100 thoughts on “The Best Slice of Pizza in LA: Chef’s Night Out with Pizzanista!”

  1. how you gonna fuck up pizza like that. covered in fucking spinach. fuck off. NYC willalways be the USA pizza kingdom

  2. OMG! the guy at the 1:09 mark blows under the pizza as he's putting it in ! that turned me off from going to this place ,it looks great but i don't want no one blowing into my food, maybe a little saliva might get into food.

  3. My friend Omar Doom? He was from don"t give a fuck!!!! This is Chefs night out? Not I bought a place night out?

  4. Of all the food shows ive seen from around the world California is dead last interesting as far as the people go. Given, there are a few old school authentic Californians. Yeah just move out here and become a vacuum! Pile in!

  5. As a Californian, I apologize for these folks. I'll take Frank Pinello over these clowns any day of the week. Such a shame.

  6. It's good that salman think about his future i mean found his other interest which is open his own business instead of stick w skateboarding only..glad his business is success too,who doesn't love pizza?like come on,it's delicious PIZZA.. hahaha 🙂

  7. There restaurant is exactly what I have been searching for.  They are keeping it simple, which is awesome.

  8. I was on the last episode of "The Pizza Show" and this came up in my recommendations. Such an crappy episode in comparison to what I had watched previously.

  9. A bar in LA that serves fancy mixed up drinks and projects cult films on the wall is *kinda no nonsense*….OK.
    What a super interesting woman who grew up on a ranch in Texas if you didnt catch that. Cool group of guys.

  10. Man I live in LA but I still wouldn't want to eat here where people eat pizza with champagne & fork n knives. Seems like a headquarters for douches .ill stick to my pizzaHut .

  11. It was great when it was just food porn, but now, it's food by burnouts. Left and right. I've watched zillions of Munchies vids and one after another, its burnout, drinking people who rise no higher than 'foodage.'

    This is not the apex of culture, this is the decline of rome.

    The Lone Comic TM

  12. at the beginning the chef used the technique of blowing under the pizza dough before putting it in the oven. that is a major health code violation

  13. no one who was born and raised in Los angeles eats this out of state hipster garbage… fuck outta here with this bullshit…

  14. I enjoyed watching your video I don't know what's wrong with all these haters they must be just jealous that's why the world is going to shit

  15. When you can’t hack it in pro skate, and your emo little brother can’t hack in art school, why not succeed and failing in your own pizzaria. At least you have a friend that you “might know from a movie”. Who doesn’t speak the whole time on camera so you can’t claim his IMBD. Here is a piece of paper and some crayons. Get in the corner and draw me and ice cream Sunday pizza and eat the disgusting jelly belly’s and pretend they don’t bother you just to be cool. Cause you are.

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