Stove Top Grilling Recipes & Tips : How to Stovetop Grill Meat

Stove Top Grilling Recipes & Tips : How to Stovetop Grill Meat

On behalf of Expert Village this is Bill Feldman
from New York City, “The Boxing Chef” on stove top grilling techniques. As we are doing the
meat right now and hearing it all making that sizzling noise. That is my favorite noise
in the world. Nothing better than that sizzling noise, it makes you feel comfortable. You
got the meat on, we are just going to rinse off the utensils. Why am I doing that? I don’t
want to cause cross contamination cause now we are going to be grabbing the chicken. The
chicken, the chicken is in the pan. Put it all in, I hope you all are hungry out there.
Once again we wash this off. We take out soap suds that we have in the sink, we rinse it
in hot water, wipe it really well and there we go. Now you want to make sure there is
no water left on here cause if you have water and you turn it in you are going to burn yourself.

3 thoughts on “Stove Top Grilling Recipes & Tips : How to Stovetop Grill Meat”

  1. this is pure horseshit. this guy gave absolutely NO instruction whatsoever. all we did was watch some nobody basically panfry some thin cuts of meat. and that was a pisspoor excuse for a grill pan.

  2. To mi je vse- je enostavno,ena dobra posoda za pecenje- zelo malo olja- meso tanko zrezano in zacimbe sol,poper in cesenj -ali pa barbequ ali oriental zacimbe nic dragih masih-je hitro in okusno frisno-tudi zelenjavo in ribe…KAJ BI VSE KOMPLICIRALI…

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