Taste Test Italian Chef Tries American Pizza For The First Time [ENG-SUB]

Taste Test Italian Chef Tries American Pizza For The First Time [ENG-SUB]

When few weeks ago I’ve been told I should have gone to the USA for business I didn’t think to the Statue of Liberty nor to the Golden Gate Bridge – I only had one goal in my mind discovering and trying the American pizza! [Music] [Music] [Music] This is the story of my trip to United States and about how Neapolitan pizza took an unexpected path one century ago by becoming one of the most popular food of the United States For the very first time in my life, I had to through an intercontinental trip and to be fair, the 6 hours flight, the jet lag, food and dozen stereotypes on USA, made me a bit anxious, but at the same time, I was curious to know more about Boston, the city where I was going to stay as historically, it’s a city traditionally populated by Irish and Italian descendants. The Pursuit of the best pizza in Boston! There was a wide range of pizza restaurants and I consciously excluded any Neapolitan place I would like to try something really authentic a real American pizza! The crunchy one with 50 toppings and 12,000 calories! In this list I found some good suggestions but I also knew that as in every big American city, in Boston there a Little Italy full of Italian restaurants, probably stuck 1950s! I’m in Boston I’m here since one day and the jet lag actually destroyed me now it’s 7.10pm but I feel like it was 1am… but I want to do one thing – I’m here for business but I would like to do something nice – go to city centre to visit Little Italy Someone told me in Little Italy there are hundred Italian pizza places and even Neapolitan but I can’t really decide if trying an authentic American pizza Boston-style or trying an Italian pizza and doing a review. I don’t know. Let’s see what happens next I’d say to go Little Italy! I booked a Uber car destination – Little Italy, located in the North End of the city The trip took about 40 minutes and I had the opportunity to know Gustavo the driver, a man from Guatemala who moved to Boston long time ago we’ve spoken a mix of Italian English and Spanish we talked about his life in the USA about the job opportunities in Boston and about his wife who complaints because he talks too much and effectively she is right! This was Boston and despite the darkness the view was great skyscrapers, big roads and signs as I learn from movies! While walking to I saw something that let me understand I was going to reach the right place Precisely, the sound of the traffic light suggested I was in the right place (“Ue” is a Neapolitan word) Finally in Little Italy, the heart of the North End. Little Italy looked familiar to me – it looked very similar to some old European cities OMG the road is going up heavily I’m trained but… will I find an authentic pizza place in Boston? Not necessarily Neapolitan but consistent with the culture of Boston. Anyway I took a decision – I’ll go to a typical pizza place it seems there’s one called Regina pizzeria and at that point, while I was trying to find my way on Google Maps, I spotted a pizza restaurant not far from where I was in that moment. The closer to Regina, the more I was feeling to be like in Italy Very interesting – this is an Italian bakery. I found two Italian bakeries beside and both were smelling of fresh bread and focaccia pizza Like a mirage in the desert, I saw the sign of Regina Pizzeria THE pizza place in Boston! Here I’m – let’s see if there is a free table… Established in 1926 by a Neapolitan-born family, Regina grew over the last years and thanks to their successful business they opened 17 branches in Boston, but I was outside the first historical – the oldest pizza places in Boston, the equivalent of Brandi’s o Michele’s In Napoli. I was really emotional – what a feeling! Once inside, I got surprised by the simplicity of the restaurant a little rough… it reminded the small pizza places in Napoli hidden in some dark alleys Old wooden tables, old pictures all around that were telling about a glorious past waiters who looked like actors of 80s movies and finally the patrons. Many patrons… which always is a good sign! I could sit at the bar with a perfect view on the the kitchen and the oven. Speaking of which, I was closer to the oldest gas oven I’ve ever seen it was built in 1883. I was definitely curious to watch it while cooking! The menu shown about 25 pizzas and the first chose I was asked to make was about pizza size (uncommon for an Italian) 10’’ or 16’’ 25cm or 40cm. According to the long list of toppings, I preferred to order a 10’’ pizza. The menu also provided fundamental information about their pizzas the dough was made according to a 30 years old recipe, based on natural yeast (did they mean sourdough?) aged and proved to perfection or their tomato sauce that was promising to be light, yet spicy-sweet with just the right herbs and spice. Finally, the toppings, guaranteed for their freshness, and taken from local farmers meat and vegetables with no additives. The gourmet toppings made me smile pecorino romano cheese, feta, pesto or green olives all considered gourmet food but perhaps they are really gourmet in the USA! I was staring at 25 pizzas on the menu and honestly I didn’t know what to chose For few seconds, I recalled tasting menu of Pepe in Grani, but I suddenly came back to reality – I was in the USA and I had to adapt myself to their food tradition – So I ordered one of their specialities – The Giambotta. Spicy salami called “pepperoni” in English (Peperoni in Italian means Peppers) fresh sausage, salami mushrooms, peppers, onions, fresh basil and mozzarella made in USA Before moving on, thumbs up if you like this video otherwise dislike. leave a comment and let me know what you think about this video subscribe my channel and tap the bell to receive a notification every time I will upload a new video There is my pizza class on Udemy “The Art of Pizza Making” a course in English. Follow me on my new Telegram channel @gigiopizza – search for it! or click the link below t.me/gigiopizza finally, I’m on Instagram as @gigiopizza and on Facebook as Runaway Dough After about 10 minutes I finally got my pizza. I soon got surprised as I wasn’t expecting such a topping quantity on a so tiny pizza! I was expecting a “rich” pizza but not like that! Secondly, what was the reason of a fennel on my pizza? there was no mention on the menu. what if I was allergic? Maybe they made a mistake or their pizza chef made it according to his mood! Another thing I soon noticed was the thickness of the crust which was reminded me the frozen pizzas I can find in supermarkets it got cooked for at least 10 minutes and this made it more solid