The Coffee Factory: How It’s Made. Blending and Roasting (Espresso and Lebanese Coffee)

One for me and one for you let’s enter coffee from a bag to a package how it’s made, a tour in the coffee factory I started to smell the coffee the first step is receiving the green coffee beans as you can see, here next to me we have coffee from Brazil we import coffee from 10 different countries from Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Indonesia it’s amazing, the smell is great to have a good espresso the mix of the coffee should have 7 to 13 coffee origins from all over the world this workshop is amazing, it’s perfect we get the old machines that are in the shops we fix and upgrade them before sending them back to shops, for the machines to be in a perfect condition the coffee from the bag gets mixed … the coffee from the bag gets cleaned, mixed and roasted or it’s grinned and filled in the package let’s go and see the whole process the first step is cleaning the second step in roasting after roasting the coffee the coffee is grinned, then we put it in special tanks to rest and later on we send it to the packaging machines even the coffee shell is not thrown away nor we burn it we send it to the farmers to use it as natural fertilizers I discovered today that not any kind of coffee is used for espresso coffee or the Lebanese coffee each one need a a specific mix it has a specific grinding, roasting and many more I really liked the taste of your espresso because it has a bit of the Lebanese and Italian taste it has a very nice blend this was our goal you’re continuing the work that has been for more than 60 years true my father started it in the year 1956 and we’re continuing the work that he wanted this factory was built in my father’s days and as you can see it’s being equipped and upgraded and of course we’re still taking care of the old factory that was our base and the rock that this factory was built on this coffee is imported from all over the world it’s brought to Lebanon and they work with it proudly Lebanese, made in Lebanon the coffee from the bag to the cup thank you for having us here next time we’ll meet in the Lebanese food factories all over Lebanon the best country in the world to show you how good is the production here and what can a Lebanese do I like this invention a bag with hot water inside and you have a filtered coffee you take this with you to work and you will drink a great coffee alright

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