Tasty Nacho Cook-Off

Tasty Nacho Cook-Off

– [Robin] Welcome to
Tasty’s nacho cook-Off. Three members of the Tasty team face off to see who can make the best nachos. Competing in this event
are Robin Broadfoot, Tasty video producer, Hannah Williams, Tasty video producer, and Nick Guillory, Tasty
social media strategist. (upbeat surfer music) So today I’m making
steak and potato nachos, so I made this into a
video and once it was made, I usually like to take my food home, but in this case, it didn’t happen, because all my coworkers ate it. I’ve got three russet potatoes,
which I’m going to season with olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika. I’ll bake the potatoes at 450
degrees for about 20 minutes. While that’s cooking, I’m
going to season the steak and get a nice sear on them roughly
three minutes each side. I’ll flip the steak once. After that, I’ll let the steak
rest for eight to 10 minutes because it’s still cooking after
you take it out of the pan. Once the potatoes are
ready, I’m going to lay them around the cast iron pan and
sprinkle the steak on them. When everything’s assembled,
I’m gonna cover the dish with freshly grated cheddar
and Monterey Jack cheese. And then I’m just gonna
boil it seven to 10 minutes until everything’s nice and
melted and then top it off with sour cream and salsa and serve it. When I was younger, I wasn’t
really allowed in the kitchen. My mom would always shoo me away, but then going to college,
my dad said this would be a good way to go on dates,
if women knew you could cook. – [Hannah] Today I’m making
Korean pork belly nachos. I make a lot of desserts for Tasty. I’m kind of known for making cheesecake. This is a little out of my comfort zone. So the first thing I’m gonna do is get this pork in the marinade. It’s gonna marinate in some
kimchi juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, Korean red pepper, and honey. Then I’m gonna sear it on
extremely high heat to try to render the fat a little bit
to get it nice and crispy. And while that cooks, I’m
gonna dice my toppings. I got some red onions, some
kimchi, and I’ll layer that on top of the pork and the chips. I’m gonna grate some
cheddar and Monterey Jack and let that melt on top of the nachos. And then my finishing touches are gonna be some diced
tomatoes and green onions and that’s gonna go on top of
everything once it’s melted. And I’m gonna mix some sour
cream with kimchi juice and drizzle that on top
as a finishing touch to tie it all together. When I think of nachos, I
think of kind of the standard salsa, beans, cheese,
whatever you like on that, so this is just a really,
really different type of nacho. It’s not too loaded, it’s not too heavy, but it still has a lot of flavor. – [Nick] Hi, I’m Nick and I’m making spicy, cheesy, blackened
chicken nachos today. These guys cook like this all the time. This is my first time like
cooking with all these cameras and these fancy lights
and these microphones. Like I’m not gonna lie, I’m scared. I’m gonna season my chicken
with cajun seasoning, garlic powder, chili
powder, and hot sauce. While that’s cooking, I’m
going to cut up some onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, and corn. I’ll saute those veggies
with more cajun seasoning. I’ll add the blackened
chicken to the mixture and top it all off with freshly grated pepper jack cheese and salsa. Broil that until the cheese is melted. I’m from Louisiana and I love spicy food. I like to entertain at home. This will be like a cute little appetizer, get everybody nice and
spicy and moving around, and hot and sweaty before we go dancing. (upbeat surfer music) – [Taste-Tester 1] What kind
of beautiful mess is this that I walked into? – [Taste-Tester 2] That’s
exactly what nachos are, a beautiful mess. – [Taste-Tester 1] This is real crunchy. It’s got a nice crunch to it. – [Taste-Tester 3] Got
a nice crunch to it. – [Taste-Tester 2] I
love this, but it doesn’t have that classic nacho cheese. – [Taste-Tester 3] Yeah. – [Taste-Tester 1] It’s
very original though. Okay, let’s go to the next one. It almost functions kind of like a dip. This looks like a little bit
of salsa, a little cheese. That is delicious. – [Taste-Tester 2] It is spicy, though. – [Taste-Tester 1] This is the perfect ratio of cheese right here. Steak! – [Taste-Tester 2] Steak and potatoes. – [Taste-Tester 1] I want this so badly. – [Taste-Tester 2] Are you kidding me? – [Taste-Tester 1]
There’s a lot of cheese. – [Taste-Tester 2] Oh
wait, are there no chips? Can we all agree though if this one had crispy potato chips, it would win? – [Taste-Tester 3] For sure, the flavors in this one was on point. – [Taste-Tester 1] Mainly
we’re just thankful that they made this food for us. – [Taste-Tester 3] I can’t stop eating. – [Taste-Tester 2] Yeah, I’m
just gonna keep eating it. My winner, my decision is this guy. – [Taste-Tester 1] Mine
is the blackened chicken. – [Taste-Tester 2] Angela? – [Angela] Mine was the
blackened chicken, as well. – [Nick] Yeah! I won, I
won, I win everything. Yes, what do I win? (upbeat surfer music) – [Narrator] Oh yes!

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  1. The people at the end were those bitches from the buzzfeed feminists video, 36 Questions bitches Have For Men. the video was shit and not true at all

  2. As a Korean, my thought is that the Korean themed nacho would have been better if the kimchi was seared with pork and be caramelized with some of that gewd pork fat goodness. Some might know that stir fried kimchi is so fucking good.
    I dont think marinating pork in kimchi juice was a good idea.
    It is very acidic and liquidy.
    And it createts alot of juice while searing the pork belly.
    My version would be searing the chopped up kimchi with some spam (or other luncheon meat, bacon, etc) and adding sesame seed oil. Cover it on nacho with some pepper jack cheese.

  3. I read most of the comments and about 60% of the comments are calling the chefs chick,blue hair guy etc. I mean they have names :/ Also I would choose robin's dish cause I love steak and potatoes!

  4. No hate but i wouldn't technically classify Robins dish as Nachos, mainly because there was no tortilla chips.

  5. Being a Louisiana native myself I loved the blackened chicken nachos ide and rom Nick. Great job sharing our love for Louisiana food and culture ( which of course is our food lol).

  6. I remember my mom told me in New Orleans when walking down a certain street sometimes guys would yell “show your tits” and if you did they’d throw beads at you. I’m not going there anytime soon and guy from Louisiana that I can’t remember the name of rn reminded me of that

  7. The Blackened Chicken Nachos looked soooooo flavorful and delicious, it looked like a Chipotle bowl!

  8. I dunno why but i feel like basically every tasty cook off vid, the winner is the person is the one on the right lol

  9. Video: nacho cook-off
    Robin: doesn’t put fucking nachos on nachos
    Me: it’s like making mashed potatoes without potato’s

  10. OK THE FIRST THING IMA COME CLEAN IS THE BROWN GUY IS MY FAVORITE, and no offense I think he’s gayyy…

  11. 4:06 that moment when u realize u win nothing in all tasty competitons and they lower ur paycheck for cursing and making the editor take it out from the video

  12. Robin and Hanna have the same hair dye and they both are wearing blue …. what do I do with this info?

  13. Is it just me or is there a pattern in tasty cook offs? The third person/cook always wins. It may just be a coincidence but I just wanted to point it out.

  14. Maybe its time to employ some more mexicans you guys. You know so you have someone to make LEGIT NACHOS. oh and look. ZERO MEXICAN JUDGES of the nachos. are you even trying?

  15. didn't know that women can actually cook out of their home kitchen. well turns out that some women are trying to be men.

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