The Best Beef & Broccoli Recipe เนื้อผัดบรอคโคลี่ – Hot Thai Kitchen!

The Best Beef & Broccoli Recipe เนื้อผัดบรอคโคลี่ – Hot Thai Kitchen!

(upbeat guitar music) Sawaddee Ka. – Welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen. Today, I am making a beef
and broccoli stir-fry, which you might hear that and go, “Wait a minute, isn’t
that like a Chinese dish?” And the truth is, there
are many, many overlaps between Thai and Chinese cuisine, and this is definitely a dish Thai people make at home often. In Thai, we call it Neua Pad Broccoli. So neua is beef, pad means to stir-fry, and broccoli means broccoli. So it’s a very simple dish,
but because it’s simple, it’s actually quite tricky
to make it really well. So I wanted to share with you today my tips and my tricks to make this super simple dish super delicious. So let’s get started. So the choice of beef is very important. You wanna go with
something tender for this. I’ve got here some ribeye,
good-quality ribeye. It is expensive, so if you
wanna go with something a little cheaper, you can go
with sirloin tip or flank. I’ve tried both of
those, and it works well, but you’ve got to make sure
you don’t overcook those, ’cause they become tough if overcooked. With a ribeye, it’s a
little more forgiving, even if it’s a little too
long in the pan, you know? Now, what I do with my steak is I cut the steak into chunks,
then I flip it sideways, and then I slice my pieces, because that is going against the grain. It ensures you’ve got the
shortest muscle fiber. It’ll be the most tender. The grains are gonna run differently on every piece of steak, so make sure, just pay attention, take a look, and make sure
you’re cutting it short. Okay, marinade. Super simple marinade, well, not really, I’ve got like five things, but I’ve got some oyster
sauce going in here. I’ve also got some soy sauce going in. Some white pepper for
a little subtle heat. This is not a spicy dish,
there’s no chilis in it, so a little pepper-iness always helps. I’m going to add one egg white, and this is very common in Asian cuisine, to marinade meat with egg white. What the egg white does
is it sort of creates a bit of a shield and
keeps the meat juicy, it gives a nice texture, a nice mouthfeel, but not the egg white alone, you also wanna add some cornstarch. There you go. And the cornstarch and
the egg white together, that combination is called velveting. It’s gonna be your
shield against dry meat. And that’s it! That is all there is to the beef marinade, so I always wanna do this first before I start prepping other things, so that it has time to sit
and absorb all that marinade. The broccoli. The only tip I have for you is the way you cut the broccoli. So as you see, I’ve got here broccoli where I’ve cut it along
its natural separations, but now I wanna make sure I actually cut it down this way, okay? What I’m looking for is a flat surface, and that’s the surface area that’s gonna get seared and charred, create some browning, that’s
how we develop flavor. You know how roasted broccoli is better than steamed broccoli? Yeah, this is exactly
what we’re trying to do. These are still a little big. I also find, too, that a lot of times when people make broccoli stir-fry, the florets are huge, right? Like, it’s a bite-size thing. You wanna make sure you cut it down so you can have a piece of broccoli and a piece of beef without
overstuffing your mouth or without having to, like, cut it with a knife and a fork, right? So the sauce, as per usual, I’m gonna mix everything ahead of time, so we’re not running around trying to get five things while
the wok is going, okay? So I’ve got some oyster sauce here, that’s our main seasoning. To this, I’m gonna add
some Golden Mountain Sauce, which you can just use soy sauce instead, I’m just adding Golden Mountain
’cause it’s my preference, and if you ever wonder
about my different sauces, I do have a video about that. I’ll put the link right up here and also in the description below. Now, fish sauce, of course. Hey, it’s me you’re talking about. I’m also gonna add some water to thin it out a little bit because I wanna add some sugar, and the sugar will just have
an easier time dissolving, and you don’t want this
to be a sweet stir-fry, but the sugar will help
balance out the saltiness. Some black pepper. Woo! Black pepper and beef always
go well together, right? I am going to actually add
