Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog. First, let’s prepare the ingredients. Chop the mitsuba parsley leaves into 1cm or half inch pieces. You can also use spring onion leaves instead of the mitsuba. Next, to the dashi stock, add the sugar, soy sauce, 2 pinches of salt, and dissolve the sugar thoroughly with a spatula. Now, beat the eggs thoroughly. Then, add the combined dashi stock and the mitsuba parsley, and mix evenly. And now, let’s make the tamagoyaki. Heat a tamagoyaki pan and coat it with the olive oil thickly using a paper towel. With kitchen chopsticks, drop in a bit of the egg mixture and make sure it sizzles. Ladle the egg into the pan and quickly distribute it. When the egg surface almost drys, roll the egg sheet backwards. Push the egg roll toward the front of the pan and then re-coat the pan with the oil. Make sure the pan is still hot and ladle the egg mixture into it, distributing the egg again. Lift the egg roll and make sure to spread the egg mixture underneath it. When the egg almost firms up, roll it backwards again, adding another layer to the tamagoyaki. Push the roll to the front and coat the pan with the oil again. Repeat the process about 4 times in total, keeping the layers thin. If it’s too thick, the other side will burn before the surface almost drys. If the egg sheet puffs up, poke it with the chopsticks to remove the air, flattening the surface. Finally, gently press the tamagoyaki against the edge of the pan, adjusting the shape. Then, place it onto a cutting board. Now, cut the tamagoyaki into 6 equal pieces. Hot tamagoyaki can easily break so make sure to cool it before cutting. Place the tamagoyaki onto a plate. Lightly squeeze the grated daikon radish and place it next to the tamagoyaki. Pour the soy sauce onto the daikon. The grated daikon will add a refreshing taste to the tamagoyaki. This recipe is easy to make, visually appealing and nutritious so it is perfect for bento, or it is often served as a breakfast side dish. You can also use mentaiko, marinated roe of pollock or aonori seaweed instead of the mitsuba. Good luck in the kitchen.

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