The Best Rolled Eggplant Salad Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

The Best Rolled Eggplant Salad Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Rolled Eggplant Salad Recipe by Heghineh This Rolled Eggplants appetizer is certainly the one you would want to try. Incredibly delicious and very simple to make.

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  1. Looks very delicious. Is it served warm or cold. I plan to make this for new year's eve only if I can cook it in the morning and be ready by the time my guests arrive. On the other hand I worry if the leftover oil on eggplant becomes solid after getting cold.

  2. I enjoy watching your videos,so helpful 🙂 could you please show how to make Armenian beet salad (bazuki salad) ? Thank you in advance

  3. Hegheneh your recipes are great…love watching your videos. Your thorough in the way you explain and demonstrate. Thank you , I look forward to more videos and more recipes…you are AMAZING!!!!

  4. I learned how to cook armenian food from my grandmother, you are such a joy to watch and your food looks amazeing, so glad I found your channel those eggplant rollups look awesome, TY.

  5. Hi, I enjoyed your video very much. I am sick and can't eat fat, is there any other way you can suggest preparing the eggplant that is not fried? Thank you very much.

  6. I make it a lot because my Armenian family loves it but I don't like the eggplant part. Too much work cleaning

  7. You are an awesome chief Heghineh, we are so proud of you, very simple and down to Earth. I would like to request a recipe for best Kavara Koufta recipe if you would please.

  8. it looks delicious, of course anything with egg plant seems and taste delicious. glade u share ur Armenian egg plant roll salad, cause we are making these rolls with ground chicken or beef stuffing. that also taste supper delicious and good for appetizer.

  9. Hi Heghineh! My name is is Andrea and I just discovered your channel last week and can't get enough of it. I moved to Idaho from So Ca a couple of years ago and miss my Armenian friends and the incredible food. I love everything you make and you are just so sweet and cute in front of the camera and I love that you have your kids in the videos. I made this eggplant dish last night and I couldn't stop eating it!!! It's so delicious!! I also teach Ethnic cooking classes and will be incorporating some of your Armenian recipes. Thank you so much!!My family is Italian and we have a rich tradition and love for cooking just like you. Kepp up the good work!!

  10. You are so sweet, I love how you are laughing at your mistakes. The dish looked so pretty and I know it will taste great! Tanya

  11. Hi! It looks delicious!!! I am going to try it. I have one question: is this salad served cold or hot? Thank you.

  12. i think you should stop showing Georgian food as a Armenian food!!! even the Armenian restaurants serve this dish as a Georgian dish;) Google Georgian eggplant roll

  13. I just made them but did not have time to look at your recipe or how you made them. So, mine came out different but OK.

    I egged and breaded the eggplant but did not peel before frying which is kind of just 'automatic' for me for cooking Italian food.

    For filling, I used the Greek yogurt because that's what was in the fridge. To the yogurt, I added a LOT of garlic (which I guess is an Italian 'habit'). I also added some dried mint and dried dill I got at the Armenian store last year. I had no walnuts on hand so did not add those. Other stuff I put in the yogurt was red pepper flakes, crushed pink salt and crushed black pepper. They came out quite delicious (to me who is used to more Italian elements like lots of garlic). But not too sure they were 'legit' Armenian because I took too many liberties.

    As a kid, we used to live right next door to the men's Armenian center in Watertown MA. When we moved, it was right down the street from Eastern Lambjun bakery and I used to buy the lamjuns all the time. But now, too far away from Armenian stores and population.

  14. Please, keep your kids quiet, while you are recording videos. Usually, people watch videos to entertain and distract from stress and all that noise from kids, destroy that porpoise. If you can't control them try to record some other time but it's really disrespectful a chaos like that when people try to learn a relax with a new recipe. Sorry but it's true!
    Thanks for the nice recipes and the effort!

  15. awesome  –  never made anything like this.  I would never have even thought about it.  Looks beautiful too.  Thank you.

  16. I love your lovely channel and the children in this particular episode are adorable. Thank you for sharing and for being a real mom!

  17. Amazing. And I can feel the taste of yoghurt, walnut, and cream…. I will send you now indian version of eggplant salad.

  18. You are so cute everytime you correct yourself saying pomegranate instead of eggplant. By the way, is there any alternative for walnuts? Or i can leave it? I am sure gonna try this. Looks delish!

  19. What a delightful lady to watch and listen to, this look so good, will try it. So happy I found this channel. Thank you!

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