100 thoughts on “Stephen Fry entrevista Jair Bolsonaro – Out There”

  1. This fat piece of shit states that there are 400 species of animal's that have homosexuality, but gives no real evidence (BTW there is none)

  2. Why in Brazil they don't spend money in education, infrastructure, logistics and economic? But, not, they spend money for carnaval, the stop of gays. Brazil haven't underground or train.

  3. I absolutely love Jair Bolsonaro ! He is just bombarding Fry with factual arguments and strong points about these organizations that lobby for perverted social causes. #JairBolsonaro17

  4. I'm usually with Fry, but I can't help but see Bolsonaro make a thousand logical points while Fry just chuckles and says some random fact or logical fallacy. Just because a large amount of animals can be homosexual doesn't mean it's normal, if it is a small percentage of creatures in a species that are homosexual, then it is not normal. And this idea that just because Fry does not want straight people to be gay doesn't mean that all gay people agree, it doesn't take long to see that in many homosexual communities, they often fantasize or wish that straight people they know become gay.

  5. Bolsonaro will win cause Brazilian people are stupid flip flop people casting there vote for a white supremacist thinking he will save them fucking stupid people.

  6. Fry and the Gays are realizing that their days of open acceptance are coming to a close. They all know their sexual predilections and fetishes are abhorrent behavior, however the Marxist culture has allowed their openness. Once the Nationalists take over they will retreat back into the closet from whence they came.

  7. Bolsonaro Memes…

  8. If this is the man Brazil wants then there is only one solution.

    We need to nuke this garbage heap of a country off the face of the earth, and as soon as possible.

  9. ➕bolsonaro is correct, a phobia is a fear, i dont like homosexuals, I hate capers & oysters, I don't like scooters but love motorbikes, I hate golf, football, cricket and don't like listening to anyone going on about them, I don't like alcohol or smoking or gambling and I hate the television, so WHY are the things we don't like not all described as 'phobias'??? We live on a farm and rats are a real pest and I've grown to hate them….is that a phobia also? I think we really need to find a new term for disliking something, or someone, or whatever, without it having to be described in an extreme term. In fact, if anyone feels similar then please propose a more realistic term rather than homophobia . We have to take our power back and not allow hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people to be wrongly labelled by the very people that freak out if we mislabel them…..despite the ever growing list of identity definitions. C'mon PEOPLE let's be sensible and restore some common sense to these inflated issues.

  10. I don't know if Bolsanaro attitude is right or wrong. I'm was raised in Brazil and one thing I learned is this: flavors and tastes is something you don't discuss. Some people like blue, others like red. It's part of life. You can like this, or you can like that, and the majority of the time, your likes and dislikes are not the same of the others. There is some families that don't like gays in Brazil that is true, but I never heard and saw somebody hate and persecuting gays in Brazil for the fact a man love another man. I have seen hate in America against gays, and America is considered to be a place of witch the civil and human rights are modern and evolved. People cannot see and judge other cultures with the eyes of its own culture. I suggest Mr. Fry to move to Brazil, learn Portuguese, mingle with the population for a few years and learn the culture, the philosophy of life and the rules of the society. Learn to see the things like a local. If after a few years he still maintain the opinion that Brazil and probably the next president of Brazil are homophobic, them I will listen to what he has to say, but meanwhile I can say only this: this is a very awkward interview provided by two passive bias individuals.

  11. Another depraved, slithering 'person' — clearly a psychopath — head of a very large country with a vibrant cultural richness that will be put down by hatred, fear and stupidity. May the heavens protect the Brazilan people from the ghouls.

  12. Holy shit, that is some evil editing. Fry might have seen the light, seen his NPC-ish behaviour he was exhibiting, but I am very wary of this man.

  13. when someone is sick you heal them, you dont say it's ok be sick, that's love
    accepting a sick people and not helping em is hate, fry is hating here, and he should look up for help

  14. i support gays but they need to understand not everyone agrees with their life style or sexual preferences, what do you honestly expect from christians its part of their religion if they take it seriously, i find it hypocritical that they never go after muslims who would probably kill you instead of disown you, the majority of the western world accepts gays but you cant be the thought police or break someones religion, if you think its bad in the west or even in brazil, move to the middle east for some cultural enrichment.

