Welcome back to another “Sebastian Roasts”! Where every burn is mediocre and slightly repetitive. Also, please don’t forget to metaphorically smash that like button before the video has even begun because you as a viewer are completely incompetent on deciding if you like a video or not yourself. Before we begin today’s video I would just like to express how disappointed I am in all of you. Every single one of you. In two instances, in my previous videos, I purposefully spelled two words wrong, and only a handful of you noticed. Have you not learned anything from this series thus far?! Get your notepads out and take notes. Let’s go! Yasu Likes Wifi says, “Your voice makes me fucking horny,” oh, we’re starting with one of these? Really? Come on, come on. Pupples Dreemurr says, oh what an interesting name, “When you correct frammar, it is hilarious as fuck, XD, I’m sorry.” I’m sorry for your existance. I wanna fucking die says, “The screaming is excellent. This series is excellent. Bless what you have left of your rotten soul, I’m pretty sure that you have Attention Deficit Hyperactive,” oh, petty over there, whoa. “I think this channel is dope. As dope as a Jesus penis panini. It makes me so hot when he corrects grammar, moans, oh dear Sebastian!” I’m slightly confused, I know, I know what a Jesus is, I know what a panini is, and I know what a penis is, I think, but what the hell is a Jesus penis panini? “Sebastian is my favorite anime.” I think I should have a whole show to myself where I just correct grammar. It’ll be fantastic! The Art Kid says, “Sebastian, you’re so cool! Also one quick question, would you rather drink chocolate milk or vanilla milk?” How about I’m not a fucking child? Does that answer your question dear? “Let me lick your eyeball.” “What the fuck? This is funny as shit!” Okay, it’s funny as shit is it? Do you sometimes go to the toilet and just laugh at the poop there? Is that what you do Kay? You know what I find funny Kay? I find your grammar quite amusing. Why on Earth have you put an exclamation mark, followed by a comma? What are you trying to achieve Kay!? Tell me! Why are you doing this to me Kay?! Ciel Phantonhive said, “It is so true, grammar is very important to me.” Grammar is very important to me. If it’s so important to you Ciel, then why have you used it incorrectly? “In Australia, we say full stop bitch. #sas #loveme.” Neko 4life trust me, I am the first person who wants to love you. But I simply can’t I’m afraid. One, you forgot to capitalize Australia. Two, you forgot to add a full stop at the end of your sentence. And three, you spelled sass wrong. Four, you use a hashtag in 2016, come on, what is this? 2008? Hello, this isn’t the birth of Twitter bitch. “Daddy Sebastian, please rub sticky and smelly cheese all over my beautiful fucking body while penguins violently fuck in the background. I want your smelly cheese all over me, daddy. Pleasure me, please. I’m a cute cat if that helps. Doesn’t this wonderful grammar turn you on?” No comment I’m afraid. “Sweet, sweet buadery hentai. Insert Lenny face here” Oh gosh, oh gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh, no. It’s gonna be a long day. It’s gonna be a really long day. Dank Llama says, “I feel that whenever Sebastian does the hand slap thing when he is correcting grammar, he is actually slapping his dick” Wait, what? Who said I was slapping my hand I never said I was slapping my hand. That’s, that’s your preconception not mine. Cherry Angel says, “My sub teacher called me stupid, cause I couldn’t get it right. Plus, she wrote someone down for not being on the correct question. I will always hate her forever and forever. Plus her name was Mrs. Short. She should have to clean the shit out of the south little kid part of the school in the boys’ bathroom like a dog. Smiley face. I will always love you *muah*” Cherry Angel, fear not, as therapy Sebastian is here and willing to listen. It sounds to me like you have a bully, and what I do when people try to bully me, is correct their grammar. The best part about this is that their grammar doesn’t even have to be incorrect for this to work. All you have to do is point out that they made the mistake even if they haven’t, and they will lower their guard out of pure confusion. Then when they do this, punch them right in the face, or the vagina, whichever you prefer, and say, “Haha! Sebastian owes you one!” Mathilda The Nun says, “Yeah… You messed up my pussy pretty bad last time… But I wanna swallow your balls! Let me daddy, please! *moans*”


  1. Just found this, you’re bloody amazing CDawgVA I absolutely love your Sebastian impression! thank you and goodnight.

  2. roses are red violets are blue i smell shit i think its coming from you. roses are red violets you make me laugh i love you

  3. Ow that sounds like it would hurt.. how would you do it? How would you punch some one in the vagina? What if they are a guy?

