The Best Giant Burger | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

The Best Giant Burger | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

stomachs will be broken
parents will run in fear paralyzed from the giant monster burger are you ready
for a giant burger and by Giant we mean one big-ass huge giant burger that’ll
feed eight. Couple of things right off the top… number one I’m really full we just
had dim sum Chinese brunch this is a terrible mistake I should never shoot
after having a bunch of food especially dim sum, one of my favorite things ever.
Number two is this shirt, there’s a link in the description for this shirt and
let me say it again I am NOT a Republican, I am NOT a Democrat, I’m a
Canadian – that’s what I am. This is not a political statement, it’s a culinary
statement. I’m sorry for the people that left watching us because they thought I
was making a political statement. culinary statement ladies and gentlemen
it says COOK doesn’t say make it says cook
oh that’s two and there was a third thing Oh third thing that even most of
my family haven’t noticed I shaved that off it’s gone you didn’t even notice and
not because people were saying shave it off because it was really messy the
other day when I got my hair cut and I got another chair and and my wife Kelly
said you should get that trimmed up so I grabbed the trimmer myself little here a
little here a little here by the time I was done it was gone so
it’s cleaner it’s fine all right there’s a baking component that we’re gonna
start with and here’s what it is we’re making a bacon weave I think you’re
gonna like this if it works I hope it does here we go we’re gonna take a pack
of bacon just open it up and use anybody’s and I bought this one because
this is a mega pack okay and here we go we’re gonna take the bacon the last time
I did this I was making a pie crust a top pie crust and wanted it to look like
super beautiful but so get them close and you do this one side by side as wide
as you want this thing to be and because I know it shrinks a bit and a little
extra is not that bad we can do this you know you have to make
sure it can’t be longer than the length of a bacon is why’d I make any sense so
one two three so now we’re gonna pull these guys back every second one and
then take another piece put it here and these guys go over the top good makes
sense god I hope it makes sense because I’m
already confused now we take these guys and bring them back and another piece
goes in your knocked-up nice and tight when we come back then repeat you get
what’s going on here you’re just gonna keep going back and forth on the puzzle
ensuring that your vacant is over under over under over under so I’m going to
tell you right now and I’m not making any excuses in advance though it’s gonna
sound like it if it doesn’t work it’s because these pieces here these end
pieces have this gap in them and I worry that’s gonna cause some problem so I’m
just telling you just gonna say it put my cards on the table in advance I don’t
think it’s the worst thing to do so a couple more pieces and then we’re gonna
be good I love the way that this looks and I think it’s gonna be great
there’s always a chance it fucks up it fucks up it’ll be Max’s fault put it in
the oven while I put the bacon in I remembered that I had made this which
yes I know it looks like a little ball of foil here’s what it is this is
roasted garlic roasted gorgeous garlic this is gonna be for the little mayo
sauce for this burger and just let me show you what I did great all you do is
you take a head of garlic the whole head right we’re gonna cut off about the top
1/2 inch or so to expose all the cloves so just you want to be fairly even cut
down and you end up with this cool take that put on a double sheet of foil
add a little oil and kosher salt and then seal it up and you’re making a
tight little package like that and that goes in the oven 400 degrees for about
3540 minutes and when it’s done you have this and here’s what’s cool when you
want to use it you take and you squeeze and look at that see that that is the
most amazing sweet ish I mean relatively speaking garlic you’ll ever have that
flavors things beautifully that is gonna be for a burger meal speaking burger
let’s address it shall we so we want a decent size burger here’s
our bun that listen this entire sourdough loaf is our bun so we need a
burger that’s worthy of a bun this size and here’s what we’ve got
I have some ground beef 80/20 ground beef oh look it’s my favorite little
scale messy let’s turn our skill on and see how much we’ve got and we have
almost exactly two and a half pounds of ground beef
fantastic yeah we just got to turn that giant mass into a perfect okay damn it
excuse me while I get burger off the ground not that I’ll be using okay a
