Stuffed Peppers by the BBQ Pit Boys

(rock music) ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ – Welcome to Today we’re cooking up
some stuffed peppers And it’s real easy to do, all right. We have about three pounds
of ground chuck there and you’re gonna need, of course, some green bell peppers for this recipe. You’re gonna need some cheese Here I’ve got some red pepper flakes I’ve got some S-P-G, Salt, pepper, garlic Here I’ve got one chopped onion You’re gonna need some
Worcestershire sauce and a little tomato sauce. All right, now, let’s start here by coring these green bell peppers, right. And it’s simple, take a good
pocket knife or a paring knife and you just slice the top
off just like this, right. And what you wanna do is
scrape out a bunch of the seeds a little bit of that white
meat in there, all right. Let me show you another one. Just take that knife and
just slice off the top, right around the rim, all right. Again, simple enough. Now there are a lot of stuffed
bell pepper recipes out there I’m sure you love your
momma’s recipe, right. But this one here, there ain’t no rice. This is an all meat bell
pepper recipe, all right. You wanna definitely check this out. Again, cut off the top
get some of those seeds, they don’t need the seeds. All right. You don’t need to see
any more of this, right? We’ll just move it right on. Now a lot of these stuffed
bell pepper recipes call for blanching these peppers first. In other words, part-boiling
them a bit, right. And the idea is to soften up the skin. Well forget it, you want
them nice and “al dente” they say it, a little bit
of bite a little firmness to these peppers, you
don’t wanna boil ’em first. And another way for
tenderizing is we cut off the bottom of these peppers, like that, that’s the tough part. And they’ll lay straight
in the pan, just like that. So forget about part boiling. Now with this recipe like I said, it’s an all meat stuffed bell
pepper, we’re gonna be adding some sausage, and here I’ve got some natural casing sausage and
we’re gonna cook this through. Man, you gotta have sausage
in your bell peppers. All right, now we’re gonna
continue to put this meat mixture together here and I’m putting
in one small chopped onion into about three pounds of ground chuck and here I’m putting a
couple tablespoons of S-P-G, that’s salt, pepper and garlic. That’s course salt, course
pepper and granulated garlic. Give it a good mix, right. Oh yeah. All right. Now we’re going to make some
burgers outta this, all right. And we’re gonna sear it first on the grill before we stuff the peppers. And because we want all that
grilled taste in the meat, right, so it’s not going in raw. We’ll make a few burgers. Right, sausages are about done. And let’s sear both sides
of these burgers, here. You don’t wanna cook ’em through. We just want a seared taste, again, I want that grilled taste in the meat. So we’re gonna cook ’em probably
medium rare or even rare. ‘Cause it’ll cook fully once we start cooking the bell peppers on the grill. Sausages are done. And here I’m just gonna
flip these burger patties. Sear both sides, get all that
good, wood flavor, all right. All right, seared, put ’em
in direct, just keep ’em hot. While we finish searing the others. Now I really don’t need to
show you this either, right. But I got the time and
maybe you got the time. All right. Burgers have been seared. Now we’re just gonna throw
’em in a mixing bowl. Man, you getting hungry or what? (laughs) Oh yeah, I’m ready
to eat this right now. Now let’s put this meat stuffing together. So I’m gonna chop up these
sausages into small pieces. Little chunks. And through the miracle of time,
sausages have been chopped. We’re gonna throw ’em
in this mixing bowl too. Oh yeah. Now the trick of this stuffing here is we want to make it real moist, all right. We’re gonna do this so it doesn’t dry out while we’re slow cooking
these peppers on the grill. And I’ll show you the
consistency we’re after, here. Now to this mix we’re gonna
add some shredded cheese. Use your favorite cheese but
this here’s a white cheddar. This’ll work real good with this recipe. And here I’ve got some
Worcestershire sauce. I’m gonna put maybe a couple
of tablespoons in there. You gotta have the Worcestershire sauce. And here I’ve got some tomato sauce. I’m gonna put a little
bit in there to start and we’ll add more to get
the consistency right. Now, you see that? It’s a little bit too dry. Now here I’ve got some
breadcrumb, all right. I’m gonna add a little bit
of breadcrumb in there, some more tomato sauce and this is optional,
this is red pepper flake this brings on the heat. And I’m putting about
three teaspoons on there it may be too much for you,
you don’t even have to use it. But three teaspoons are just about right to give a little bit of fire. All right, that’s the
consistency you want. Rolls up in a nice, moist ball. Let’s stuff these peppers. Now what we’re gonna is kinda loosely pack each one of these bell peppers. Don’t get it real tight ’cause you’ll get some expansion going on there, you don’t wanna blow ’em apart. Just stuff them like this. Again, simple to do, right? Now some of you are gonna be asking, “Well can I do this in
the kitchen, on my stove?” Well of course you can, but it won’t taste as good as this. Nice smokey flavor in that
bell pepper and that meat. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Tell your momma next time, you’ll be making the stuffed peppers. Now we’re gonna place this black iron pan opposite the hot coals ’cause
we’re gonna be baking it. And this could take 45
minutes, 50 minutes, at about 275 to 300 degrees to cook. Now we’re about half way through this and this is where we’re gonna
add some cheese to top it off. Again, use your favorite shredded cheese. Man. Here I’ve got some breadcrumb. Add a little breadcrumb
to the top as well. This’ll give it a nice crunchy top. But you know about that, huh? Again we’re about 275 –
300 degrees Fahrenheit we’re giving it plenty of time. For that bell pepper to soften up. And here I’m just spinning
the pan for some even cooking. All right, I’d say it’s time to eat. Take a look at that. Woahoho, yeah. These bell peppers are
nice and soft and tender. I told you you didn’t need to blanch them Take a look. (rock music) There’s some good eating
at Pit, right there. And of course you wanna put it on a plate with your favorite condiments. Use a baked potato, some pickles. What you got going on. In fact, let me show
you what it looks like. (echoed) You smell that, it smells good? In fact, as always, I do apologize for eating in front of you like this but this here is Pit Master privilege. (echoed) Mmm! So the next time you’re
looking for a recipe for your barbecue, you
check out (bird cawing)

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