  15. Sad to see Stephen Fry, who is usually quite intelligent and rational, assume so much and wildly miss the mark this badly. I still like and respect Stephen, but fuck's sake…

  16. Only one animal species is homophobic? Yeah, 'cause irrational animals don't care about preserving the fabric of civilization!

  17. Sadly, history proves that a degenerate multicultural state can't be saved by a providential military type conservative leader. Did the great Antonine emperors save the Roman Empire with their public works projects, their financial reforms, their Romanizing education and their military campaigns? No, the rot was already inside.

  18. Progressive country? That was a lie. It was shocking to actually comprehend the society I live in. I'm so embarassed and sad. 🙁

  19. That ending Bolsonaro laugh with the chilling echo. Stephen Fry it's not about homophobic oppression in Brazil., it's about raising the country from ground zero pretty much. "That was one of the most chilling encounters in my life" jfc you snowflake go sip some tea and suck a cock.

  20. I don't know why Stephen Fry thinks our sexual morality should be derived from emulation of sexual behaviour in the animal world.

  21. Stephen Fry is delusional. No father wants a gay child because it means they can't have children and their genes won't be passed on, that simple!

  22. If this is one of the strangest and most chilling encounters he’d ever had, then he must be a very sheltered person, which is obvious. Just because Bolsonaro doesn’t agree with homosexuality doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect their choice, that he must be afraid of them or hate them. THAT is a very strange and chilling idea. And if we are to compare ourselves with animals as Fry did in the beginning of the interview, than let’s compare everything. Many eat their own babies, they kill their “step sons/daughters”, they steal others food, etc… Just a silly comparison.

  23. Mal sabe as pessoas que a conversa deles demoro mais de uma hora mais so pegarão partes que prejudicam o Bolsonaro , partes sem contexto

  24. Listen, I know This is awkward and awful, but, Bolsonaro changed and learned a lot. I feel sorry for Stephen and Bolsonaro. They should meet again.

  25. I am ashamed to be Brazilian since this fucking douche bag Bolsonaro became president and YES, I FEAR FOR MY LIFE !!!!! #EleNao

  26. Stephen Fry is a radical degenerate who preys on children with the help of the boy loving BBC.
    Animals don't have the ability to think critically. Stephen Fry claims to be an animal. .

  27. animal homosexuality is bs myth. what they exhibit is pseudo homoerotic behavior at best in licking each others genital. and this pseudoerotic behavior is even rarer than cannibalism in animal kingdom which is considered abnormal and extreme behavior. no species of animal kingdom on this planet engages in homosexual anal sex for pleasure. so yes homosexuality is NOT normal for both humans and animals.

  28. this comment section is disturbing. what the fuck is wrong with with so many brazilians? i've known lovely people from brazil but this rhetoric and fanaticism is scarily similar to the trump MAGA supporters/abominations.

  29. This is just silly hit-piece and propaganda. Just look at the slow-motion laughter. the music and the commentary as regards "chilling" and "strangest" encounter.

    This is not an inteview it is phantomime!

  30. No, most gays are not out to make the world more gay. But a very scary and protected minority are deviants who do want to corrupt children and you provide cover for them.

  31. Não há nada errado em ser gay. Cala a boca, cristãos, você acredita em um homem mágico no céu. Diga-me o que não é natural …

  32. Oh boo fucking woo. The lgbtqtrii156iooo+ movement is crazy and should be mocked as the bad joke they are. Here in the west we take those crazy morons seriously for some reason, even when they have their pride parade with children dancing sexually suggestive for them, like that Desmond kid. I like Fry but he's suck a crybaby when it comes to the gay people.

  33. There are sjws out there that do want what hes talking about. Find a way to deradicalize them so he can't use those arguments.

  34. Notice how Fry doesn't push back or even bring up Bolsonaro's comment about teaching sex ed to little children. Either he didn't like that inconvenient fact being brought up or he actively supports it

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