100 thoughts on “Strip Club Fried Rice in LA: Chef’s Night Out with Night + Market”

  1. If I had to pick someone to hang out with, I'd pick this dude! He seems like he knows the spots to hang.

  2. love all the white knight sjws in the comments lol. oh and the insecure racists, ya'll may be from different ends of the political spectrum but still act the same.

  3. The food looked like some good shit to eat when youre drunk.. but the ppl on this episode just seem like some fake nerdy corny muthafuckas tryna seem or look cool lol… Fruuuck Outta Here!!!

  4. these videos are so fucking stupid. all the reviewers get drunk then swear the shit they're eating is top notch. if i got 1/2 as drunk as these lightweights, i'd give del taco 4 stars on yelp.

  5. Yo I'm genuinely confused, this chef seems like a decent dude who's just enjoying his life. I'm not understanding why so many people are bashing him.

  6. We had our oysters
    We had our rosé
    I'm at half mast
    Let's get some fuckin lap dances

    This guy is a true hero of our time

  7. This weirdo sure loves his strippers. Not sure if I love him or hate him, or love to hate him. It’s like an episode of jersey shore.

  8. blows my mind people have never tried queso. I grew up in south TX and my mom almost 1-2 times a week would make a chili con queso with chips as a dinner appetizer very regularly.

  9. Fuck yeah!! Can’t wait to try Song and some of the spots he visited! (I’ve been to Cheeta’s already!!!)

  10. That poor girl. LOL. Reminds me of my wife when she made an attempt to hang with my set one night, shortly before we got married. She got cool points for just showing up, given the horror stories she'd heard. For a "normal" person, it's like being part of a pack of wolves for the night.

  11. As soon as he said he grew up eating at titty bars in Thailand and that his restaurant is located in Silverlake , I immediately thought Jumbo's or Cheetahs is going to appear in this episode.

  12. Why would she want a trick 4 a husband 😒? & you're Litterally giving YOU'RE husband to the hoes around you … 2018 do better ladies .. Please .. No matter the ammount of $ & "fame" or clout you're man has .. You should Not be cool with him f***ing other chicks. Period

  13. So, you're the type of dude who claims he only bought Playboy for the articles in order not to be considered a perv? Got it.

  14. I don't care if he comes off as douchey. He doesn't to me, personally, but if he does, i think thats cool. We always get perceived as dorky and passive. This guy makes us look cool. his restaurant is a bit pricey, but it is true to thai food.

  15. I love raw oysters of course and always prefer over cooked BUT i had fried oysters at L&E and OMG, the best. Mainly it's the thinnest batter and oyster is basically still raw even tho it's been 'deep fried'

  16. This is real. Him and his fiance were troopers, and any of us would be rich to have a group of our own people waiting for us like that.

  17. What an idiot, not only does not appreciate others skills, but even cant finish task like opening cars electric doors

  18. Deadass what kind of piece of shit makes his fiance do shit like this? And even if he didnt make her, that alone says alot about her. You guys are fucking chodes. I see your marriage lasting about 3 months.

  19. He is trying way to hard to be cool LMFAOO give me a shot dude fuck my life i gotta toothpick hanging out my mouth 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👎👎

  20. He strikes me as a awful guy for some reason, maybe its the porn, shitty behavour towards his fiancée calling her his little baby and princess or the lap dancing shit, very douchey woman hater vibes “titty bars” such a prick

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