Stir fry celery with cashews vegan recipe 西芹炒腰果

Stir fry celery with cashews vegan recipe 西芹炒腰果

Hi guys, here is Yi For this week’s vegan mukbang video I’m going to make a super easy stir fry Use celery & cashew nuts It makes literally less than 3 mins So hopefully you will enjoy today’s video for this stir fry, we will need about 5 stalks of celery 80g of cashew nuts, non-salted remove the root & the top of the celery & use your knife to remove the hard skin or simply use your nails I just though it’s a satisfying moment when you remove a whole piece of the skin away Here are just some of them after washing them clean I just cut it horizontally in half then vertically in 45 degree for about 3-4 cm long once again wash them completely pour a bit of boiling water into our pot turn our heat onto medium high then just quickly cook through our celery this will make sure our celeries are cooked though completely & we don’t need to stir fry them for too long after they are cooked, we can take them out then pour enough of our vegetable oil into the pot we’re going to deep fry our cashew nuts so this doesn’t take too long, keep your heat on low your cashew nuts can get burned quickly leave a bit of oil in your pan/ your wok & pour back into our cooked celery & deep fried cashew nuts a pinch of salt just stir it around then it’s done our really refreshing stir fry celery with cashew nuts enjoy! so my stir fry celery with cashew nuts is ready Here is one of the celeries it’s really fresh & green & super crunchy gutten appetit it has this really fresh celery taste in it & here is my deep fried cashew nut & stir fried Let’s give it a try the nut is super crunchy, very nutty & rich Hope you enjoy today’s super easy stir fry recipe please give me a thumb up & leave your comments below if you want to see more videos like this one Please sub to my YouTube channel check out my Mukbang video on every Monday Share this video with other, thanks for watching, see ya

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  1. thank you Yi, i love this initiative to show some vegetarian meals, especially when it comes to sichuan as i consider them to be the one i love the most!

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