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  1. My God! From Blackadder to the Iron Bowl… I would have had a fit. Stephen certainly had good researchers for this, this is Alabama madness at its best! How lucky, lucky you are, Stephen! And the icing on the cake – your reaction to the flyover! RTR!

  2. My favorite part is when he's covering his ears and the two camera men in the background are hi fiving and jumping up and down because of the jets.

  3. say what you want about our way of sports, but I'd rather be pumped during a game rather than sitting bored while i watch soccer. smh

  4. I love when he teared up while the whole astadium sang in unison "God bless America". He could really feel the love, patriotism and energy. It really is a moving experience to be in an arena and all singing in harmony. Makes the hair stand up on the back of your next and gives you goose bumps. super surreal.

  5. Just catching this great series on Netflix…..8 years late….but an incredible doc nonetheless. And I got a little weepy too after God Bless America.
    What a great perspective Mr. Fry. This segment reminded me what a spectacle NCAA football really is…….and Roll Tide.

  6. I read his book about his time in America. He was more impressed with the timing of the jets than the jets themselves. He didn't know anything about getting jets, but he knew about timing from his TV work, and getting the jets at the right time in one take blew his mind.

  7. I love at the end the camera guys are cheering and slapping hands because of the flyover and Steven Fry is like WTF!

  8. haha at the end the few hundred thousand dollars burned in jet fuel and man hours lol fuck yea, full afterburner and all, i appreciated that, a low pass like that is truly amazing, the crowd must have loved it. murica.

  9. My issues with the nature of "american patriotism" is that it paradoxically becomes meaningless. It's on full misapply

  10. I've watched this a couple of times, but just now noticed the Ohio state flag over his shoulder in the last clip. It was on the field with someone and not randomly in the crowd or something. What a peculiar place for it to be…

  11. The idea of collegiate athletics is very specific to America (well, North America). Any college sports would have to seem bizarre to anyone not from here, let alone the most popular one that's a billion dollar industry and holder of numerous misplaced sources of identity (including mine :), Go Bucks!)

  12. This was about what it was like for rival high schools within the same small town I grew up in. The New Braunfels, TX Unicorns vs the Canyon Cougars

  13. As someone who loves college football and follows a Premier League team in England, I've always felt that college football, more than the NFL or MLS or any other pro league, is the closest thing we have to European footy leagues. College football teams represent your town, state, region and sometimes even your religion. And the best teams have die hard fans who aren't even alumni of the school, or even taken a single class on the campus.

  14. BTW, this a University/College game level. Which is a HUGE deal in United States. You get 90-100K attendance in games. Its crazy.

  15. I love that he gets teary-eyed during God Bless America. Feeling the love in a giant crowd like that can overpower anyone.

  16. as a concerned Alabama fan, my fry should get his hand checked after they painted it with Auburns colors he probably has cooties now.

  17. I have watched this clip probably 10 times just for the look on his face when the jets fly by and then guys high five in the background classic Americana

  18. Soccer is my favorite sport but I will say the premiere League has nothing on the epicness Americans put in sports

  19. In America, we look for any excuse to come together to consume large quantities of alcohol. That is our tradition

  20. The only thing I didn't like about this documentary was that sadly the only part of my home state Stephen featured was Miami and he hated it. It's a 12 hour drive from Pensacola to Key West, its the third most populous state and #1 tourist destination in the world, there is a lot more (and many things that are more enjoyable) than going to the beach and an old-folks home in Miami lol.

  21. I fucking hate the pompous english.insulting Jealous beyond belief assholes.there entire shrinking world is only still above water because of the united states of america…

  22. I still consider this my most favorite outsider-looking-in perspective of the US. Stephen's take on this was really charming, and really warmed my heart taking a step back when I looked at it his way too.

  23. The state of Alabama and the world would be better off if the University of Alabama was closed down and the funds used to support it be given to Auburn University. More people all over the world would then be fed, clothed, housed and healed than at present. Selah.

  24. As an Auburn alumni and a previous member of the Auburn University Marching Band, I'm glad that my school, my band, my family, brought Stephen Fry to tears.

  25. I don't know if actually watched the game, but these teams are more like semi-pro teams. I wouldn't exactly describe them as amateur.
    I loved this series, but he seemed to get a lot of things wrong. Like he seemed to think all Americans at at greasy truck stops when they were on the road. Or when he complained about grocery stores only carrying bad cheese. He went to the section of the store that carried cheap luncheon meat and American cheese. If he'd just looked around he would have found the gourmet section with a large selection of fine imported cheese including ones from England. Most of the stores in my area carried them at the time.
    I just got the feeling he rushed through the country but didn't bother asking Americans what they actually did. He just made assumptions.

  26. I want to see like Charlee Sheen go to the U.K.
    "Not sure if i could sum up something so….shitty, poverty riven, homely….just okay like the the U.k."

  27. I'm an American. Love the NFL. And the NBA and Major League Baseball. The big 3 in American professional team sports. But I don't understand the appeal of College Football. But then again, I've never lived in the South or the Midwest.

  28. I can say the same thing about Manchester United 😂😂😂😂😂 except their fans try to kill other people

  29. Fry forgot to realize that the USA is 10 times the size of the Entire United Kingdoms combined x 4. Yet we are One Continent sized Republic with every Ecosystem on Earth within. May God stop us from our own Unique capability of going Empire.

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