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(upbeat music) – Today the KidVision VPK
group is at Peace A Pizza. It’s amazing how much
you can learn at lunch. Let’s go in and find out. Are you ready? – Yes! – You hungry? – Yeah, totally. – Yes, let’s go. (upbeat music) – This is the menu. The menu has the list of foods that are served at the restaurant. Let’s find out what kind of foods they have at this restaurant. To do that, we have to read the menu. Can you read this? – We deliver pizza,
pasta, hot subs, salads, cookies and brownies, cater with us. – That was great reading. Can you read the name of this restaurant? – Peace A Pizza – Great job, and what’s the phone number? – 561-998-2378 – Wonderful, I’m gonna
give you each a menu and we’re gonna look inside
and see what kind of foods they have at this restaurant. Let’s see, open it to the first page. I’m gonna put my glasses on because I have to have my glasses to read. Okay, the first one says Gourmet Calzones and you can get a small or a large. Next, you could get Pizza and Munchies. There’s Premium Salads,
Cold Drinks and Treats, and let’s look at the
very back of the menu. Who can read this word? – That one? Pasta. – Right, pasta. They have pasta here
and they have hot subs. So the foods that they have
here are just like it says on the front and when you open it up, that’s exactly what the menu tells you that your selections are. Hey look at this. Kids make your own pizza every day. Would you like to make your own pizza? – Yes! – Yes, let’s find out how to do that. We just read your menu and
we are ready for pizza. – Great well welcome, I’m Steve, the Pizza Maker at Peace A Pizza. The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make the dough. We’re gonna add the flour. Then we need the water. Then we need oil, sugar, you
guys like sugar don’t you? Makes it nice and sweet. You need some salt. Yeast is something that makes it rise, so we put some of that in there. And then we have to mix it all up. – Look at that, right away
it starts to get thick. – So now we wait and we
make it into little balls and then we’ll leave it there for a few hours and let it rise. (upbeat music) – Okay so what you’re gonna
do is take your fingertips and we’re gonna knead the dough, we’re gonna press it out and
just go across the middle. – You need both your hands. So the idea is to make the big ball a flat, little ball like a pizza. – Right, here’s something else
we can do to stretch it out. We can put our fingers right by the edge, that’s called the crust, and you turn it in a
circle and pull apart. Another thing you can do is pick it up, keep your thumbs right along the edge. – [Penny] Look, you’re doing it. You gotta go around and
around and around and around. – Those look really fantastic. Is everybody ready to
put sauce on their dough? – Yes – Okay so we’re gonna get
the sauce in our ladle and we’re gonna put a
little bit of sauce together and we go in a circle. Then you leave your crust on the outside. Okay let’s put the sauce on in a circle. Let’s put the cheese on top of our sauce. I’ll put it down in the middle and you guys can spread it around. – Do I do it? – Yeah, go ahead. Isn’t it fun? – [Penny] Good job, spread it all out. – Does anyone wanna add
pepperoni to their pizza? Everybody? Okay, here we go, everybody
put some on their pizza. – [Penny] You can make it a design. Let’s see how many pepperonis we have. – One more thing we put on
there is Parmesan and oregano. It tastes really good. Are we ready to bake our pizzas now? – Yes. – Okay, let’s put them in the oven and we’ll have ’em in about ten minutes. – [Penny] Okay, perfect. While we’re waiting for our pizza to bake, we’re each gonna get one drink. What drink would you like? Can you get it? Terrific. Great. Very good, okay. Now that we each have one drink, we’re going to each get one
napkin, one knife, and one fork. Let’s go sit down at our table. Let’s see what we have. Let’s open up our napkins
and set our table. Put your fork on your napkin. Put your knife on your napkin. Good, so now we’re all set. Here comes the pizza! (cheering) – Look, the baker is here. He’s gonna cut our pizza for us. – Can you please cut my
pizza in four pieces? – Oh yeah, sure. – Great, first he cuts it in half, and then he’s cutting it in half again. How many pieces of pizza do you have? – Four. – Four, I’d like four
pieces of pizza, too. He’s cutting it in half, and then he’s cutting it in half again. Wow, thank you very much. – You’re welcome, enjoy. – Thanks, so how many slices
of pizza do each of us have? – Four. – Four, that’s right. – How many slices do we have all together? – That’s a good question. If we each have four, let’s count them. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. You didn’t know that
you’d be learning math at lunch, did you? – Hi everyone, how was your pizza? – It was great, awesome. – Glad to hear that, they
were really beautiful. Here is your check, please
bring it to the register when you’re ready. – Okay, thank you so much for everything. Say thank you, guys. – Thank you. – [Penny] Okay we have our
bill, can you read the bill? – Right here? – [Penny] Yes, what does it say? – Personal pizza plus a
drink is eight dollars. – That’s right, eight dollars each. So eight dollars plus eight dollars plus eight dollars plus eight dollars. Four times eight is 32 dollars. So we’re gonna go pay
at the cash register, it was a wonderful lunch. Did you like it? – Pizza was delicious. – Hooray, thank you for coming with me. – Thank you, Miss Penny. – Thank you, let’s go pay. (upbeat music)

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