The Banned Brewers of NTU

The Banned Brewers of NTU

I’m Heetesh I’m Heetesh
and I’m Rahul. and I’m Rahul. And we make up 2/3s of Binjai Brew. You might have heard of us as the 3 guys who brewed beer in NTU and had to stop. But yea, our story started way before that. We met on the first day of school I think? Year 1 year 2, we used to hang out quite a bit In my summer exchange, I interned at a brewery in California. So when we got back to school, they were wondering like how easy is it to make beer? Did you learn how to make beer? And I was like, Ya. The heck yea, it’s easy. Let’s give it a shot right? So they were like, “What do you need?” So I was like, Uh, we need this pot. We need that container. And we need these few ingredients. So let’s give it a go right? Well, the first batch… it tasted like it’s supposed to taste alright. But then what happened was that we got the conversion wrong between gallons and litres, so it had twice the concentration of alcohol. So we followed the same recipe again and just added the right amount of water this time and it came out pretty good. Then after that, we’re, we’re like “Eh let’s put this on Instagram!” right? Like just for fun. and then like, people were like, “Wow, this tastes pretty legit!’ And we were like, “Oh ok, yea that’s cool.” Yes, we did get caught for it and we had to stop.Not disappointed at all?He was. He was disappointed. Yea… I was like, ya ok whatever. It was good fun. He was like, “Now we have nothing else to do.” From there, we decided to pursue it full time and make it into a legitimate business which we officially launched in December last year. So today we are at OnTap and this is where we brew our beer. We’re down here about 3 times a month and we also come down here to can our beer. Let’s go! So this is where we mill our grains. So milling the grains kind of breaks open the husks of the grain in order to expose them when we put them in water during the mashing process.Are you going to eat it?Uh well I can if you want me to. Mmmm, breakfast of champions. After the mashing comes the boiling process which takes about an hour as well. We’re boiling the sugar solution left over from the grain. Uh and we’re boiling it together with hops. So hops are what give the beer its bitterness. And as you can see, the hops have coloured the top of the solution green and that’s what it looks like. And it’s going to be boiled for another 60 minutes before we cool it down and we put it in the fermenter. So what’s your favourite part about the process? My favourite part is when you can get some beer out of the tank and taste it. At 9 in the morning. I think the best part about what we do is the people we meet. Yea it’s like, we meet so many different people and everybody is so interesting. So we did this event recently, one guy came to our store and he threw away some some commercial beer Yea he put the can on our counter and he’s like, “Take this, throw it away and give me some of that beer.” So the backend process of making beer is tiring and it’s like stressful and you’re like, oh no why am I doing this? Then when you see people drink it and they’re happy, you’re like, Oh it’s worthwhile. Yes it’s worth, it’s worth.
It’s worthwhile You see what happens when you order off our website is that one of us will be delivering the beer to
your house And if literally everybody ordered on our website, we will die. So, we also want our beer to be accessible to like many Singaporeans. And RedMart being another Singaporean company as well, really helps us to reach that objective because then people don’t feel compelled to buy a 6 pack to get free delivery. Then, maybe with their shopping they can try a can of our beer And then, that allows us to reach people in a more accessible way. And in a way that’s more convenient for them. Without them having to leave the comfort of their houses as well. We… Someday would want to have our own brewery-cum-taproom And the reason for that is because… We feel we’d be able to express ourselves the best through that. Beause a lot of our brand is, about who we are and who want to connect with By taking control of how we sell our beer, and creating that environment for our customers, that’s the best way to go about doing that. And it’ll be damn fun lah! to have parties every day.

8 thoughts on “The Banned Brewers of NTU”

  1. I think it’s really cool what they are doing! And they’re excited when talking about beer brewing! That’s super nice to see 🙂

  2. Previous gen of NTU grad: Beer Brewers
    Current gen of NTU grad: Espionage Videographers
    Future gen of NTU grad: Urologist

    Jokes aside. Good job lads. Don't let the fun die!

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