Stir Fry Chicken Noodles 鸡肉炒面 | The Dumpling Sisters

Stir Fry Chicken Noodles 鸡肉炒面 | The Dumpling Sisters

Hey FoodTubers. My name’s Amy and I’m Julie and we’re the dumpling sisters. Welcome to our kitchen. Today we’re doing chicken fried noodles. Now everyone knows what a delicious plate of fried noodles tastes like, but we’re going to show you the secret to the juiciest noodles you’ve ever had So let’s get started So for these amazing noodles, we’re just going to keep it really simple We’ve got some egg noodles, beansprouts, broccoli, some thinly sliced carrot Diced up ginger and garlic and chicken thigh cut into strips So the first thing that we’re going to do is start by marinating our chicken So I’ve got 300g of chicken thigh here Now we really recommend using thighs instead of breast meat for this dish because it is just that much more juicy And to that we just add a really classic marinade of Half a teaspoon of light soy sauce, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar a pinch of pepper and two tablespoons of water We’re also going to add one teaspoon of corn flour and a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda to find out why we use these two magic ingredients check out our potsticker video on foodtube While the chicken is marinating, we’re going to get the noodles ready Now we think you’ll all agree that bouncy noodles are much better than soggy ones in a stir fry and to achieve that we always soak our noodles just so they’re just softened because they’ll keep cooking in the wok Pour some boiling water over 250g of thin egg noodles and when they start to loosen up, give them a swizzle, chopsticks are great for this Now when they’re just soft and bouncy like a tangle of elastic bands quickly drain them in a colander and you’re good to go Okay, ready to start cooking, so we’re going to start with the chicken Get your wok super hot then we want to add about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil Add in half of the ginger and garlic Then lay the chicken out in a single layer so that we can get some nice colour on there Let the chicken do it’s thing for a couple of minutes Then start flipping it so it ends up nicely browned all over Then add in 60ml of water and cover very quickly so that we can trap in all of those lovely flavours So the magic that’s happening in the wok right now Is that the cornflour and the water is forming this beautiful, slick gravy that’s going to coat every strand of noodles, that’s how we get them so juicy without adding loads of oil Give it a minute to cook the chicken through then scoop everything out into a clean bowl and set aside Mhmm, these are the best bits Fire up your wok again, in goes one tablespoon of oil and the rest of the garlic and ginger Let that sizzle away until fragrant Then add in half a handful of carrots, a whole handful of beansprouts And a handful of broccoli, give it a good stir To cook the veg through properly we’re going to give it some steam All you have to do is add in 80ml of cold water Stick a lid on it and let it cook through Turn the heat down to low so the vegetables don’t burn while we add in the rest of the ingredients For the noodles, cut them up slightly so they’re easy to toss you can do this with a pair of scissors if you like and in go the noodles Now pour that lovely gravy on top, along with the chicken to season we’re using three quarters of a teaspoon of salt, one and quarter teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of dark soy Slide each spatula down the side of the wok until they meet in the middle then lift both of them up at the same time along with a bunch of noodles Give the noodles a little jiggle at the top then release Keep repeating this until everything’s mixed together and the noodles are heated through So that’s all there is to it guys, chicken fried noodles Oh my god, they look delicious and they smell amazing too All those beautiful colours So there you have it guys, chicken fried noodles, super juicy and super delicious Let’s tuck in, hmm, I’m going to have a bit of chicken because I’m greedy And you know what there is no shame in using a fork Hmm, yum right? Really plump noodles Alrighty then, thank you very much for watching We’re going to finish this off, let us know if you guys make it Oh and let us know on soc-s-s-s Let us know on social media if you do because we love seeing photos of the things you make Absolutely and it’s just really heartwarming for us so okay So thanks foodtubers and see you next time, bye, bye.

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  2. No reason whatsoever for thigh chicken to be juicer than breast chicken

    If your chicken breast isnt juicy when its cooked, you're not doing it right.

  3. ye,this is exactly how non-Chinese restaurant cooks fried noodle. normally chicken aint even cooked with noodles in China. its pork,beef or fish.

  4. This accent sounds familiar but I can't place it…..oh wait, it's mine. hahahaha. It's so rare to hear kiwis on youtube I don't recognise my own accent when it does appear.

  5. It’s all very well to have ‘simple recipes’ to follow but it never ceases to amaze me how out of touch chefs are with normal kitchen ware, the message is always that of ‘ if you have the right kitchen equipment, you can recreate the best version of the recipe’ However, not all of us have a wok with a lid,or the ideal way to regulate heat. Cooking has always been my passion but the more videos I watch about the ideal cooking requirements, the more I want to give up. This is, in no way a direct criticism to this video as the cook had the right cooking setting for this recipe. I am just disheartened that I can no longer turn to you tube as a way of learning real recipes.

  6. Garlic and ginger burning like mad. Just out in garlic whole and crushed for authentic Chinese method. Ginger into julienne

  7. Seriously… I guess I have just made one of the greatest meal I have ever created by myself and a first time achivement for using soya sauce as an ingredient. It tastes ==> miraculous. I have used yellow and red pepper instead of bean sprouts. Though the noodle I had used was sort of more of a fettucini type, it worked out amazing! Thank you, The Dumpling Sisters 🙂

  8. I didn't understand the first addition of garlic. Because the garlic is already cooked fast. And when baked in other ingredients, garlic burns and gives a lousy taste. Or is it a special technique? I mean, I don't know much about this culture … (I dont speak english and google translate bade translating bla bla)

  9. baking soda as mentioned in the recipe is bicarbonate of soda for Brits. This is so confusing I had to look it up. (we have baking powder and bicarbonate of soda – two different things. So you can see how baking soda is neither one thing or the other in our translation and its confusing. Thank god for google. Thank you for the recipe needed something without unusual stuff that I don't have in the cupboard and that I can teach my daughter to do.

  10. I used your technique and advise to cook a chicken Chow mein for my daughter…she has been into Asian culture lately and I had to watch a few recipes before I got to cook it but yours was my favorite… I believe yours is lighter and healthier than others I got to watch… amazing… Thanks a lot!
    You both are also unbelievable attractive and beautiful.!
    Thanks again.

  11. 고온에서 빨리 조리해야 재료가 살아 있는 식감이 유지되고 맛을 유지 하겠네요

  12. Thank you ladies. This dish was absolutely delicious! Even my toddler gobbled everything up. Great flavour!

  13. You two are adorable!! This recipe looks so delicious! The cover you used for steaming—is that the cover for a round cake pan?

  14. Why would you add hard vegetables like broccoli and carrot at the same time as bean sprouts? That makes no sense at all???

  15. Where is the secret? I can cook better than this thought. I expecting more than this .. as shame for your channel

  16. Hello!! Im from Houston, Texas. I tried your recipe, Wow…. delicious!! Thxs so much for sharing. Fast & easy👍🍜

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