Thai Stir Fry Chili Duck Recipe – One of the SPICIEST Thai Foods! ผัดเผ็ดนกเป็ดน้ำ ความเผ็ดระดับ10

Thai Stir Fry Chili Duck Recipe – One of the SPICIEST Thai Foods! ผัดเผ็ดนกเป็ดน้ำ ความเผ็ดระดับ10

– She’s gonna be making a
dish, what in Thai is called Pad phet and that essentially
means like stir-fry chili. The meat stir fried with
a bunch of curry paste and chilies and herbs. Oh, that’s good. Good morning, everyone. It’s Mark Wiens with It’s about seven a.m. in Bangkok and we are walking to the market. My mother-in-law is
going to make a Thai dish that I really love and that’s
very unique and very spicy. So, my mother-in-law is
cooking and I’m gonna share the recipe with you today. At typical morning markets
in Bangkok, you have many, many normal stalls
selling all sorts of different vegetables and chicken and pork
and beef and seafood vendors and then usually also at Bangkok markets, they have one or two stalls
that serve jungle ingredients, real, real country-side
herbs and ingredients and we are going to the country
stall, the jungle stall. We are in luck. My mother-in-law wasn’t
sure if they were gonna have these wild ducks, which in
Thai are called nuk phet nahm but luckily they do so
she has already piled two wild ducks into the
basket and we’re gonna get two wild ducks and then
they have just all sorts of wild jungle ingredients here. There are crickets and
all sorts of mushrooms. There’s silkworms. There are herbs. It all depends. We’re not sure what they
have every week or every day. They have a different
selection of wild animals, wild birds, and ingredients,
so today I’m pretty happy that we got the wild ducks. I do enjoy cooking sometimes
but I’m not even close, not even comparable to how good my mother-in-law is at cooking. She’s one of the best cooks
I know in the entire world. So, I’m gonna, Micah and
I are gonna watch mom as she cooks and then I’m just gonna narrate the whole recipe. And as I’m standing here,
I’m just seeing that she’s making some dried fish. I think these are mullet,
little mullet fish and last night she
rinsed them in salt water and now she’s drying them in the sun. She makes all kinds of
awesome food at this house. Okay, so we got the ducks She wants to just roast it over the fire to take off all the hair. That already smells good. It smells like roast duck. In Thai, they are called nuk phet nam, which are, I think it’s
some kind of wild duck. In Thai it would translate
directly to “water duck” and I would also say that you could, whatever recipe she’s gonna make right now which we’re all about to
find out all the ingredients she adds to it, but you could
probably substitute any kind of meat, whether you want
chicken or beef or anything ’cause we’re gonna mince them up. And now, after roasting all the
feather stubs off the ducks, now comes the time where she’s gonna rinse off the ducks and clean them. She’s going the extra mile with tweezers to pull out all of the feathers. You don’t wanna bite into a hard feather. She’s about to chop off that head. I probably won’t show too many details. It got a little bloody but basically she took out all of the organs of the duck and kind of took out
everything from the cavity. The last time she made this recipe, she included all the bones. Like, the entire duck, apart
from the head, I think. Chopped it all up, minced it all up, but it was pretty kinda
on the crunchy side. I got some bone shards stuck in my teeth so this time I asked her to
take out the bigger bones but she said she’s still
gonna mince up the, I think the rib cage and smaller bones. And then after she finishes doing that, we’ll be ready to stir fry
it up with all the spices and all the chilies. Okay, 15 minutes later. The ducks have been
transformed into a full mince and we are moving back over
to the street food cart. The first step is the mei phakchī, which are coriander seeds. She’s just gonna dry roast. And then also some yihra, cumin. Oh, yes the aroma of that
dry roasting yihra or cumin is just amazing. And again, all of these ingredients, I’m gonna write all of
these in full recipe but we’ve also got, this is called bayira. I think they might also
be called tree basil and then we’ve also got some galangal. This is young galangal. Oh, and as I’m speaking,
she is finished roasting those spices and she’s
dumping them into the mortar. And then set aside those dry spices and next step is to take that minced meat and just stir fry it. Oh, that smells delicious. That smells like cooking duck. A little bit of a gamey smell to it. What we’re gonna do for this recipe, is we’re gonna prepare all of
the ingredients separately. So, stir fry the meat,
get all the spices ready, and then after that, we’re
gonna assemble the entire thing by stir frying it all together. The duck is finished stir frying and she’s draining out all that oil. You can see it. Down below there is all the oil but we just want the meat, the dry meat. Next step it to pound up
the garlic and chilies. And she’s gonna put in a
big handful of chilies. So you just wanna pull off those stems and then drop them into
the mortar with the garlic and pound those up. You wanna just pound up
the garlic and chilies until you’ve got kind of
a coarse grind to them. Just no big chunks. For the next step, she’s
taking young galangal and slicing it up really thin and she’s gonna add it to this recipe. I would say that in the
majority of Thai recipes, galangal is normally used
just to be included with soups and then it’s boiled and
the flavor’s extracted and you don’t eat it but in this recipe, since it’s young galangal,
