100 thoughts on “Super Simple Coffee Ice Cream | One Pot Chef”

  1. Super easy and make it fun like I did by whipping it by hand splat splat! Only took about 6min. I added semi-sweet choc chips for my favorite flavor. Thanks for this!


    ..Leave my Man alone…Just so you all know …we have 3 young children between us…Larry, Curly and
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  3. Can anyone tell me how I can use ground coffee instead? I’d buy instant coffee but I’m without a car atm and nearest store is not within walking distance

  4. I have actually made this and it works and tastes great. I put crushed choc biscuits in mine before putting in the freezer.

  5. Couldn't the mixture to get as thick as your mixture, despite that I had to add some extra sugar to make it thicker. I'll try less condensed milk next time.

  6. I made this ,this past weekend
    OMG so good and so easy
    Will not be buying ice cream from the store again
    With what was left of the condensed milk and whipping cream I put some peanut butter and mixed it up
    Damn good

  7. You make cooking fun you are a a jolly chef and I am able to do most of your recipe's thank you deliciously lovely ice-cream 💞

  8. That sounds yummy and I'm going to try it but I was surprised that it was so much different than the vanilla ice cream that you made in a blender.

  9. Place plastic wrap write down on the surface of the ice cream go up the sides of the container and let it hang out a bit. Even when I open a container of shop-bought ice cream I do this because ice cream should never come into contact with air. It won't get icy and it stays fresh tasting like new for much longer with the plastic wrap.

  10. We made the coffee ice cream. Yum yum. Then we made coffee raisin and Khalua delicious I’m trying the vanilla next and so easy.

  11. Discovered your channel through this video and I couldn't help but fall in love with it! You make all those delicious recipes so simple and easy to even non experienced people start to love cooking!

    Thanks a lot! You are awesome!

  12. just made this recipe. didn’t buy a big enough jug of heavy cream and used a bit too much instant coffee but still tastes like a dream. using this to impress both the fellas and the ladies. thank you greatly, one pot chef

  13. I LOVE your voice!! You SHOULD have your own TV show. Or atleast MILLIONS of views and subscribers!! Thank you very much, sir!

  14. I agree, you should have your own cooking show worldwide so I can watch each week as I live in Cyprus. Btw, is it same like Mocha?…

  15. I'm a little late but whatever. I did this and I did not have condensed milk. I used evaporated milk instead then added sugar. Ice cream still tasted great thank you so much for this recipe

  16. Since first seeing this recipe on line we no longer buy ice cream. We add radon’s and rum yumm or my fav the vanilla

  17. I'm about to make this and the strawberry. Love your recipes, easy with easy cleanup and yummy! Keep up the great work.

  18. I love Coffey ice cream! That’s one of my favorite kinds of ice cream! I wonder though, if we can’t find sweet and condensed milk, could we use just regular whole milk with the cream?

  19. When you have coffee and cream but you don't have condensed milk so it ended up tasting like coffee and with ugly texture :v

  20. I made this yesterday for my 4-year anniversary with my fiance. It was exactly as easy as advertised and turned out WAY better than I thought. I'm usually crap at making this type of thing but now I figure I could add pretty much anything to make whatever flavor ice cream that I want.

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