Taos Bakes: The World’s Best Tasting Snack

Taos Bakes: The World’s Best Tasting Snack

(humming happily) (whacks) – My almonds! – Day 387 after the crash. I’ve survived mainly by eating
these wild granola bars. These creatures provide sustenance, but very little flavor. I’ve dubbed this
wilderness, The Bland Lands. – Oh boy. (loud boom)
(screaming) – Take this hiking bar, for instance, not only is the texture like tar, but it also makes me feel
guilty for not hiking. – Fatty. – Shut up, Cliff! (giggling) These flavorless little
nut bars are rock hard and they crack my teeth when I eat ’em. (giggling) (smashing sound)
(screaming) – After months of searching, I have finally found the prophesied place where this superior snack is created. (birds chirping)
(humming) Mom. – Oh hello Junior. I was wondering where
you’d scampered off to. You’re just in time for a snack. – I’ve been missing for a year. You never searched for me, you just think you can buy
me off with a bar! (laughs) (heavenly music) Okay, yeah, yeah, you can. – It’s not a bar, it’s a bake! Introducing Taos Bakes, the
world’s best tasting snack. So good, your mother coulda made ’em. Also, your mother made ’em. – Wow! – Unlike bland snack bars, Taos
Bakes actually tastes good. – I can’t believe I spent a whole year eating those bland little pieces of sh– – Baby, those aren’t for eating. (laughs) – Thank you. – They’re for burning. (screams) (explosion) Taos Bakers only use the highest quality non-GMO ingredients, the finest vanilla, the crunchiest coconut. Taos Bakers even tried 50
different types of honey before they picked the perfect kind! – Wow. – Most snack bars on the other hand, are made with a bland base formula, with injected flavor squirts. Flavors like peanut butter
squirts, chunky brownie squirts and essence of food squirts. They’re cold extruded, a.k.a
chewed up and digested. – True. – Each Taos Bakes recipe
is built from scratch, using artisan techniques, with flavors like toasted
coconut, maple praline and almond agave. Plus Taos Bakes are baked,
so they’re the perfect blend of crunchy and chewy. So if you want healthy
food that doesn’t suck, click the link and order
your Taos Bakes today. – The link has been here the whole time! – Baby you’re always
slumping, you know this. I tell him this. Taos Bakes have 4.9 stars on Amazon. People are saying the nicest things. Love every flavor. It’s hard to buy any other bar, because they just don’t taste as good. If a Taos Bake asked me to marry it, I would say yes. (laughs) Oh Lee, you dog! (bell pings) These snacks sell faster
than your stuff did! – You sold my stuff? – You never call. Worried about sticking to your diet? – Fatty. – Shut up Cliff!
(laughing) – Taos Bakes are all
under 240 calories, ah! But more importantly, the calories are from simple whole foods, not cheap fillers like
rice puffs and soy flour. This means your tum-tum stays happy-happy. – Junior tummy not hungy. – Seriously, you’re 35. – I’m 34. – Taos Bakes are the best
tasting snack in the pantry. In fact, in a 100 person
blindfolded study, Taos Bakes outperformed
the top-selling bars, from RXBAR, LARABAR and Clif Bar, in appearance, flavor, texture
and overall impression. Taos Bakes won that bar fight! – 100 people. How many search parties is that? (laughing) – Kids love ’em too! Oh, you’re like the children I never had. – I’m like the children you never had. (children humming) – Taos Bakes are so nutritious, you deserve them any time, any where. They’re not just for working out neither. Enjoy them guilt-free, at the office, the playground, at home. Or meeting your wife’s new family, ’cause she remarried due to the fact that she presumed you dead. – I’m not dead. – Plus, if Taos Bakes
aren’t the best snack bar you’ve ever tasted, send us back the box for a full refund. Huh, what do you have to lose? – Nothing. I’ve already lost everything. (laughing) – So click the link and
order your Taos Bakes today. (calming music) (uplifting music)

21 thoughts on “Taos Bakes: The World’s Best Tasting Snack”

  1. One of my best friends looks so much like the guy in this video that I just made a flavor squirt in my pants from laughing.

  2. "How many search parties is that?" Made me laugh but ""I'm like the children you never had" 😂😂 Hilarious, heading to your website now. Great ad.

  3. Where can I nominate this ad for an award? I have laughed so hard watching it. Also, the Bakes are delicious. High pitched shrieking "My Almonds!". 🤣🤣

  4. I saw this ad on Facebook and wanted to share it outside of there, so I specifically searched for it on YouTube! I love it!!! 😆

  5. Whoever runs your marketing department needs a raise. Sadly, I can't order any yet as I don't yet have a new job after moving to a new state, but once I get one, these are definitely on my to-buy list.

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