Tanner Fox Roasts Me! (Diss Track)

So originally I wasn’t even going to make this video But I got so many people saying like rice gum can’t wait for the Tanner Fox Diss track And I was like I was even gonna make one, but now since everyone thinks. I’m Gonna make one I can’t let them down so here. I am hey guys It’s me again, and I don’t know why this keeps happening to me, but I got roasted again like literally man There’s this kid named tanner fox you probably don’t know who he is because this kid is irrelevant But he basically tweeted out saying When diss tracks get old so you make scripted Q&A is what famous girls and this pisses me off a lot? [cuz] this has to be about me who else makes [diss] track and who else made a Q&A with the famous chick You know I did that recently this has to be about me, and there’s a laughing emojI at the end He’s like pointing at my face. [just] laughing like ah this tracks are old down You’re gonna do Q&A now you have no other no other content. Haha Just laughing on my face making fun of me and my content and that’s not [ok], but the funny thing is I actually Remember this kid from like 5 months ago. I have talked to him literally I follow them on Twitter I was like not you see like [an] in this day You know and it’s a nice kid, so I followed them on Twitter, and that was the worst decision of my [life] man this kid non-stop Just constantly hitting me up me and Africa would be hanging out just Chilling playing some checkers and all you hear is just ding ding ding ding ding just him hitting me up Look at these messages man. These are Dm’s private messages from [5] months ago not photoshopped, but he was like next time I’m in Vegas. We should grab lunch. It’s nice talking with some other youtubers right now, no No, no big deal asking me for a date. You know whatever a couple months later. Yo, bro I might come to Vegas tomorrow are you free for lunch? Again, what’s your number? You know really trying to be my friend [bro]. We’re in Cali Are you because I think I tweeted like I’m in cali or Sunday’s are usually trying to figure it out Yo, bro, you partner night question ryan are trying to meet me at parties. Yo, bro. [I’m] in Vegas you home. Let’s meet up Ramit come on man. Let’s get much lunch. He really wants to get lunch calif. Are you from the strip? I could over something so he’s over here really really you know try [me] my friend very Interested [if] you like a really big fan of me and two months later. He’s over here talking shit on Twitter It doesn’t make sense But after countless hours of research I came to a conclusion [take] a look at his youtube stats man like july late july He was getting like 6,000 subscribers a day right like late july july 29th. [ish], you know you [have] [six] [thousand] [subscribers] every day That’s pretty good Not as good as me, but that’s still a good rate to grow at out of nowhere a week later on August 8th I’m sorry August 6th He gained 72 thousand subscribers in one day what the heck how they even possible you may ask bam Roman atwood vlog. He was featured in a roman vlog Roman gave him a shout-out rome has like nine million subscribers he’s freaking destroying the YouTube game right now, but he gave tanner a shout-out linked him in the description and the day after August 6th he gained 72 thousand subscribers and after he was getting [40,000] [20,000] [20,000] and so on and so forth so basically [tara] fox was struggling on YouTube dming me asking to go on a date I kept curving up [a] couple [months] later. He got a shout-out from Roman atwood now. He thinks he’s hot shit He’s gaining subscribers fast he thinks he’s [muster] tough guy, and he’s taking shots at me on Twitter It doesn’t work like that. You can’t just come at me like that so before I drop the diss track cuz I know everyone here is waiting for it his tweet Kind of like [criticized] my content a little bit right like he was you know critiquing my content So maybe we should critique his content a hundred layers of Starburst wow haven’t seen that before crazy trampoline flips into pool Whoa this guy’s so creative the toilet paper for well, I’ve never seen that before Skydiving for 1 million subscribers this guy’s a genius he actually has one creative video He goes around and does [backflips] and he’s like you know if I do a backflip Can you kiss me and I mean I guess it’s okay, but I mean he does get rejected a lot scrawny kid tries to get girls Really party killer really did she really deserve that is it really that serious you’re really calling her me names like party killer but if you think about it these two girls got elle and the party killer she low-key dodged the bullet cuz [Life-Death] Tanner’s cheek right there, and you can pay me a million dollars, and I still won’t kiss him the point I’m trying to make is I just don’t understand why he’s calling me [out] on my Videos and my content when you should be worrying about his content because his content isn’t anything too great I mean all he does is just replicate people’s ideas [I] mean is really nothing too hard that he’s doing Anyways bottom line is tara fox if you’re watching this our dish tracks really getting [hold] though oh And for the people wondering why I’m at some random Skate Park Jizz on a scooter Well this [tanner] kid like he does a lot of scooter stuff in his vlogs. Uh I didn’t know scootering is still a thing but Yeah, anyways, enjoy You a salty fanboy, and I know that is it tanner or Rufus. The [mo] rad, bro? Can you stop the m in me no? You cannot be friends with me all those pimples on your face may you know that’s an issue You went to the BJ? you make girls to kiss you the girls you beg for kisses from to me not a Challenge you buy a gtr. You should’ve bought [some] proactive [your] brother is the reason why your vid went viral? [Boring-ass] blog and some clickbait titles how you talk about my vids with all your content his vlogs [I] thought your face was a game of connecting the sod yeah, matt for [mail] And you still have one can you please talk as [to] we ain’t going to London ever all your videos are ass and your ideas? are stolen the only reason you guys [loves] is that shoutout from Roman got myself is by myself with nobody to help me take a Look at my skin. That’s what it’s like to be healthy don’t tweet at me again You little fuck ass loser if you do that. Shit again. I’ma kidnap your scooter Dude, you said a bad word and like you said you’re gonna take a scooter like that’s like his prized possession and like you can’t Just be taking people shit like that. [oh] Shit, yes should we just take [that] part out or something nah, man, you can’t take it back [now] man You already said [it]. You know the damage has been done. It’s too late now, [but] yeah, you guys did enjoy There is more where that came from so do not forget to subscribe and be back for some more Calming her opinions and drop a thumbs up do not forget, but thank you so much And you made it to the end. This was a pretty long video, and you made it through I appreciate all the support Thank you so much for 4 million Subscribers. I’m gonna do something crazy soon Just I’m gonna drop a cup of diss tracks and then and then we might do some celebrations you feel me anyways Thank you guys so much, and I’ll see you guys next time oh Shit all the fake people left only the real viewers stay to the [end] But a remember when afro Graham said if you love your [fans] that you [wouldn’t] hit it with well, just like last video I’m going to follow everyone that likes my [tweets] so see what I’m doing right now holy crap Yeah, dude like I’m getting my ratio up right now, but [eh] I’m following all the real supporters right now right now You feel me. I’m just going to follow everyone that liked my tall [Dz]. Has are you like my stuff, but yeah? I’m gonna follow all these people, but yeah if you guys want to follow Make sure like my recent tweets, and I I mean you might get a follow you might not I mean It’s all luck but I do follow a ton of people I thank you for all the support Recently man Twitter has been going crazy if you do follow me and like my tweets you’ll eventually get get a follow So thank you for the support, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video, but I will keep following people Hope you guys have a great day

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