bowl and the ground beef goes in happy with this let’s season it so this is a
New Mexican flavor kind of burger so I’m gonna use a little cumin here but a good
teaspoon I’d say some garlic powder salt and pepper I know it looks like a lot of
salt but that’s two and a half pounds of ground beef it needs seasoning aren’t
you pepper little worse you’re Shire for a little tang unis a quick little shot
of oil maybe a not even a teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon mix of course using your hand
what are you gonna use where you have hands isn’t it
ok well maybe for things other than mixing a burger but I think we’ve talked
about it before if you over mix you pack it too tight and then there’s there’s no
room for the juices to go in and out from in between the strands of the beef
because when they do get mingle in in between the strands of the beef it’s a
juicy burger and that’s what you want oh boy
look at this come on I’m sensing problems already there’s a school of
thought that says Sam some breadcrumbs would have made this not quite so loose let’s just see what happens you would
just want it to be even and when you’ve got it even and you’re happy with it
it’s throwing the grill so we gingerly take our plate turn it upside down
hopefully come on come on oh you know I thought maybe I should grease the plant
the plate there we go okay and there it is
now here’s what I’ve done this side of the grill is on medium-high
this side is off because it’s so thick I’m gonna cook it a couple minutes turn
it a bit a couple minutes then flip it over a couple couple and then it’ll come
over here to the non hot side where it’s gonna work like an oven and finish
cooking through and in the meantime my fingers are crossed because I want this
to work I can tell you this it smells damn good I don’t know what’s gonna
happen max I dunno how to how to leave it for a minute or two okay so what I
really need is a huge wide spatula which I don’t have all I want to do is get
some marks on it before I flip it and that’s gonna be a challenge great okay
so what we’re waiting for that to be done for me to flip it I’ve got some
sliced yellow onion and some sliced green chilies that will be going on this
burger of course they could go on raw but give them flavor off this I mean
come on it’s a little oil and they go on the onions and the Chili’s that’s a great sound
isn’t it and now time to flip hold on I got to do
it this way on the plate and we go a little bit of a break it’s gonna be okay
stick with me here guys love it so little color on this side then we move
it to the no heat side it’s kind of a lot that’s just my crazy I gotta shut it
you can pop it yeah shit okay I don’t know what’s going on here
but we got major flames so I’m just gonna bring it over to this non heat
side leave the hot side on but shut the lid and let it finish cooking like it’s
an oven and by the way while I’m standing here people have asked about
this grill and how the lid completely disappears which is pretty amazing it’s
made by a company called calibre and it was designed by an industrial designer
named David Rockwell who’s a genius who looked at it and went grill LEDs are
ugly I bet you I can make them disappear and the genius that he is he did and
this is what you’ve got lid no lid lid no lid okay the the onions and the
chilies are doing fine let’s make a little sauce for shall we here we go
so we start with our roasted garlic that smells so tremendous and we’re gonna
give it some mayo yes Japanese Mayo a little more cumin a little mustard why
why Coleman’s yes a shot of Worcestershire
as little and of course some salt and pepper and we mix and what you do is you
want to mash up that roasted garlic that’s in there if I was smart I would
have done it first but I’m not smart they just mix everything till it’s
together and I forgot the little lime juice so we’ll give it that so yeah I
cut the bun the bun and is it too much fun do I need to take a piece out I’m
looking at this going what if I took like a half an inch out would that be
best or not best I don’t know or actually yeah you tell me I don’t know
let’s go go for it come on no it’s ridiculous honestly
that’s way too much top bun so now I have to it’s not gonna work this is
gonna be bad should I try it yeah oh shit get up oh so far so good yeah yeah so
going straight yeah sounds good all right so that’s better
how about this side same no leave it let’s leave it all right there we go
reformatted bun should be fine but we need to get it colored add a little oil
to the Evo and on it goes let’s check the temp on our burger so
let’s see if you are at 118 124 so we’re about 125 so I’d say another five six
degrees 130 should be nice looking beautiful you see all the juices on the