my garlic in the sauce here, and I’ve chopped it pretty fine, finer than I normally do for my stir-fry, and that is because I’m actually not gonna have time to saute the
garlic in the oil in the wok, ’cause I’m gonna spend
time searing the beef, and once the beef is seared, you gotta move quickly, you
don’t wanna overcook it, so I find that making sure
you finely chop your garlic and putting it in the sauce, that just works out better, okay? And that’s it! Time to cook. All right. I’m gonna start out by
searing the broccoli. Now, you can do this in your wok, but if you’ve got a rounded-bottom wok, I recommend doing it in
a flat skillet instead, just so you can, you know, maximize the surface
area of your broccoli. I’ll probably have to do
mine in a couple of batches. So you wanna get this
oil really, really hot, which is not a problem with
this inferno of a burner. (broccoli sizzling) There you go. And you just put one down, give it a test, and if it starts to sizzle like that, then it’s ready to go. And you wanna flip the broccoli so that your cut surface
is facing the oil, the pan. And if you’ve got a nice sear
on one side, like that guy, you just wanna, I just like to give the whole thing a flip, and it’s faster. Woo, look at that, all
that browning, it’s flavor! And then I try to reposition them so that the brown side is up this time. That’s it, I do not wanna overcook that. I’m just turning that off. Oh, yes. So at this point, they’re
just partially cooked. They still need some time
in the wok with the sauce, so you don’t want this
to be mushy at the end. Okay? All right, I got a second batch to do. Okay, now we’re gonna finish everything, starting with the beef. So it’s the same wok, obviously, and I’m just gonna add more oil. Make sure you’ve got
enough to coat the bottom. Okay. Again, another key to
making this dish really good is making sure you’ve got
a good sear on the beef, good sear on the broccoli, then you’re maximizing your flavor. And I’m just gonna do it all in one batch. Spread everything out, give it some time. And you don’t have to get absolutely every single piece charred, or you’re just gonna be here so long. Just most of it, you know, get some browning on some of them. I’m gonna give the whole thing a toss. Woo! See? Very nice. Now, I’m not gonna sit here
and let the other side sear, ’cause it’s gonna overcook
by the time that happens. We’re gonna, we gotta move fast. So the broccoli goes in. And the sauce. Woo! And now, just give it a toss until the beef is cooked. If it looks a little dry, you
can add a splash of water. And once all the beef looks done, you’re good to go, turn it off, and get your rice ready. So hungry. So hungry! Look at all this nice
charring on the broccoli and on the beef, see, like,
it’s the little things, you guys, it’s the little
things that make this delicious. And then there’s sauce
pooling at the bottom. I wanna make sure I get some of that. (upbeat music) Ah, just simple home cooking aroma. (upbeat music) Mm. Mm. (groaning in pleasure) Ah, this is so delicious, and I swear it’s not because
I’m starving right now. This is so good. The amount of flavor that comes out of just two simple
ingredients is incredible, and it’s in all the details. It’s making sure the broccoli
is still crunchy at the end, it’s making sure it’s charred, that the beef and the broccoli, you know, we’ve all had the flavor
of oven-roasted broccoli and it’s charred around the edges. We know that that has
transformed this vegetable to something so, so delicious. So I hope you give this a try. The recipe, as always, will
be on When you make it, send
me a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and if you haven’t subscribed to the show,
time to do it right now. And make sure you click
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at the link right below, and I will see you next time for your next delicious Thai meal. And by that time, and if
you’re too anal about it, is it okay to say anal? (laughing) You don’t have to be a butt about it. (man laughing)

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  36. HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! Important Note:

    If you have questions about this recipe, you can post it here for the community to answer. But if you want to ask me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or my website (all links are in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments I receive across the hundreds of videos on this channel.

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