Sushi Omakase –  PERFECT Japanese Food Sushi by Chef Hiroyuki Sato at Sri Panwa, Phuket!

Sushi Omakase – PERFECT Japanese Food Sushi by Chef Hiroyuki Sato at Sri Panwa, Phuket!

– Hey everyone. It’s Mark Wiens. Hope you’re having an amazing day. This is a completely
spur of the moment trip. But Ying and I were invited to Phuket for this extreme like,
full-on amazing food event and it will be hosted at
this really exclusive, really high-end hotel in Phuket and this
is gonna be really a, an opportunity of a lifetime,
the combination of the food and hotel and I can’t
wait to share it with you. (upbeat instrumental music) We’re staying at a hotel called Sri Panwa. It actually has it’s
own little mountain hill and it’s located at the very Southern tip of Phuket. So it’s about a 45 minute to an hour drive from the airport. (upbeat instrumental music) (splashing) We’ve got our own private swimming pool. We just arrived to Sri Panwa. We got all checked in. Ying and I got the, this is the garden, family garden villa so it has a garden view
but we’re somewhere on the top of the hill. The sea is surrounding us. This place is gorgeous and yeah, I’m gonna give you a full tour of the room and also walk around but I had to jump in the pool first. Alright, so this is
the whole outdoor area. It’s kind of the courtyard of this villa. The swimming pool is down there and that pool is amazing. It’s a salt water pool. And I can taste a little bit of salt water on my lips right now. But if you come over here, this is a little outdoor kitchen, have the fridge and all
the drinks are available at your disposal. We’ll have a water right now. (slow instrumental music) Oh, I didn’t see that step. Hello, Ying and Mica. – Hello. – Oh, Mica’s ready to swim. – Hello. – Mica. (laughs) But oh, okay check this out. This is the sliding glass door. Probably one of the coolest things about this room, the sliding glass door that opens right into the pool. And then over here is the, it’s a gigantic bed which occupies the center of the room and
then moving to the back here is the bathroom area. A huge bathroom area. Whoa. It’s giant. I haven’t even come back here yet. But we have double sinks and we have a gigantic tub back here. I don’t even know where this door goes. Oh, back to the room. (laughs) Okay, you can go around in a circle here. And what’s back here? Oh, okay so the tub, the tub is over here and then over here is a shower but then there’s also oh yeah, there’s an outdoor shower, too. And oh, hello toilet with the garden view. I think that completes this little tour of our villa. It’s really self-sufficient. There’s everything you need in here. Really nice. It’s really an honor to be invited here. I’m very thankful. We’re on our way to a place called Baba Nest which is a roof top or a pool top bar and area and we’re gonna
see the sun set there. The designs at this hotel are incredible. This is Baba Nest. Oh, here it is right here. Wow, the view is unbelievable. You get full, at least a, well it’s kind of a 360 but at least a full 180, 220 degree view of the sea around. I’m hanging out now. This is my good friend, David Kalifa and he is one of the ultimate food lovers in the world. He’s an amazing guy. He especially specializes on Instagram and he’s the Hungry Tourist. And David is the one who master-minded this entire connection of food and at food pop-up at Si Panwa. So I want him to quickly just explain what’s going on and you know, what’s even happening here. – Yeah, what you do in
my life is just travel, meet a lot of people, and good food. We have Wagyu Mafia bringing 40 kilos of prime, primest
of primest of Kobe beef from Japan and Satasan, one Michelin Sous chef brought fish. Actually the fish was flown
from (mumbles) this morning. Tonight’s sushi, tomorrow Wagyu. – Cool, that’s like two nights in a row of like, the best food
possible in the world. (slow instrumental music) Cheers. – Cheers, man. It’s amazing (mumbles). – Yeah, the have you is incredible. (slow instrumental music) As you can see, they have no chairs here. Only bean bags. – Yeah. – And look who else is
relaxing to the max right now. Hey, Mica. (upbeat instrumental music) It is by far, the best time
of the whole day right now. It’s time for dinner and here with David and Juan and also. – Todd. – Kit and Lik. – Hello. – And we have incredible
seats right in front of sushi master, Hiro Sato and he is, he’s starting on the first course. This is Omakasiya. So the chef is just deciding
