The Chef Show | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Chef Show | Official Trailer | Netflix

When we all come together for a meal… you appreciate it cause
it doesn’t happen all the time. Hey, Tom, that looks like
your first oyster right there. That one right there?
That particular one? Now, you just slurp it down. Yep. That’s really good.I used to cook with Roy all the time
when he was training me,
and then the movie came out
and it all ended. It’s like being dumped. It really was, it was like,
“When are we cooking again?” How do you know when that’s done? I’m looking at the cheese.
I’m looking at the bottom. I saw you inChefmaking
that grilled cheese sandwich. That’s why I’m here. That’s crazy. So much of our culture lives in our food.And if you ate something growing up
and you have a taste for it,
you seek it out,
that’s gonna keep that alive.
The food sticks with you.Thank you for having us in your kitchen. By the way,
do you guys curse on this show? ****I guess we just started doing it.

100 thoughts on “The Chef Show | Official Trailer | Netflix”

  1. I thought they were going to make GUYANESE pepper pot. That's a far more interesting dish than this crap.

  2. I just binge watched this show. it’s one of the best cooking shows i’ve ever seen. no pretentiousness, just people hanging out doing what they love to do. Amazing

  3. I always loved another movie of chief but show man this the my 3rd wish after Lucifer 5th season and iron man (tony) never die and then this

  4. oowww so when everyone lately talking about Jon's the chef show, they're talking about this show, I thought they were talking about the chef movie where Jon is also played at XD

  5. I started watching this show just because of the people who make appearances in it, but next thing I knew I've watched 3 episodes and I'm really enjoying this show it's actually very good.

  6. I just want to let you know that this show is amazing. As in it's not an absolute spectacle, you probably won't watch it over and over again, but there's something about it that really draws you in. Definitely worth watching.

  7. I just finished watching this series and I loved it… savouring it like a fine wine. I feel spoiled – all of my favourite people in one series. Awesome!

  8. I just started watching and I cant stop! Why do I like this show soo much!?!?? It just has this vibe that I love

  9. Estou gostando muito de assistir Vocês são os máximos . Obrigada por nos passar essas informações importante. Só me faz crescer culturalmente. Tim🍷Tim Saúde! Vida longa! 1 ABRAÇO queridos.💚💛

  10. What culture lives in your food?? Stupid americans. You don't have any culture nor any food culture. Everything is stolen, just like you stole the land of the natives…

  11. I just wanted to leave a fomment about this show! I absolutely love it!!! It's funny and makes me go and cook up stuff. And i just started watchong the second part. I see you guys been hitting the gym or something. Looking good guys! And keep it coooking! Thanks.

  12. Poor Burnt Kreischer, his boy Bill Burr doing this show when Burnt is back at ATC looking for a guest to do "Something's Burning".

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