top right great didn’t hear these little pools that’s how you know you’re getting
close to being done when the moisture starts coming up by the way we’ve not
made this too tight because if we had you wouldn’t see any of these juices
here you’d only see around the edges not on top and that’s what you want okay so
we need a few more degrees and while it finishes a little pepper jack cheese
because who doesn’t love a cheese burger and I think four or five slices should
be just perfect no lid shuts bun beautiful nice cut oh shit bacon hold on
shit nobody move nobody move hello little weave look at you give it
I’ll give it five more minutes and the build looks like this we start with the
sauce or sit across the whole bottom next some cool crisp iceberg lettuce one
of my favs just a big-ass handful of it some tomato and buy some I suppose I
mean a lot of tomato I like more salt and pepper on the tomato layer
so we’ll go like that next our burger Wow
stay there are you ready for it Oh Mamma Mia come on buddy
don’t do anything bad and you didn’t that’s ridiculous
okay yes that is officially ridiculous you know we’re missing crap the bacon
Wow oh it’s burning it’s burning it’s
burning it’s burning it’s burning shit like I don’t know what to do okay let’s
go with our peppers and our onions I know the bacon oh my gosh
how was this okay now something’s wrong with this and the top bun and more sauce
all right so look I called us a party burger because you could make one burger
that feeds a whole bunch of people the holidays are coming up you’re gonna have
to entertain it’s just the most from this side hold on can I turn it for you
Oh what is this it’s a month this summer stomachs will be broken parents will run
in fear paralyzed from the giant monster burger God okay you know and the crazy
thing is I’m like so full for my dim sum and yet I want some how do we give this
some scale max oh I’ve got it here’s my phone how’s
that does that just does that help did i phone 10 put your face next does that
help with the scale ladies and gentlemen oh I know what will help with the scale
the scale let’s weigh this fucker and by the way
we’ve been a little confused on our bleeping lately sometimes we believe
sometimes we leave in fuck we don’t know it’s all good we’re just
having fun here’s the scale it’s at 0-0 so nobody thinks I’m lying and here’s
the oh my god dumb burger I can’t make this up ladies and junk what is that
that’s four point four pounds four point four pound burger and please work with
me little burger please there you go there you go
two and three-quarter pounds or two – 2.2 pounds aside so I say you can feed
eight because these can be cut into quarters probably impossible but and
look at watch a little gentle push to see the juices in there that’s because
we didn’t pack it too tight don’t pack your burgers tight folks we’ll just give
you a dry burger and who wants that look at that the chilies the cheese the
onions tomato that Mac said no – so yes or no – tomatoes I’m doing lettuce
perfect bacon and of course it’s impossible to eat it like that I have to
just cut a smaller quadrant I’ll try and cut a quarter so you can see what this
would look like for eight people oh good cutting is really a two-person job oh no
it’s a one-person job if you got mad cutting skills party burger party burger
all squeezing out come back together baby there we go there we go there we go
now we need a bite Lois at you see me struggling sometimes that’s
because I want to bite of everything all at once that’s the reason I do it
I see people eat things on other show sometimes and it’s a big bite and they
go like this well way to go genius all you got was freaking bun that’s not what
you’re supposed to taste you’re supposed to taste all of it bun cheese tomato
lettuce chillies onions the bacon weave the sauce like this mmm
in any place a small version would be a great burger right and this size
tremendous so what have we learned we’ve learned you can make a four point four
pound burger perfectly remember cooking on the hot side get some searing move it
over to the side and cook it like it’s in an oven the ambient heat will finish
it off use an instant-read thermometer to figure out where you are make a bacon
weave I’m not Republican I’m not a Democrat I’m Canadian this is a culinary
statement it’s not a political statement and you can buy these on the link below
that’s it thanks for subscribing thanks for liking
and commenting and by the way to the person that asked if max and I were
lovers well yes we loved each other like a father loves a son nothing more hey
don’t go yet there’s more great salmon cooking guy episodes you can watch and
don’t forget to subscribe and even check out the description for links to things
we might have used in the show

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