what we’re gonna eat tonight and oh. – Tuna hand roll. – Thank you. Tuna hand roll. – Quickly, quickly. – Eat it quickly? – Yeah. – Okay, this is the first one. The tuna hand roll. Right out of the chef’s hand. I gotta eat it quickly. (laughs) Oh. – [Man] Wow, (mumbles). – Oh, wow. Oh, I can’t even believe it. I don’t even, that’s
just, that’s just like melting tuna in your mouth
with a little bit of rice. An extraordinarily fresh
seaweed that is just this crisp, but really fragrant. Oh, wow. – This is the most
amazing and we’re starting with it, just imagine. – [Man] Yeah, starting with a. – Mm, it’s ice cream. – Next course, is Bonito smoked mackerel. It’s just beautifully,
artfully designed as well. Sliced into thin strips and then decorated gorgeously. Oh, it’s so pure. Oh. It’s so delicate. Oh, and look and next course. (upbeat instrumental music) – Ah, I want to put it on my face. (laughs) – The next course we have
is Japanese Spring salmon with dashi. And this is like a, in a cocktail cup. Oh, there’s a chunk, a nugget,
a nugget of salmon down here. (chattering) Oh. I can really smell the dashi. You can really smell the stock. Yeah. Mm, just a, like a
roasted smoky but again, very delicate aroma. Wow. Okay, I don’t wanna over
use melt in your mouth but I can’t help it. Everything is melting
in my mouth right now. (laughs) (upbeat instrumental music) Chef has started on the sushi courses, and the first one. And it was just, it’s just
unbelievable to sit here in front of him and watch
him prepare the sushi. Everything he does is just
with incredible precision and with amazing expertise
and with passion as well and the first one is flounder. 0h, the rice. The rice is awesome with a little bit of a sour taste to it. Next step is squid. (man speaks in a foreign language) (laughs) – I think so. I hope so. – Oh, that has this
amazing crispiness to it. Oh, so fresh. Mm. The texture, the texture is awesome. So soft yet with a
little crispiness to it. – This baby snapper. – Baby snapper. Thank you. – (mumbles) – This one is baby snapper. And just look at that, look at that ratio, that fish, the little
cluster, clump of rice and then just the light seasoning, but it’s absolutely perfect. It’s so soft. It’s so tender. (laughs) – [Man] It’s amazing. – Yeah, that’s a baby snapper. – This is (mumbles) pen shell. – For this one, it’s a pen shell. And he added on some zest of the yuzu which is a citrus. Oh, that is insane. It sort of has the texture
of a little bit of a scallop but like more meaty almost. And then you can really taste
that sharp, citrusy flavor of the yuzu. – Golden eye snapper. – This next one is Golden eye snapper. This is a meal I never want to end in my whole life. I wanna just stay here
for the rest of my life and keep eating. Oh. (laughs) Oh, I think that’s
bringing a tear to my eye. Oh, that’s butter. Oh, that’s so tender. And I get a little bit
of citrusy-ness in that the, the ratios of ingredients. And the balance of
freshness is just insane. Something I’d never
experienced before in my life. This is, this is unreal. The next course is Akami,
which is the lean tuna that pure, red and it’s
just shining with a sauce that he’s brush over it. (laughs) I’m like actually whimpering
right now in satisfaction and anticipation. Oh, I don’t even want to chew. Oh, I don’t need to chew. Ridiculous. And as soon as you finish one
best bite of your entire life, another best bite of
your entire life comes. – [Woman] Michael. – This one is the medium fatty tuna. (mumbles). Oh, it just like plays with your tongue. Oh, oh. It’s turning to liquid right now. What really fascinates me is how he works both of his hands together but doing separate tasks he does it with just,
like emaculate precision and just pure love. – When you eat this one, close your eyes. (laughs) – Okay, yeah. – So talk to tuna. – Here it is. The Oturo. The fatty tuna belly and
this is one of the most beautiful things that
I, maybe I’ve ever seen in my entire life. (chattering) (laughs) I’m talking, that is
undoubtedly, one of the single best bites. You can not explain that
sensation in words at all. And also, what’s amazing about a eating sushi this ways is the interaction with the chef. It’s, that’s really
part of the experience. We are halfway through the menu right now. But, yeah, this is a
