The 5 Best Beer Spots in Prague: Rooftops, Breweries, Bars, and More

The 5 Best Beer Spots in Prague: Rooftops, Breweries, Bars, and More

I’m in Prague today, one of the top beer
capitals of the world, and today I’m going to show you five awesome places to
go for local craft beer. There are over 370 breweries here in
Prague but today I’m going to show you a few which are really excellent and you
really can’t go wrong with most of these because they have really great beer all
around so I hope you’re ready. Let’s get wasted! The first spot is BeerGeek and
they have over 32 beers on tap over 500 bottled beers many of which cannot be
found anywhere else. These are all the beers on tap. Oh! I got a summer ale
pretty refreshing. It’s like ice tea but a
thousand times better Well it’s very sweet! It’s very delicious.
This is delicious chocolate in my beer but it’s really good. Alright what I
learned, just right now, from our local here. They have this sort of style of
pouring a beer that’s called snyt and what happens is that it’s basically half
beer and half foam so in America we’re like a that’s like a cheap beer you want the full effect of the beer but over here it’s actually something
that people enjoy. Our next stop is U Fleku. It has been in operation for over
500 years. If you don’t believe us, Google it, or you just look on the sign says it
right there 1499. One of their most favorite drinks
is the dark lager so, let’s go get some. It’s like a garden. I’m having one of
their famous dark lagers here. It’s called Flekovska Trinactka. It’s actually really delicious – nice fruity notes that I sense. Our next stop is U Medvidku and it is one of
the smallest restaurant breweries here in Czech Republic. It has one of the
strongest beers in the world. Let’s go check it out!
They have beer shampoo here in case you just want to smell like beer all the
time like a real drunk. Not a problem! This place is like really awkwardly in a
mall. I don’t know why, but anyways once you walk in it really smells a lot like malt and a lot of beer aromas –
hops. I can’t wait to get in. Let’s see. This is an X 33 beer. It is the
strongest beer here in Czech Republic at 12.6%. I see you never! I’m going to sleep
right after this man, I don’t know about you guys. Bye! Hey! Guess who is wasted?! So this beer is delicious because it doesn’t taste like beer. I’m going to drink it. And it’s the only beer I’ve ever liked. You got to savor it. We are at Pipa Beer Story where they can actually
pair your food with beer. They have over 150 different kinds of beer here. Let’s go eat
and have some beer. This is a traditional lager made in a monastery by monks
so it’s blessed. Blessed up. #Blessed. Traditional tasting. We gotta take
an elevator to go to this place called T Anker. They over 60 varieties of beer.
We’re going to watch a very beautiful sunset. Thanks for watching this video. If
you want to see more, make sure to subscribe below.

14 thoughts on “The 5 Best Beer Spots in Prague: Rooftops, Breweries, Bars, and More”

  1. The beer places are listed below. For more tips on bars, restaurants, and unique experiences in Prague visit my site:
    1. Beer Geek
    2. U Fleku
    3. U Medvidku
    4. Pipa Beer Story
    5. T Anker Rooftop Bar

  2. nice video, I'm a local and even I didn't know about some of these places 🙂 There are just so many cool bars you can go to a different one every day for like 10 years 😀

  3. U medvidku is also restaurant … there is a dish half a duck and dumplings … full plate od staff for around 13 to 15 euros…🤤

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