Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

It’s like stir-frying or working on a wok,
so if you’ve ever cooked or if you’ve ever worked on a wok before you
know it’s all about timing, it’s all about making sure that you’re constantly
moving the ice cream around, making sure that everything
freezes evenly, you’re incorporating all the flavors and the mixes, so that you’re
not having huge chunks of stuff in there. Folding and scraping. You have
to really pay attention it’s all about timing. [ice cream chopping] This is Sota Hot & Cold, an ice cream shop that specializes in Thai rolled ice cream. It’s a twist on a your traditional ice cream.
It’s basically ice cream that is a made fresh right in front of
the customers on a ice-cold pan. You pour in the ice cream that’s
in the liquid form, then mixed. People have different ways of doing it.
My mix is homemade, it’s my original recipe. You pour that right on
the freezing pan and that freezing pan acts like a wok.
They call it “stir-fried ice cream.” So, it’s like a wok, right? Basically
the same concept except with a flaming hot wok it’s a freezing cold wok
that you stir up and create the ice cream. That’s the
nickname for it – “stir-fried ice cream.” You churn it right in front of
you, you make it fresh, then you flatten it up and roll it right
up into the ice cream. Put it into a cup, top it however you want.
It’s custom-made just for you. It got popularized in Southeast Asia,
specifically Thailand in the night markets. I guess it was something that
they had been doing for a long time actually. This isn’t something new to
Southeast Asia, but I think with the blow-up of social media and
the Instagram and Facebook world people went over there,
they took videos of it and then it just kind of blew up from there.
It got popularized in those Thai street markets. I try to keep it kind of traditional, staying true to what ice cream
is and what people know. I try to not incorporate all these
crazy exotic flavors in what I develop in my menu. The last thing
that I want to do is pigeonhole this whole idea into something that’s foreign
and something that’s not familiar. I want to stay true to what ice cream is fundamentally. I try to stay with traditional flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, hazelnut – the really traditional flavors that people
are familiar with so that they know that this is the ice cream spot – not just a
“Thai” rolled ice cream spot. What’s unique about it? I think the culture
of food right now is shifting to customization and originality, right?
So, a lot of people are really attracted to the ability that
they can pick and choose what goes into their ice cream.
Here we have the ability to do that. What flavor of base ice cream
they have, what goes into their ice cream, what it gets topped with. Them being
able to customize that and also being able to visually see their ice
cream being made right in front of them. Versus in traditional scoop shops or
traditional places, where it’s already there and then it’s just scooped out
of a bucket put on a cone or something like that.
Then you get to watch it! I think that’s some of fun.
I tell some people that I think that people that come in here
actually enjoy the making of the ice cream more than the actual ice cream itself. But don’t get me wrong the ice cream is awesome ! [laughs]

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  1. I make many Types of icecream at home but I don't have ideo roll it..thnx for suggection I will search it…

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