meal I never want to end. This one is the gizzard shad. (upbeat instrumental music) Marinated in vinegar. Okay, really, really good. You taste this sourness but it’s subtle but then it keeps on coming. Next piece is Botan shrimp and that is, that is just
beautiful to look at. (upbeat instrumental music) Oh, the natural sweetness and then that wasabi flavor in there. Oh, it’s a little bit like kind of a gummy as well. But so soft. Oh, that sweetness just keeps on coming as you keep on chewing. Oh, it’s like a lingering
natural sweetness to that shrimp. Next up is the shrimp. Oh, it’s so sweet. (speaking in a foreign language) This one is the Tilefish marinated kelp. Mm. That one has a little bit
more of a chewy texture to it. – Yellowtail Amberjack marinated to soy sauce. The one is yellowtail
amberjack marinated soy. And this has a nice, little
like golden yellow color to it. (chattering) Spectacular. Again. Next up, this is a clam
and chef has said that this is a very traditional
piece of sushi as well. Mm. Mm. Oh, it’s very muscular
and has a little bit of a crunch to it. And again, that natural sweetness of that seafood is just
awesome and so fresh. – Thank you. Next one, this is the Monkfish liver and what he did is he took
a little ball of rice and then he wrapped it around seaweed, then he added the monkfish liver and then he, I think he grated on maybe yuzu. (laughs) That tastes like pudding. (laughs) Like the best pudding ever. (upbeat instrumental music) It’s time for uni. And uni is sea urchin. This is, it’s just absolutely gorgeous. This is one that you have to take a moment of silence out of your time to just admire the golden color, the like, the shimmer of it, the juiciness of it, okay. (laughs) It’s unexplainable. That is ice cream of the sea. It’s so delicate. It has a little bit of a seafood-y flavor. But the custardy texture and the like, the Earthiness of that is unbelievable. I’m at loss for words. Next piece is the Rosy sea bass. And it does look kind of rosy. Wow, even in my fingers, feeling it, it feels kind of like, feels kind of squishy, the fish. Wow. Oh. Oh, that one is amazing. Oh. It’s like, it’s so fatty. It tastes like pure fat. It was as I expected because every bite has been unbelievable. But that was amazing. Rosy sea bass. Next bite, is sea eel. Oh, and actually in your fingers. You can actually feel how it’s like almost dissolving in my fingers before I even bite it. Oh. (laughs) That might be one of the softest things that’s ever gone in my mouth. Eel that I’ve tasted is more buttery. But this was actually more creamy. (chattering) We have come to the end of this omakasi meal that
is life-changing meal. And the last one is a traditional omelet and chef put some sugar on top and then he blow torched it. Oh, and here’s chef now. (laughs) Thank you man. This has been, this has
been a life-changing meal. – Really? – One of my, the best meals
I’ve ever had in my life. – (mumbles) – It’s amazing. Thank you. Thank you so much. – You have to eat. – Okay. (laughs) Alright. One bite? (laughs) One bite, okay. – What, two bites. Two bites, two bites. Yeah. – Okay, two bites. Mm. Oh. – Mm. – Oh (laughs). – Oishi. – Oishi. (laughs) It is a type of like egg custard. Thank you very, very much. – Thank you so much, That’s amazing. I never wanted this meal to end. (laughs) – [Woman] So cool. – Chef, thank you. (mumbles). We just made it back to the villa. And it’s only right that I share my ending thoughts about that meal and this day with you from the pool. (slow instrumental music) Oh, it’s kind of cold now. (upbeat instrumental music) Oh, yeah. Being able to swim at night is one of the best reasons to have a private villa. Oh, I love swimming at night. This is fantastic and it feels oh, okay it is a little bit cold at night but it’s so refreshing and feels so good after a meal like that. So I wanna say a huge thank you to Chef. I wanna say a big thank
you to David Kalifa. And you’ve gotta go follow his Instagram. He’s the Hungry Tourist. I’ll leave his links
in the description box. And finally, I want to
say a big thank you to Sri Panwa, this hotel,
and all the staff here who have been really, really
helpful and very friendly and also to Kun Bawan. Thank you all so much for watching. Please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Also, I’d lo to hear from you in the comments section below. And if you’re not already subscribed, subscribe for lots more
food and travel videos. I will see you on the next video. Thank you again for watching.

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