Tawa Kolambi Masala | Spicy Prawns Fry | Maharashtrian Style | Recipe by Smita Deo in Marathi

Tawa Kolambi Masala | Spicy Prawns Fry | Maharashtrian Style | Recipe by Smita Deo in Marathi

Namaste! Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani
with Smita! Fried prawns, sol kadhi and rice! Tempting meal, isn’t it? But, today I will show you ‘Tawa Kolambi’! It’s best enjoyed with steamed rice and sol kadhi. So, let’s prepare Tawa Kolambi
(Tawa Prawns). This recipe turns out delicious if
you prepare it on an iron tawa (pan)! But if you don’t have an iron pan,
you can use a regular pan. I have kept the pan for heating. We need to use the oil generously for
this recipe, let’s add 3 to 4 tbsp to the pan. And then, I will add 4 finely chopped onions. Let’s fry them till they change in color. Onion has turned nice and brown. Now, let’s add
5 lengthwise cut green chillies. 1 tsp ginger paste 1 tsp garlic paste Now, let’s stir fry everything. Once ginger and garlic stops emitting
raw smell, add half a tsp turmeric powder. 1 tsp red chilli powder.. ..and 1 tsp garam masala. You can use any ready made masala
available in the market. Also, you can add kolhapuri masala
or malwani masala instead of garam masala. Masala has been nicely roasted. Now, let’s add 500 grams of
peeled prawns to it. Prawns have been nicely stir fried,
now let’s add kokam to it. If you don’t have kokam handy,
squeeze some lemon instead of it. Finally, add salt to taste. Prawns tend to release moisture and
so you can enjoy its gravy with roti or bhakri. I have stir fried the prawns
for around 5 to 7 minutes, they are done. So, let’s garnish it with coriander and serve! Tawa Kolambi looks delicious! I am sure you will try it home! Do let me know it through comments
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  1. heyyyy smita mam. . . . .first of all u look gorgeous & the way u talk with viewer's. . . that's amazing u actually connect with them by heart & that's why I am a big fan of u . . . .aani tumchya sarv recipes khup chan astat me try karte aani sarv successful just bcos of u thank u soo much 🤗to share with us . . . . .love u lottt😘💋

  2. Hello Smita mam, mi hi recipe baghun kolambi khup vela banavli. Majhya navryala ani sasubai la far avadli. It's now officially one of their favourite prawns recipe. So thank you so much. Ankhin ruchkar recipe are awaited. 😊

  3. खुपच छान recipe दिलीत. पूर्वी माझी आई करीत असे. आता मी करून पाहिली. खुप चवदार झाली. मनःपूर्वक धन्यवाद.

  4. This is the most satisfying kolambi recipe ever! I made it eactly as described and my family members loved it ever since the first time!! Also, I went ahead and have used this recipe in my own version of prawns biryani and it tastes heavenly! Thank you Smita Deo! And thank you Ruchkar Mejwani…you make chefs out of us with your recipes!!!

  5. Me ithe Qatar madhe family pasun dur rahat aslyamule jevan banvave lagte.. Mhatle aaj try karuya.. Khupach chavisht receipe ahe.. Grevy suddha agadi ruchkar ahe.. Thanks for sharing..

  6. kahi log agri padat made they dont use onions nor tomato they just use chilli powder,agri masala n garlic in their recipe……

  7. अशा प्रकारे कोळंबी करताना ती मँरीनेट करायची की नाही?

  8. स्मिताताई मी खूप वेळा बनवली आहे आणि आमच्या घरी खूप आवडीने खातात

  9. i tried out this dish n it turned out to b super tasty thanku so much for sharing such wonderful recepies with us … a big fan of uh dishes n i make them immediately when ur dishes comes… always wait when ur dishes will flash up on my screen …

  10. I don't understand your language, but I tried the recipe with subtitles..it was awesome 👍. Can I know what is kokam in English?

  11. Well the oil level u recommended was too much as prawns kinda has fat in it n releases it when cooked sooo it becomes too oily in the end, the taste is sweetish –

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