Takoyaki and Ebiyaki Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Takoyaki and Ebiyaki Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, let’s make the takoyaki batter. Add the salt to the cake flour in a bowl. And thoroughly mix the powder with a balloon whisk. Then, gradually pour in the cold dashi stock. Mix in the flour from the center to the outside to help avoid pockets of dry flour. Using the cold dashi stock will help avoid developing the gluten and create a soft and light texture. Add the soy sauce. Thoroughly beat the egg in a bowl and add it to the batter. Mix to combine. Then, pour the batter into a pitcher. Now, let’s prepare the fillings. Cut the boiled octopus into 1cm (0.4”) pieces. Squid or scallops can also be used but then it would not be called takoyaki since tako means octopus. Next, cut the shrimp in half. These shrimp are already peeled and deveined. If you’re interested in how to clean shrimp, check out our Ebi Chili video. And now, heat a takoyaki pan to about 240°C (464°F). Pour in a generous amount of oil. Make sure to distribute the oil outside of the holes too. Stir the batter and drop in a bit to check if the pan is hot enough. Then, pour the batter into the holes. Immediately place the octopus into each hole. And also add Chef’s favorite shrimp. Sprinkle on the chopped cabbage leaves, bonito powder, spring onion leaves and the beni shoga also known as pickled ginger. When the batter around the edges of the holes begins to cook, separate each takoyaki from the pan with bamboo sticks and tilt it 90 degrees. When all the takoyaki are tilted, fill the holes with the batter again. Then, turn the takoyaki a little at a time and shape them into balls. By the way, I have noticed some of the viewers have difficulties getting a decent takoyaki pan. Ladies and gentleman! My friend emmymadeinjapan has demonstrated how to make takoyaki using a cake pop maker and she used our takoyaki batter recipe. Please find the link at the end of this video or in the description below. She is an adorable lady and if I were not a toy poodle I would have asked her out on a date! Now, the takoyaki are golden brown and turn smoothly with a light flick. Place each takoyaki onto a plate as soon as it is ready, Brush them with the okonomiyaki sauce. And sprinkle on the aonori seaweed. Finally, garnish with the bonito flakes. Jaaaan! You can also top with mayonnaise to taste. There is a much heated debate whether cabbage leaves can be used in takoyaki. If your guests are Japanese, make sure to get permission so that nobody gets upset. You can also use mochi, cheese, kimchi, sausage, or bacon for fillings and enjoy a variety of flavors. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. That is the most well trained dog I've ever seen. He even sits still while sitting directly in front of food

  2. I used your recipe to make takoyaki at home yesterday with a few of my friends!!! They turned out soooo well! I used baby octopuses (octopi, octopodes, etc.), shrimps, and ponzu-marinated pork chops. They were all so delicious and I can't thank you more for your recipe! Please keep making great videos, and your fans will wait for you no matter how long it takes to produce more recipes! Thank you chef!

  3. I understand people their animals since I do as well, but I don't like having furry animals in the kitchen close to my cooking space. It's unsanitary and could be highly detrimental.

  4. Pretty ugly boy.
    You should fry the dog.
    Too ugly to be watched.
    Too ugly to be eaten.
    Poor dog gonna die alone.

    Ugly boy be ugly

  5. cooking with dog 大好きです!! ありがとうございます! (forgive me if I made some mistakes, I'm learning Japanese, so…)

  6. I think I've found my new favorite Takoyaki recipe and method. Your adding more batter is great and the cake pop pan awesome. Also they could use an aebleskiver/able-skiver pan 🙂 maybe even the one I have (electric) that does corn-dogs/wieners?! Think mini oblong. PS. There will never be another Francis cooking with dog, yours is the original and only true one from the copy cats imitations.

  7. Been almost 4 full years, and this video still makes me just as hungry as it did when I first watched it! Time flies and your quality has stayed true against the test of time in my humble opinion. Thank you for the half a decade of teaching and entertainment. I look forward to more content as always and wish you all the best!

  8. This is my favourite snack! And I always enjoy Japan cooking show as I love to cook. Do check out my cooking video too ❤️

  9. 4:28

  10. yes in the past years I used a ckepop pan loll but because we don't have tako here so i never tasted it but I made a nikuyaki lol

  11. Her method is the best. All the other videos did it wrong. They did not turn the ball 90 degree and then Add More Takoyaki batter. Then skipped this and turned the balls over 180 and thus do NOT have a perfect ball.

  12. You can use the cake pop machine but it takes like FOREVER for the batter to cook. The temperature is too low. 😭

  13. Super tasty I love this and I want to reach in my phone video to grab some of those tapoyaki to eat right now

  14. Made this today. Used ham and scallops as the filling and it worked great! Still need to practice making it though. Thanks.

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