Stir Fry Instant Pot – Instant pot chicken stir fry video

Stir Fry Instant Pot – Instant pot chicken stir fry video

– Hi, folks, welcome to this
episode of the Rod Elmore show. Today, we’re going to be making stir-fry. Stir-fry, doesn’t that sound great? Stir-fry in this thing right here. Yes, the Instant Pot. We’re gonna stir-fry in this thing. So, what I have here, chicken. Veggies, I have broccoli
florets, some squash, red pepper, just put ’em all here. I have the stems of the broccoli florets because the stems take a
little bit longer to soften up, so we’re gonna put those in separately, so they can soften up, and so
we don’t destroy our veggies. Got chopped onion and
mushrooms, together here. Yep, ginger and garlic,
chopped up, put ’em in there. All right first, so, chicken
is really tough to cook, chicken without drying it out,
‘specially chicken breast. So you see how uneven that is? You have thick at the
top, thin at the bottom? So, we want to try to make
this as even as we can, so it can distribute the
cooking evenly on both sides. So what I’m going to do, you don’t have to, but I’m choosing to, we’re gonna flatten this sucker out. I’ll just put a couple in there
like that, in a Ziploc bag. Like so. Get the air out, we’ll close it up. Grab my trusty, as you
may call it, hammer. We’re just gonna try
to flatten the chicken. (hammering) Just so we can make it even, yeah, even. (hammering) That looks a little more even. The thickness has been distributed. So, with chicken, so because
we want it to caramelize, we wanna get that moisture
off the outside of it. I want a crispy skin, so
what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna take it out of the bag. We’re gonna set it on the paper towel. You’re gonna take your paper towels, just wanna pat dry your chicken. Dry that chicken up, dry that
chicken up because, really, water is your nemesis when you
try to have crispy chicken. And I want some crispy
chicken in my stir-fry. You may not want crispy
chicken in your stir-fry, but that’s okay. Put them in the Instant Pot,
so they can start to cook. (oil sizzling) So that’s what it looks like. When it starts to get the little
white ring around the side that’s how you know that your
chicken is cooking properly, and that’s what it looks like when almost ready to be
turned over or flipped. So it looks like our chicken
is ready to be flipped. What I failed to mention earlier was that I did put oil in there. Definitely put oil in there first before you put your chicken in there. All right, it looks like
our chicken is done. We’re gonna take it off the heat, take it, put it into our aluminum foil. (oil sizzling) And we’re gonna go
ahead and cover that up. (oil sizzling and foil crinkling) Like so. Gonna keep that on saute. Now take our onions and
mushrooms, and dump those in. We’re gonna go ahead and saute those up. (spoon hitting against
pot and pot beeping) All right, so now, after
that’s been in there for a couple minutes, we’re
gonna add our broccoli stalks. These are gonna take a little bit longer than the rest of my veggies, these here, so we’re gonna put those in and
let those soften up as well. This right here smells
delicious, delicious. It smells delicious. (spoon hitting against pot) Chicken’s resting,
sauteing broccoli stalks, mushrooms and onions, mm mm. (spoon hitting against pot) We’ll see what that looks like. There it is, folks, the
broccoli, onions and mushrooms. Gonna let those sit there, hang out a bit. And now I think it’s time for us to add in our chopped-up garlic. I’m gonna move this to one side. Now garlic and ginger, put it in there. Allow that to sit on one side of the Instant Pot that’s bare, so you take all your onions, mushrooms, and the broccoli stalks I put in, and I’m bringing them to one side. And directly on the bottom, I’m gonna saute the garlic and ginger. (oil sizzling) Then we’re gonna take the
rest of our vegetables. Dump ’em all in. (oil sizzling) And mix them up. (oil sizzling) Aw, look at that. Take our chicken. That’s still juicy, how juicy that is. (pot beeping) Juicy. I’m gonna start cutting it up. Taste test. Mm, mm. The beauty of it is, you can keep this chicken nice and moist. So, the thing is, while it’s hanging out
in the aluminum foil, there’s some juice that’s in the foil. Don’t throw that juice out, that’s flavor. Flavor, why would you throw flavor away? We don’t do that. So, don’t throw flavor away. If you have not subscribed,
please subscribe. Make sure you hit the bell so you’re notified every time I upload. Gonna add a little bit
of soy sauce to the mix, and a little bit of sesame
seed oil to the mix, and rice vinegar. See, that’s just gonna
make your flavor pop (pops) like that. So the salt gives it the flavor, the citrus is gonna make it pop, make it that much brighter for you. And you’re gonna put a
little bit of that in there, like such. Then we’re gonna take our chicken. We’re gonna put that back,
fit in there like so. All them juices that came off the chicken are going back in the Instant Pot. So I want to thicken up
the sauce a little bit. You don’t have to ’cause
there’s quite a bit of liquid in the bottom of this, but
I wanna thicken that up. I want to, you don’t have to, but. So I have a little bit of water here. It’s probably about a
cup, actually half a cup. I’m gonna take some of
this here tapioca flour. I like tapioca flour. Tapioca flour and almond
flour are my favorite. And you wanna make sure
you put it in cold water. Mix her up. So I put about two to two and a half, maybe three tablespoons
of tapioca flour in there. I’m gonna pour that in, ’cause I really want that
to thicken up some for me, but you may find that you may need more, but I don’t think I need more. Oh yes, perfect. Mm, look at that. Bright veggies and everything. The aroma is just so amazing, but you may find you need some
more citrus in it, soy sauce. You probably won’t need
any more sesame seed oil ’cause you’ll smell that. (pot beeping) So once again, if you have not subscribed, please go and subscribe. Hit the subscribe button, hit it. Just hit the doggone
button and hit the bell so you’re notified every
time I upload something. All right, I look forward
to seeing you next time. Make sure you tag a friend in the comments so they can see the video. Make sure you share it on
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you’re working with. Make sure you put it
there, so people can come and learn how to cook using
this here old Instant Pot. All right, see you next time.

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  1. It was really cool how for the last five minutes you didn't show the food at all. Yeah, I love it when I'm watching a video about food and they don't show the food. Never even got to see it on a plate. Fantastic!

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