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[ Machine whirs ] [ Steam hisses ] Welcome to the coffee bar. May I introduce you to four tall impractical roasts? -Whoa!
-Whoa. -[ Laughs ]
-Aha! All right, guys,
you ready for this? -Yes!
-Let’s do it. -I’m super ready. -Very excited. This is my favorite part
of your show. I know you didn’t ask,
but it’s when you B.S. people. Say no more.
Actually, say a lot. You guys are gonna be doing the today. I’ll do the magic. You’re responsible
for explaining it away
with your B.S. Okay. This is great. You guys, to the room.
Joe, you’re up first. -All right, let’s go.
-Good luck, baby. -Joe, let’s go.
-I go here? I’m gonna show you. You’re messing with forces
you don’t understand. I’m the David Copperfield of B.S. Oh, my God.
All right. This is the machine. All right. You’re gonna explain
to everybody what’s going on, and I’m gonna work it. Offer them a sip of coffee. We have double-roasted beans. Double-roasted beans. Yep. And you could do this part if you want. I lay a bag down
on the bottom. You could put one scoop
of beans on top of the bag. Okay. And then we cover it up. And when the light
gets turned on, we just wait for the light
to go off. And when the light goes off — it may happen automatically — we lift. Come on.
Come on! No. Wait a second. No, come on. Joe, I hope you know
what’s going on down there. -Did you see what just happened? -What just happened? I did, and you look like a chicken without a head out there. Get your act together,
please. You’re representing us. Wait a second. What just happened? Okay, the Jokers have just seen how they think
the trick is gonna go. What they aren’t aware of is it will be a little bit
different when they try. I’m gonna figure out
how he does this. I’m gonna figure it out. It’s the real reason
we came on this. We’re gonna expose
this whole thing. You like coffee, right? What kind of coffee is it? -He got her in!
-There he goes. Not single roast,
what you might be used to. This here’s a double-roast process. We put it in this machine. It gets imported in from… Cuba. Cuba. Eastern Cuba. Really? Yeah. And then — Well,
now with the embargo gone… Mm-hmm. …it’s a whole thing there. Don’t ever go to Western Cuba. And you don’t want
your Western Cuban coffee. Just only — Okay. And then, here you go.
And now it’s roasted. And…
-[ Laughs ] Wait, what?! As a bonus — As a bonus, you get
these panties here, as well. [ Laughter ] We just got —
We just got Carbonaro Effect-ed. -What happens is it’s —
-Why do they have those in here? These are —
These can be — The beans soak right through
the lace as a dripping process. And the beans soak
right through the lace. It’s a dripping process —
a double-roast dripping process straight out of Eastern Cuba. “So if you purchase it today…” So if you purchase it today, you get the beans,
and you get the — “And the dripping panties.” And you get
the dripping panties. I’m going to pass.
Thank you. You’re gonna pass? Okay, well… Great presentation, though. Thank you, thank you. Good presentation. Doing well. Yeah, not bad. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you. Good job. Thank you. Thank you.
You got it. And I’m keeping these. [ Laughter ] Well done. You know what’s
really weird, Joe? What’s that?
These are Murr’s? [ Laughter ] Q: It’s a double roast, man. Have you ever heard of it before? It’s a good,
old-fashioned double roast. This — my mother
drinks this. And we just wait
for the light. All day and night,
my mother just drinks this. When the light goes out,
it’s considered double roast. Oh, the light’s off! -Yeah.
-It’s ready. Oh, yeah, here we go.
There we go. Ohh! [Bleep]
-Oh. [ Laughter ] What is that? What is that? Joe: Chinchilla.
It’s a chinchilla. Oh, you got to be
[bleep] me now. Just explain. Uh, explain what? I don’t know what’s… [ Laughs ] So what you’re basically
drinking is chinchilla pee. Yeah,
that’s the secret ingredient. Double, double, double.
Double roasted. -Double roasted, though.
-You really separate the beans from the chinchilla pellets. Yeah, he eats the beans, and he poops them out. No! No! That’s the double-roast process. Where do I throw this out? [ Laughter ] That’s what gives it
that acidity. No, I’m good. Thank you. One shot is enough. Can I touch him? Q, you forgot the purpose. You were supposed to explain
what was going on, and you just fell in love
with a chinchilla. Q: I couldn’t possibly explain anything. You’re throwing a cute,
little animal at me. Oh, my God!

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