we’re gonna eat it as long as it’s chopped up small like that and it provides some awesome flavor. Today, for this recipe,
we have some bayira but you could also make
this recipe with basil. Holy basil is really good also but I’m really loving these
jeera leaves right now. Kind of almost like licoricey
but sweet and kind of, yeah, just a unique wonderful
herb flavor to them. They are delicious and I can
actually smell them right now as she’s breaking them off the stems. And then one more awesome
ingredient we have over here are green peppercorns, which are another powerful flavor enhancer and she’s just rinsing
off those jeera leaves. And I think just because they’re so big, she’s gonna give it a coarse chop. Otherwise, you could
just leave them whole. And then in go those green peppercorns. Give them a quick wash and then she’s just lightly chopping them as well, just so you don’t get an
entire strand of peppercorns in your mouth at once in one bite. Everything’s prepared. Oh, she’s about to add
in the oil right now but we’ve got, she’s gonna add in some oil and then we’re just gonna
assemble everything, including that duck. And then, first inside
the oil goes in all of the chilies and garlic that we pounded up. If it gets too dry, you can
add in a little bit of water. This is a Southern Thai curry paste. And that’s a good, like, three
or four tablespoons, I think. And then again, if that gets too dry, you can add in a little bit of water. And next step is to add all
that duck, that minced meat. Oh, that smells so good. Next goes in all of the galangal. And then those dried spices,
which is the coriander seeds and the jeera, cumin and then
just stir fry all that up. One of the beauties of
this dish is that you have all of the ingredients prepared and so then when you’re
cooking it, you basically just assemble everything and you
stir fry it pretty quickly. And now for the jeera leaves. And you wanna put those in at the very end ’cause you don’t want
to cook them very long. You want them to remain
fresh and just have all of their natural flavor but
just wilt them into the dish. You can really smell the
aroma of the jeera leaves, as soon as she adds it in there. Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s like a sweet, licoricy
but like spicy aroma. Okay, here’s my taste test time. Oh, that’s good. Oh and then final step is to
add in some Kaffir lime leaves. She just wrapped them up and
is really finely slicing them. And that was the final step. She just threw in the Kaffir lime leaves and just stir fried it just
for a couple more seconds. Oh, that spoon. This guy, Micah, slept
through the entire recipe. One more thing that my
mother-in-law just mentioned is that she didn’t need to add
any extra fish sauce or salt because the curry paste
already had salt in it and I think probably it
also had shrimp paste in it which gave it some saltiness. But you gotta taste test. There’s no way of making Thai
food without taste testing. If you do need to add, if it needs more salt,
add in some fish sauce. My mother-in-law also
cooked a few other dishes, including that dried fish that was drying earlier in the morning. She fried a couple of those up. And then have the pad
phet, the main duck dish and then also a curry,
gang, I think yùak glûay, which is banana trunk. It’s a banana trunk curry with a gangate, which is a coconut milk curry. And I have to begin with
the nuk bet nahm pad phet, which is the fried curry herbal
everything duck, wild duck. You gotta just come take a really, really close up look at this. You can just see the
seeds of all the chilies. You can see the herbs in there, the little chunks of galangal in there. It is just an absolutely beautiful sight. Oh, yes. Okay, I’m going in for
that immediately first. It’s amazing. The flavor density is so high. So many flavors going on in there. I can taste those little
chunks of galangal. I can also really taste the jeera leaves. Those are absolutely delicious and they have a different
twist of a flavor from sweet basil or a holy basil. It’s spicy and then the actual wild duck tastes similar to a
normal duck but with maybe a little bit of a gamier,
just slightly gamier, actually most of the
gaminess is kinda masked by all those herbs and spices. That is just awesome. And next up for the curry. These are the pieces of the banana stalk and then I think there’s chicken in here. Stick this onto my rice over here. Those banana stalks,
they’re a little bit chewy and slightly like slimy. Finally, let me grab
one of those fried fish, fried dried fish. Oh yeah. Yeah, it’s nice and salty and then crispy. Oh, she made it really, really good. Let me get that head in this bite. Oh yeah. Thank you very much to my
mother-in-law for making the food and for showing us all of that recipe and thank you all very much
for watching this recipe. I think that pad phet is one of my ultimate favorite Thai dishes. There’s so much, that’s just an ultimate stir
fry dish that you can make and so I will write all of the ingredients over on my blog, so you can head over there
to see all of the ingredients and I will write the whole recipe there. Thank you very much for
watching this recipe about awesome Thai food. Please remember to give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And if you’re not already subscribed, make sure you subscribe
to my YouTube channel for lots more food and travel videos. And thank you again for watching. I will see you on the next video.

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