Stone Brewing Tropic of Thunder Lager Craft Beer Review

Stone Brewing Tropic of Thunder Lager Craft Beer Review

Are you looking for the next craft beer
to try will maybe Stone Tropic of Thunder lager from Stone Brewing is the
one for you. Welcome back everybody I’m Brad I’m
Jessica don’t you think you know who you are by now not the new people Stone
Tropic of Thunder logger is what we’re going to try today two dollars and 39
cents I did pick this up at Hoffman Street grocery and I’m pretty sure the
last couple videos we’ve been messing around with we’re trying out the new
camera Jessica’s not liking it I should take a picture what’s all in my face
right 5.8 percent ABV is on the can canned on 12 12 18 enjoy
bye for 4/11/19 the big dogs upstairs big dog is also an almost three year old lab
by himself upstairs and I’m a little nervous so many trashes to get into so
many things to chew up yep it’s got a tropical like a beach scene on it I do
not like how they put the print on the can yellow because you can see it see no
you can’t I can’t even see it oh I can cuz they put it right yeah it’s driving
me crazy wake up a little or what what’s the
matter cuz it’s shiny if you had what is that for like 3d
stuff if you get motion sickness or whatever you can’t read that well yeah
but it’s just crazy how they would put it on there because they just itched it
into the shiny part of the camp okay alright yeah
jessica has I had white bubbles small and medium about a finger of hud color
on this is yellow very clear medium bubble level coming up what you would
expect from a longer I would think yeah yeah smell it smells a little more bitter than I
thought it would but I’m trying to read it just as tropical tropical tropical
I’m really hoping tastes more tropical than it smells
III think it’s that mixture that the the tropical the fruit juice and the citrus
it’s almost like vanilla character coming off there that might be maybe
some I would not I would know yes something like a sweet
would you get pineapple out of that I I would have to go with like a lactose
like a vanilla like a it almost felt like a New England IPA to me okay I
think it smells stinky and I don’t think it I don’t think it hasn’t the smell to
it and I don’t like it so I’m hoping a little clean toasted bread but yeah okay
it’s nice it it makes me work oh if I burp is is that make it explicit
no okay excuse me so it’s carved well very toasted Brad bitter in 2019 I’m
supposed to work on controlling my face I’m feeling miserably that is not what I
would ever consider tropical yeah there this I’m reading this you know as I’m
tasting it and it’s citrus pineapple coconut cashmere hops are joined by
their juicy tropical aromas of citrus pineapple coconut this is not fruity
this isn’t I would never drink this on a beach mm-hmm I’m so belting I don’t like
this it’s too bitter is it’s just bitter and see like when I think lager for me
the first thing that comes to mind is lager of the lakes from bowels which I
enjoy mmm clean lighter this is not this is too happy and too bitter from it’s
almost like to me I get that big toasted bread up front goes back a big
bitterness pretty much gone oh yeah your Belgian do ya G’s in tasting it what I
thought they it almost seems like stone was trying to make a I PA but wanted to
use the hops that they would make you make it an use a mousse and an IPA and
put them into a lager so okay take the base lager and all those hops yeah and I
think I’m not saying that’s what they’re doing but to me that’s what it seems
like and because it doesn’t have that
backbone of an IPA that mall maybe that crystal malt that it’s it just turns out
a lot better than what you would think it would yeah
the smell is great but the beer is not is not because it’s so bitter right like
yeah I agree with it I mean if there’s really coconut in here I don’t get the
coconut but I believe that’s because of that toasted bread into that big bitter
beer okay I don’t I won’t drink this again I wouldn’t recommend this to
anyone that likes craft beers there in the lager category yeah
nah no yeah yeah it’s just I mean I’m sure some people are gonna like that big
bitter taste which is fine but for me I would go a 3 out of 5 it’s not a drain
pour but it’s definitely one that I would not pick up and buy again I would
be hard for us to find an actual drain pour GC train okay there’s one in light
I would even I’m just saying that sounds like harsh it’s it’s three but it’s not
a dream pour it’s this is like a two and a half this is – this is gross okay I
I’m actually disappointed cuz I really want it to be tropical I know that’s why
I picked it up untapped six a little over six thousand people have had this
average 3.6 five out of five I think I like very many of the stone and stone
ones anyways excavate that I do yeah yuck and that’s this time of year maybe
one of those more appropriate I think it’s already past but okay the enjoy
bodies have been good even though I haven’t had the last couple but yeah
this one it seems like stone was trying to take those hops from the IPAs and
replace them in a logger and it’s just the mark is what I like to say you miss
the Mars the mark well we’re gonna move along to something better
yeah we know burp again we’re done with our belch session yep
sorry so if you liked this video thumbs up if you don’t thumbs down make sure
you hit that subscribe button and ring that bell so you know when new videos
are coming out and until next time happy brewing

9 thoughts on “Stone Brewing Tropic of Thunder Lager Craft Beer Review”

  1. I've been curious about this one, but never picked it up because most people I know seemed to say it was OK. That seems to be the prevailing thought based on this review. Loved Jessica's face when she first tried it, haha.

    Nice review, you two.


  2. I had this beer 2 days ago and I thought it was what I expected. I expected a hoppy bitter lager since it's a Stone beer and that's what I got, a bitter pineapple tasting lager that tasted more like and IPA or Pale Ale. If Stone ever puts out bottled water it will probably be bitter and hoppy as well in my opinion. I like lagers much less bitter.

  3. 3.6 is a low rating on Untappd. Those ratings are really unreliable imo an I’m a big Untappd fan. Totally not what I expected when I started the review. I’ll pass on this one based on your rec.

    Random question but do you see double two hearted up there and what do you know about it?

  4. I liked this beer. Sorry y’all didn’t like it. You should give your wife an Arrogant Bastard. Her pallet would kill itself.

  5. Stone has a couple out that I like but haven't seen the ones I liked in awhile. They are getting too average lately…… nice review

  6. An amateur tasting at best. This is one of the better beers on the market right now. Most beers use hops to balance the sweetness of the malt With bitterness, now if you don’t like hops then well your not going to be a fan of anything coming out of Stone. They aren’t actually adding coconut or fruit in this beer just the nuances you get from the hop varieties used. If you thought you were going to get a little baby beer you should have known that wasn’t going to happen when you saw that big Gargoyle staring you in the face. This is all just my humble opinion, but maybe if you brewed beer and got familiar with the ingredients you might learn to love each and every little thing they add to a beer. Don’t judge a beer on what you want it to be try and appreciate it for what it actually is. And for the guy saying Stone is playing it safe, I’d say they are highly skilled and won’t release a shit beer just to be different.

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