good shape
    Roast #3: here's a tissue you have bullshit on ur lip
    Roast #4:stop calling urself hot the only thing u can turn on is the microwave and the last roast for u both is
    Roast #5: roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I've got five fingers
    The middle one is for you
    There I can probably roast fucking better than all the shit you say right now dumb ass little bitch
    Edit: bye bye bitcb

  2. 2:28 sorry im watching this 2019….BUT

  3. 2:32 i mean no offense but she kinda does know who she is if she lsited all the stuupid shit ssniperwolf did lmfao

  4. 1:58 your milking it so it can be as big as Tati James Charles scandal so she can lose subs and you can gain them come on it’s a freaking joke grow up 🙄🙄🙄3:15 if you were a good friend to both lia and Alissa you would talk it out with lia and not make Alissa mad? By showing her that crap and you would cut out the part we’re Alissa talks abt the. Tape and the mug shot that she got cuz she was yelling at her bf watch the vid 🙄

  5. Ssniperwolf Wolf never sent nudes in her life even said it in a video so Alyssa should know what she saying before she says it plus ssniperwolf shouldn't have to apologize she said what she said plus the two people that she's talking about have a reputation not everyone has to like you're 2 friends ya know

  6. ricegum isnt even all that he got famous off of a lame roast wtf i'm good at art but i dont get famouse life is fucked up

  7. I'm actually not mad at sssniperwolf cuz sometimes she is sarcastic and she sometimes tells the truth.why they coming at a game that's not even on their level like they do have haters but when she says something they wanna make a "diss track "

  8. Alissa violet: can you help me with a diss track against jake Paul? Ricegum: sure.

    Alissa violet: can you help me with a diss track again? Ricegum:nah I’m trying to stay out of drama

  9. Ricegum said “get the back angle go go go go go” and took a picture that got me cracking up😂😂😅🤣🤣

  10. I watch Danielle bregoli and she said he looks like a f**** toenail 😂😂😂😂no hate is funny tho…to me yea but idk y’all rice gum fans

  11. Do they not know that sssniperwolfs shit was never leaked and it’s just people with black hair and glasses like damn what a dumbass

  12. Lia joke's around about this stuff alot like she didn't respond to this and start drama i watch her and she jokes around alot

  13. That is in the past……
    We should accept that everyone makes mistakes here on earth.
    And you should just leave it alone and just add a comment not a video….
    Even though she stole stuff nose job just leave her alone with her problems and let her deal with it
    Also you even wrote a diss track which i have not watched but please just stay away from ya’ll drama….


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