The Cicada Chef

The Cicada Chef

(music) Eat a Cicada – You can cook them,
you see. I like Cicadas – I hope they like me (music ends) We have some cicadas here.
There is one nymph and a lot of them that have come out of their shells and I am going
to marinate them in some worchestershire sauce overnight and then tomorrow morning I’m going
to cook ’em up! I hope it works out well. Bon appetit! Worchestershire Sauce. Marinate.
We’ll cover it up. And put it in the refrigerator overnight. Cookin’ cicadas today. I know – that’s
gross. Um. So what we’ve got is a little bit of batter and eggs and flour . Some egg. We’re gonna stir that up. It’s
just regular batter. I’ve got some pots and
pans that I got from the resale store because my wife said, “You’re not cooking cicadas
in our dishes!” So, I’m not. Yesterday I went to Glen Ellyn and I found some cidadas. I
didn’t find all of them in the shell . Most of them had already come out. This is a cicada
that is still in the shell. What I’ve got here is a whole bunch of them for cooking.
The camera operator talking – That’s my wife Cassie. You can’t see her. She’s the one that
doesn’t want to do this. Mix em up in the batter and pull them out and saute them. The
recipe called for butter and stuff. I’m going to cook them in some olive oil in the pan
here. Yes. I really am going to eat some of these. I know – that’s disgusting, right?
They’re really high in protein. Where’s the one in the shell? Hear that? That’s some good
cicada cookin’! Now, I’ve heard that they taste like almonds, or potatoes. I have not
ever tasted a cicada at all. There’s the one in the shell. (sizzle sounds) I’m gonna get
a lid for that. Mmmmm MMMMM It kind of smells like, um, worchestershire sauce. Some people
say that they’re kind of like shrimp. I don’t expect them to be a lot like shrimp. I expect
them not to taste too good. But this is an adventure that you only get to do every 17
years. So. Gently sauted. If you had smell-o-vision you would smell that this smells like (fire
alarm beep begins) Fire. Apparently I have set off the fire alarm . I’ll go take care
of that real quick. This is the one. The one that you can see over there? That is our ( fire
alarm beep again) … There goes the fire alarm again . . . That is the one that I’m
really going to eat. OK. No more fire. And this is a sauted, battered, deep fried cicada.
Are you ready for this? Not bad. you should try it yourself. (music) Goodbye cicadas – for
17 years We’ll miss you cicadas we all hold you dear. Magicicadas – I hope you’ll agree
that I like cicadas I hope they like me. I like cicadas I like cicadas I like cicadas.
I like cicadas I like cicadas I like cicadas

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  1. hmm how does it taste the cicada will come to chicago next week and im scared to pick them up and cook them what should i do should i try one and make one. it looks creepy

  2. I don't think cicada eating is for everyone — if you think it would be fun try it — otherwise, live vicariously through the video!

  3. Pretty much like whatever you cooked them in. I'd say it felt like a bug (legs and abdomen espeically) but tasted like batter fried something with a worchestershire flavor.

  4. Hi Aaron! I've never done anything but shoot video of a praying mantis eating a cicada or preparing cicadas for a snack! Everyone's doing fine here — Not too much enthusiasm about a cicada brunch, though the boys each ate one!

  5. What? And lose all that flavor from the "insides"? I've got some links to 13 and 17 year cicada broods on my blog. I don't have any experience with the magic of prime numbers, however 🙂

  6. glen ellyn, nice, im from downers grove. eating cicadas are gross…id only do such a thing if survival depended on it =]

  7. I wonder if THIS is what the Israeli nation ate while wandering in the desert all those years?

    Lessee — 40 years, divided by the 17-year Cicada cycle — they must have FEASTED at least twice!

  8. No cicadas at all in Somonauk — Warrenville either, for that matter. I've had to collect them in Glen Ellyn.

  9. Directions: Marinate cicadas, alive in a sealed container, in Worcestershire sauce for several hours.* Dip them, in beaten egg, roll them in the seasoned flour and then gently sautee them until they are golden brown.

    Yield: 4 main dish servings

    *this step may be skipped and you may go directly to the egg step instead.

  10. Soft-Shelled Cicadas

    1 cup Worcestershire sauce
    60 freshly emerged 17 year cicadas
    4 eggs, beaten
    3 cups flour Salt and pepper to season flour
    1 cup corn oil or slightly salted butter

  11. give the guy 5 bucks to go get a whopper and a coke….calories and all…..and I thought I wasted my time….

  12. Sort of like peas and sort of like deep-fried shrimp without the shrimp flavor 🙂 Mostly it was like eating a bug.

  13. Alas — I only ate them because it seemed like a strange thing to do — something I'd rememer and be able to tell my grandkids!

  14. "Many cicadas were harmed in the production of this program". ROTFLMAO! Those are small compared to the ones I saw in Korea. No, I didn't cook up any! LOL!

  15. Don't use non-stick pans over too high of a flame. It does release a gas which can cause flu-like symptoms for some time. And generally not the greatest for your health. I will admit I have eaten some rather odd foods in my life but I will leave the cicadas to you.

  16. I waited 17 years for them to be in my area. I guess I could travel around the US to the different places they emerge, but I'll probably wait until 2024 for them to come back here in Northern Illinois.

  17. Is there anyway I could get your permission to use this song? And if you will let me use it, could you please email me the mp3?

  18. @PantyMython Hey — what are you interested in using the song for? If you just want to make a fun video for youtube etc, you can just buy the theme on iTunes or Amazonmp3 and then use it. (That way I get a tiny bit of $ for the song) If you're doing a commercial project, you should contact me for a licensing agreement.

  19. @revkirk I'm just going to make a video for my YouTube channel. We have a lot of cicadas where I live now. I will purchase the song on itunes. I'm not sure if I could use it on my channel without the licensing because I'm a Youtube partner and I'll have adsense running on the video. I will definitely download the song on iTunes right now though.

  20. You should put your full iTunes and amazon links on your video descriptions, because people are too lazy to search unless they really really really really really really want it. lol. Thanks RevKirk!

  21. @revkirk Dude I was just wondering how they taste cuz my dog just ate like 4 of them… I was funny as fuck.

  22. Cicadas are coming up the northeast!! Get your frying pan ready for those who live by the eastern coast line.

  23. Facet co ty robisz? Piszesz jakieś słowa po angielsku, a ja znam tylko język polski. POLSKA <3 peace yo 😉

  24. That's the kind of go-getter attitude we need in cicada chef-ery. Welcome to the big leagues, ninja.

  25. Yeah — though the ground temps don't always match the air. Hopefully soon. They're really hopping in mid south part of the eastern seaboard, not so much in Conn, NY and the like yet.

  26. they are either coming this year or next year. West PA. It was either 1999 or 2000 the last time they were swarming

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