The Best Food in Bangkok is in This Chef’s Home

The Best Food in Bangkok is in This Chef’s Home

(upbeat music) – Being a chef for me, it’s the only thing I could
imagine me doing in my life. People ask me, what do you
do when you’re not cooking? Cooking. (upbeat music) My name is Pam, I’m a chef in Bangkok and I have a restaurant in
my home called The Table. I cater one table a night. They can request whatever
they want, no restrictions. At first it started off
with the people that I know, my friends, my friends of friends, the waiting list now is three months. Jean Georges is a famous chef, and he owns a 3-star Michelin
restaurant in New York, which I used to work at. I decided to come back to Bangkok and open my own restaurant, and I didn’t open a restaurant. Instead I invite people to my own house. (upbeat instrumental music) Today, my guests requests cold crab pasta and beef Wellington. I will go shopping for ingredients. I try to focus on local produce. (speaking foreign language) Bangkok is a very special place for a chef because there is thousand and
thousands of ingredients here. And the flavor of each
ingredient is really distinctive. And then I will come back home, and prepare it a day ahead. I usually finish about 80% of the food, so when the guests
come, nothing is chaotic in the kitchen anymore, everything is set. (instrumental music) I got two helpers in the kitchen, and service people for front of the house. Everything is clean and ready to serve. (speaking foreign language)
(upbeat instrumental music) I’m glad that people
see that I’m successful, but I don’t think that I’m
successful to the top yet. If you think you’re
successful, you stop learning. Being a chef or being a cook, you always have to learn new things. I just love what I do, I think
it comes out in the food. If people come here and they go back with smile and full
stomach, I’m just happy. Being a chef is not a job for me, it’s my passion. Bye! (laughing) (musical tones)

100 thoughts on “The Best Food in Bangkok is in This Chef’s Home”

  1. You can see the type of audience this channel brings when theres a young woman in a video. Yes, you can praise a man's story, but if its a woman, just talk about her ass.

  2. Why the fuck people talking about sex and shit. I know those are big problem in the country. But this is a beautiful video showing a chef with passion, having new ideas. Imagine her seeing this videos and the tons of u shit comments. There will always be problem in every country.

  3. This is an overwhelming food presentation. Hope I would have the opportunity to try on but not sure how long of the waiting list.

  4. "What do you do when you're not cooking?. Cooking"
    It sounds cool but I think you don't understand the question.

  5. She must be a wealthy person who doesn't care much to go after money when you serve just one table only. Beside having a big house with a big area in Bangkok which only the
    rich can afford.

    Would love to try out her cooking but have no idea where the place is.

  6. I so exited see the video..The story are very best..The food is delicious..and I hope the food can be famous

  7. being a che is a dream come true
    but in the reality world + with the management and working condition it will kill the passion in just few month.
    sad story of mine

  8. give back to thailand by making sure the locals CANT AFFORD IT. the price starts at about $100 per person, and im sure it goes way up.

  9. Can we add subtitles to your videos? I speak English but my mom doesn´t. I'd be cool if we could add subtitles in other languages.

  10. A taste of homey cooking is the best but with her educational and professional background, it must be very pricy to dine at her house!!!

  11. I mean, she looks to be very wealthy. Is it really that impressive considering it's expensive to study culinary and her kitchen is as big as a restaurants lol? Would anyones house be fancy enough to cater to people and then charge them out the wazoo? No hate, just making a point.

  12. “What do you do when you’re not cooking?”
    Chef: Cooking

    I feel the same way.

    What do you do when you’re not eating and sleeping?
    Me: Eating and Sleeping

  13. I feel this is one of the best examples of her job being an extension of her passion. She really gets to enjoy her time cooking and doesn't have to deal with the hecticness of the usual restaurant

  14. I’m Thai <3 an I’m very good at English so far 😛

    I’m half British….

    “Amazing starts with the people🇹🇭🙏”

  15. I thought the best food in Bangkok should be Thai food because if u go to Thai would u eat this or eat Thai food i recommend Thai food because I am thai and I think this is not the best food in Bangkok u should try street food in Bangkok like jay fai I am from bangkok

  16. Doctor: Any last wishes
    Me: I need to eat at this place
    Doctor: That’s impossible the waiting time is 3 months.
    God: I’ll allow it.

  17. She is also the co-host of "Top Chef Thailand".
    คนไหนตามมาจาก Top Chef Thailand ไหมค้าบ

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