with a crunchy crust considering the amount and weight of toppings, that is the best for a such pizza. A Neapolitan pizza couldn’t carry same amount of toppings. It could also be difficult turning it in the oven! Apart from fennel, the promised toppings were all on the pizza. Everything cooked except for basil. Could you notice that small container with some yellow liquid? It was offered with the Giambotta That’s dip, an unknown concept for an Italian. I didn’t know I had to put my pizza inside it to add more taste. That was a slightly spicy oil with garlic the famous “aioli”. Garlic and onions – I was ready to get rid of my social attitude because of the smell of my breath I decided to sacrifice myself for the good of pizza. Here the tasting test! Please note the waterfall of mozzarella every time I was biting my pizza it was unbelievable! Would you like to know my opinion about that pizza? Well, I tried to judge without having in mind the Neapolitan pizza and the feeling was pretty positive that mix of sausage, pepperoni and veggies reminded me the dinners with my college flatmates when we used to cook pasta with whatever found in the fridge or from neighbours I never understood if that pasta tasted good because it was or because it was the only available food And the pizza I was having was basically the same to me! Here the aioli test! I felt guilty to dip a slice into that barrel of oil. Pizza was already greasy but to be honest, it tasted very good! In that moment I forgot every knowledge of healthy food and toppings balance this stuff I was eating definitely rocked! and my mouth was having a taste party! While eating, I felt ashamed as I was doing the opposite of what I always recommended in terms of topping balance, non-greasy ingredients and more veggie toppings for health pizzas I got fooled by an American pizza!!! After the second slice I was KO and this pushed me to have a closer look at the pizza I noticed two (to me) anomalies the quantity of animal and vegetable fats and the unraised dough – Was I judging according to my culture or that pizza was only a beautiful junk food? Most importantly, could I have been able to digest that mixture of dough and nonsense toppings? I got really worried when I saw that tiny part which seemed raw, and the dough which was definitely spreadable. From now on I have no more footage as I noticed the staff and the manager getting nervous while I was filming They didn’t want me using my GoPro and they barely accepted me to film with my mobile phone I had the feeling they believed I was a competitor. They also recommended not to film the oven (too late!) and to get in touch with the marketing office before filming or showing it and this is the reason why some parts are censored to hide the oven. But I can tell that the alleged secret of their pizzas was an old gas version of a modern electric oven with a metal horizontal door and a big and heavy lever used to close it. It seemed there was a gauge and a light used to lighten the inside of the oven. I was three metres far from it and honestly it didn’t look that special but my opinion could be superficial as I couldn’t see the bricks and the inside. I also tried to know something more about the history of Regina but the manager asked me to come back after a couple of days!! This was really disappointing as after a 3,000 miles flight to visit their restaurant I would have expected to get some facts to be used to tell the world about their place. They didn’t care and didn’t show any interest. What a pity! That was really frustrating! Apart from the waiter, the only person I could speak a bit with, was Mrs Lucy/Lucia a descendant of the founders of Regina Once she knew I was from Napoli, she seemed less nervous and she started chatting. she told me she also visited Napoli but she was disgusted by the Neapolitan pizza too soft! So, I took the remaining slice away in a nice slice-shaped box and I sadly came back to the hotel. The day later I completely forgot the slice and I went shopping. When I opened the door of my room I got overwhelmed by the smell of onions and other toppings MY PIZZA!!! I completely forgot it! And that’s why a new pizza test was born: “THE DAY LATER PIZZA” Would it have been still edible? Would the crust have been crunchy? Pizza looked intact like mummified and this helped me to spot some of the defects I’m going to show you. The bottom shown a decent quantity of of raw flour, perhaps from the paddle used to collect it from the oven or from the oven itself as its temperature could have been low. The huge quantity of fats slowly went through a such solid base Notice the greasy shadow on the majority of the bottom But now, the most important test “The Treasure Hunt” What was hidden under the toppings layer? [Musica] Here the treasure! Still raw dough! Effectively, it looks impossible to perfectly cook a base under so many layers of toppings The dough didn’t have the chance to dry and cook because of the toppings moisture and now the crust! Once opened, I found some flour stones. It could be raw flour or the side effect of a quickly raised dough It looked like a two hours raised dough thanks to a lot of yeast. And now, the my ultimate treasure: fennel, salami, mozzarella, pepperoni, fresh sausage and peppers! I could have made one and half pizza with the toppings found on one slice! I was speechless and astonished for being able to digest everything, including the base with no issues! At the end of my trip, I often thought of that pizza and about how the cultural differences can change taste and habits. What is good for me and I consider best in the world could be pure crap for somebody else. Or how fights about the right size of the pizza crust, or the pizza itself according to the tradition or about the best Kilometer zero toppings won’t bring anywhere. The world chosen its pizza-style and unfortunately it isn’t a Neapolitan one. We Neapolitans have to let go. But from now on, we all have a big responsibility – let the rest of the world knowing about the first pizza that generated every single pizza on the planet with no disparaging, as every pizza in every city or country has its history and dignity. [Music] OK guys, thumbs up if you liked my video, otherwise dislike leave a comment and let me know what you think about this video and about this American pizza. Subscribe my channel and tap the bell to get a notification every time I will upload a video. There also is my pizza class on Udemy “The Art of Pizza Making” a course in English and then you’ll find me on my new Telegram channel @gigiopizza – Search for it! or tap the link below tt.me/gigiopizza Finally, I’m on Instagram as @gigiopizza (again) and on Facebook as Runaway Dough See you next time! [Music]

