Summer Grilling Recipes: BBQ Scallops with Green Salad / Vieiras con Tocino y Ensalada Verde

Summer Grilling Recipes: BBQ Scallops with Green Salad / Vieiras con Tocino y Ensalada Verde

What is going on y’all and welcome back
to the fit men cook kitchen well you know what they say when it stuns out the
grill Adele hello something like that or at least that’s what we say here in
Texas because grilling is a year-round thing for us but I realize it’s not the
case around the US and also in other parts of the world so today I am
officially kicking off grilling season in the pit minke of kitchen I got this
amazing surf and turf recipe that is essentially tail food you will become a
neighborhood hero if you make this dish at your next barbecue bacon wrapped
scallops with an abundantly green AC salad when most people think about salad
at a barbecue you think about potato salad or macaroni salad and those are
filled with a lot of saturated fat and simple carbs but we tend to forget about
leafy green stones the summertime is a really great time for you to incorporate
some more fresh vegetables from your local farmers markets and pair them with
natural flavors from the fruits that are sold there as well so today I’m going to
show you this that I’m going to take some of the popular leafy greens that
are abundant here in Texas and then show you how to make a really easy salad
dressing to complement set these are all ingredients that are native to my Texan
Lac and I can get here in Texas so the purpose of this video is not only to
show you a recipe but also to get the wheels in your head turning about ways
that you can incorporate the seeds and all soups and vegetables in your area to
make them relevant for you in your diet today’s recipe is a little bit higher in
fat because of some of the ingredients that we’re using plus the vinaigrette
that we’re going to make but we’re going to offset that by keeping the recipe
overall relative and low in carbohydrates all right here’s a recipe
breakdown now Texas is cattle country we are known for beef so today I’m going to
be using beef bacon which is something that’s relatively easy to get here in
Texas and another parsley clip but no worry if you can’t get deep bacon you
can absolutely use turkey bacon or pork bacon giant scallops are not always
readily available in your section so if you’re not able to find the beautiful
giant scalp that I’m you can carry video then you can try giant prawns or
you can chop up chicken breasts into the size of a Dell of course they would be
surf and turf it would just be you know chicken wrapped in and make it for our
abundantly green cells we’re going to be using asparagus and frozen peas but
aside from that baby arugula is hopping here in sexy hmm
I love this stuff kind of really pungent paste and it’s peppery and full of
flavor so it’s really bringing to life anything that is paired with and down
without a doubt one of my favorite green vegetables of all time is must resent
now this is a really soft buttery lettuce it looks like four-leaf clovers
now this generally grows in cooler climates so right now from the
springtime to be very beginning part of the summertime is a sweet spot for us in
seconds to give it a sort of Texas prize is our ruby red grapefruit up TSK you
see it literally tastes like candy I get a lot of people that say okay I don’t
like grapefruits everyone that presented to try a ruby red grapefruit absolutely
loves it and we’re going to use this to make our vinaigrette for exactly one
last thing before we get started the topic of skewers now I like these wooden
slats yours like this because whenever you pierce it the food doesn’t turn also
remember to soak your wooden skewers for about fifteen to thirty minutes prior to
use it empty because you don’t want to catch on fire because that burnt flavor
can also impact the overall taste of your wheel and you don’t want that so
all right John anxious to hop into today’s recipe so if
you are ready to roll up your sleeves get your hands dirty come outside so
wait a little bit up under the Sun and from the heat of the grill then let’s
get started first we’re going to prep the summer salad by bringing water to a
boil then we’re going to toss in Ross very good and some frozen peas boil for
six to eight minutes then immediately place the veggies in ice cold water to
stop it from cooking and to preserve the vibrant green color
for the dressing we’re going to add olive oil Dijon werster shyest off
apple cider vinegar and juice from a Texas pink grapefruit mix it up and set
it aside now let’s take it back outside you decide which bacon there’s a beef
bacon which we’ll need to fold in half or you can use regular pork bacon or
turkey bacon choice is yours take a giant Gallus and wrap a slice to the
folded beef bacon around it now puncture it using a soap flat wooden skewer
repeat and remember a flat wooden skewer prevents the food from twisting on the
kabob for the rub we’re going to make a paste
using a little olive oil local freaka and coconut sugar mix it
together and lightly brush the outside of each wrap Geller place the kabobs on
a hot grill set at about 375 degrees and cook them for about eight minutes after
that flip them over and cook for an additional eight minutes or into the
outside editor the bacon are crispy allow the kebab to slightly cool then
make it rain cilantro pepper and sea salt
now let’s bring everything together add the chilled asparagus and peas to a bowl
then toss in Marsh rosette then arugula pour in a little bit of the dressing to
mix and fold it all together add the salad to a plate and toss some cilantro
for extra fresh flavor and avocado because this is Texas add a few pinches
of sea salt and pepper and your salad is ready lastly as the rep scallops and
serve boom I want to thank you for watching today’s video
if you appreciate videos like this and I want out to hit a scepter and jumper on
that like button below and I also want you to share your favorite summer
cookout tale proof recipes that will make all of us a backyard barbecue hero
it’s got to be calorie conscious gel until next time thank you for watching
once I to keep it healthy but of course never ever explored who buzzed

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    A little bit expensive recipe, but usually it's cheap, so why not for this one 😉

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  10. Omg, made those scallops, soooooooo good! Thank you so much for the recipe. Been living the keto lifestyle for almost a year now and these scallops hit the spot!

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