Surigao “Palangre Fishing” Catch GIANT TITAN TRIGGERFISH or “Papakol” [Catch and Cook]

Surigao “Palangre Fishing” Catch GIANT TITAN TRIGGERFISH or “Papakol” [Catch and Cook]

Good day everyone! We wake up early today 3:30 in the morning to prepare our bait that we will used in catching fish. The bait we used is octopus we cut the tentacles. This bait is good for long-line fishing, because bait cannot remove easily in the hook. The price per Kg of octopus here is cheap price per kg is from Php100 to Php130. We remove the skin of octopus so that it will turn into white and the fish can easily attract to the bait. This method of catching in our town is called It has 150 hooks and line colored with orange. The line is soak in the water with coloring that why orange is the color of this. The purpose why they colored it, is to have similarities and will camouflage in the color of the sea-plant under the sea. There are many catch, if this is the color compared to the original one. The fish is rarely bite in the original color if the size of the line is thick. We start putting bait in the hooks. One and haft hour we already finished in preparing and we will go now to the area where we will drop our “Palanggre”. Fishing together with my neighbors Dante and Lito. We will drop now the “Palanggre” in 25 to 30 meters depth. Thank you for watching to my YouTube channel Animalupet Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so that you will be updated in my new videos. More than 30 mins. before we finished dropping the bait and then after we finished dropping, around 10 mins after, we looked right away our “Palanggre”. We cut the line in the mouth of the triggerfish. We did not remove the hook inside the mouth because the teeth of this fish is sharp It can injured or cut your fingertips if you will remove the hook inside the mouth. Did you know that the Titan Triggerfish is one of the biggest species of triggerfish that are usually found in the deep part of the ocean. The small triggerfish is usually found in the shallow part of the sea. This last catch is weighted 3 kg and this weighted 2 kg and the two little weighted 1.5 kg Three and half hours we already finished fishing using “Palanggre”. 8 kg overall weight of our catch and we sell the 6 kg with Php 120 per kg. and we cook the 2 kg Titan Triggerfish. We removed the intestine and we put salt My sister tried to taste our cooked grilled triggerfish. Taste good! look at the camera

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  1. Maganda epain nyan sir yung maliit na pusit..paburito talaga yan ng kahit anong isda..ganyan hanap buhay samin..longline pang bisugo…
    Tapos minsan ma abut naming yung baruha..maraming pakol na ma dadawi…

  2. Paano po ba kulayan yong nilon pwd po magpaturo salamat po nag subscribe na po ako mangingisda kasi tatay ko sa Bohol

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