  4. To be honest Sebastian I don't think you will be able to roast me.
    I mean most people on here double cheack they're grammer first so that you can't roast them im the first place.
    HELP ME!
    I need to get a life.

  5. "Why swear in the video-" Because, he is simply one Hell of a butler. Also, I capitalized Hell because it's a place. Don't yell at me for it, please, thank you!

  6. Hello Sebastian, I have a question for you. How come you like people to have proper grammar? Anyways love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Please teach me how to be a grammer cop and I got a question out of these 3 who would you like to date ciel ,grell , or joker. Please say grell I'm sorry but I ship it 😄.

  8. Oh my goodness, I have never laughed and stressed out about atrocious grammar all in one video. Marvelous video, Absolutely amazing Sebastian!

  9. Sebastian I have been a fan for so long but can I ask you something. What's your favourite breed of feline and why? Thank in advance.

  10. (Before anyone reads this, I am 100% aware this is an old video. This was typed purely for purposes of comedynand humour only, whilst listening to the video of course).

    Dear Sebastian,

    It is of my greatest concern to ask something of high importance from you.
    As you may or may not know, my company, PleaseLetMeCommitSeppuku™️, is a big believer in educational videos- especially those instructing lessons of the uttermost importance in life, such as cooking, mathematics and erotic manga!
    Now, my offer is to create a deal. My company will sponsor you with great money in exchange for a tutorial on the delicately decidant "Jesus' Penis Pannini". Just the name of the dish- oh so irresistible, it tantalises my taste buds at the gentle thought.

    I truly hope that you consider my offer.

    Yours sincerely,
    Hazel Fuckingkillme (the manager and iconic leader of the PleaseLetMeCommitSeppuku™️ company).

  11. Sebastian,in your video there was someone that said "you're as cold as the ice Yuri skates on." It made me very mad when you put Victor as the BACKGROUND picture, it said Yuri not VICTOR.

    Please understand my pain because you messed up on that.

  12. "Let me look at your profile." sees sexy anime girl video there "Oh my! This is just awful!" saves it while talking about how awful it is

    Me: Lol! Sure it is Seb. I'm sure your going to enjoy watching that in your spare time.

  13. “ Nein! Nein! Nein!“ that was so great Sebastian. (Sorry for mistakes I really don't know the english grammar) Best regards from Germany

  14. I bet that Levi Ackerman could clean better than you even though he is extremely short also the winner will win an amazing teletubie and a fresh lifetime supplie of cleaning products of their choice.

  15. Okay people need to correct themselves , Sebastian , we don't need you to make them more fucking horny , then what they are. -by tamashu

  16. If people are going to say sh*t like, '' you can't roast me! '' can't they take a moment to check their grammar?

  17. 0:56 The subtitles wrote existence as “existance”…


  18. 2:22
    I thought Sebastian was going to point out GRAMMER
    Fucking seriously?
    The comma not being spaced out is the problem?
    Not “grammer”?
    God damn it I hate you now.

  19. I'm going to quote "ooh a penny over there woah!" For as long as I live

    I wonder if I can get it imprinted on my gravestone…

  20. i only liked this video because…
    1. love the impression, you sound perfect
    2. im Ciel
    3. you do the best roasting

  21. Try roasting this comment, not my name or my channel. I would just love to see you try. Reminds me, you better go check on your closet because I overheard Claude and Alois talking about telling your cats. They were just around when I overheard them, I thought I would just let you know.

    Really quick, note this is the edit. Would like to have my cats? My family is allergic and I don’t think we can keep them, I would be happy knowing that they are in your care. If you said yes, then they are in your closet already.

  22. “Why swear in the video when you can swear your love to me😘😘😘😘”

    Literally loves the person but swears too

  23. Meu Deus, Sebastian é muito educado e paciêncioso pra ler tanta besteira e ainda ter paciência pra responder sem perder o nível. Parabéns, por isso ele continua até hoje entre os top 10 guys de anime!

  24. Me and my sister watched this on Christmas Eve 2016, we started randomly calling out to each other saying ‘Jesus Penis Penni’. It’s been almost 3 years, we still do it

    Oh and if you notice that I said gosh instead of god that's because I believe in God and Jesus he is our Lord and our savior.
    You can't roast me because I have correct grammar and spelling unlike all the other idiots and imbeciles so haha (dramatically laughing evilly).

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