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  2. Non sono d'accordo sul dimenticarsi delle pizze a km 0, la pizza americana è la miglior pizza a km 0 in assoluto… Nel senso che se provi a fare una passeggiata dopo averla mangiata muori prima del primo km

  3. Caro Gigio complimenti sinceri per il video. Bravissimo come sempre. Però una domanda nasce spontanea: come fa ad avere una dignità quella schifezza da preparazione culinaria cotta da Regina ? (non me la sento di definirla una pizza).

  4. I like Tzatziki-sauce on pizza 🙂 But I wouldn't eat it all the time on a pizza, just as a flavor-change.

  5. Bel video! La prossima volta che vai a Boston fai un salto a Cambridge (Harvard Square) a provare Pinocchio’s Pizza…meglio di Regina..

  6. Qui a Miami ci sono pizzerie dove fanno un'ottima pizza, ovviamente sono italiani / napoletani autentici, e proprio su questo argomento, domani Gino Sorbillo apre la sua pizzeria a Miami Beach.

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  11. Ho mangiato la pizza da una pizzeria latina vicino al Madison Square Garden a New York City. Speziata e molto consistente, ma molto buona e anche a buon mercato. Ringrazio i Newyorkesi che sicuramente leggeranno questo commento per la loro fantastica pizza. Penso che la dobbiamo un po’ smettere di pensare che certi cibi siano un’esclusiva italiana. Ci rende antipatici e presuntuosi. L’esclusività sta solo negli ingredienti e materie prime, poi ogni cultura li combina come vuole. Pensare di essere schiavi di ricette o tradizioni è un limite enorme di noi italiani. Qualsiasi ricetta esistente è stata inventata da una persona comune, non un Dio, per cui ognuno a suo modo può diventare creatore di nuove preparazioni che nel proprio immaginario personale rappresentano il modo corretto di gustare una combinazione di ingredienti. Anche il caffè americano è ottimo, perché viene concepito per scaldarsi e idratarsi, cosa che con l’espresso non hai.

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