100 thoughts on “The Dream Meal: Foie Gras, Brined Pork, and Churros”

  1. Yo! The Chef's Night Out series was nominated for a Streamy award. WTHyeah!
    Get your fan vote in at this link and get this series some mad respect!


  2. Its funny how people always put labels on other people that they dont even know. I feel like everybody hating on "hipsters" are just mad they dont have anything interesting going on in their lives so they use the term "hipsters" to talk down about other people. By the way wtf is a hipster again anyway? Someone with a sense of creativity? Someone with a of unique fashion style? Someone who thinks outside the box? Someone who lives Downtown Brooklyn? Im confused….

  3. Not that their food doesn't look fantastic but really these guys are insufferable. I would certainly hesitate to visit any of their establishments.

  4. I don't know what part of Japan that he is talking about that doesn't make fresh Ramen noodles, but for a person like me that was raise in Japan since age two, there are 100's of locations in difference cities in Japan that do make fresh noodles, Soba. My second parent's restaurant in Osaka does daily.  

  5. Hahah I got linked to this video right after the Michelada cowboy dude. Man what a bunch of whiny bitches… from the first second. 

  6. hahahaha i love how people just assume that cooks/chef are mostly hipster. You people are allowed a window to one or two days of the persons life and automatically categorize them. 

  7. I always think people with tattoos are proletarians, but chefs are the only people who can bear them for some reason. Idk why but it just works.

  8. if you're using such a sick knife, traditional french back and fourth slicing isn't needed. Try using that long blade, in one long, well thought out slice. I think you'll find a much cleaner line for presentation, some say it even effects the flavor. Nice spread. big ups to what you guys are doing. delicious

  9. I see a lot of GORGEOUS CANADIAN WOMEN… My question is…. Where are the Sweet drunken Chicks from Winnepeg, EH ??? Why are you hiding them?? Sweet drunken Chicks from Winnepeg are STILL CANADIAN EH.. YA HOSERS,,,

  10. It is just hilarious how chefs get tattoos now, just a following of them, they are such followers, and they are the gayest tattoos ever, of swallows and hearts and pieces of chicken.

  11. lets all get along and just enjoy watching the crazy flavors and creations of food. it's amazing. there are tons of people with posh personalities, but so what. theyre not spitting on the homeless or acting like bigots.

  12. Shitty restaurant. White people food. Charge an arm and a leg for 2 blades of grass. Who gives a flying fuck what you grow or that you butchered the meat yourself? Feed me bitch, I'm hungry. I bet that 3 chin fat bitch doesn't eat like that? Oh yeah, And those 2 guys talking about Phil Collins are faggots!

  13. Why does that one dude even bother wearing a button up shirt might as well wear nothing…..
    The dudee got like every button undone throughout the video until near the end it's completely open what a fucking loser grimy long curlyish hair and hipster thin beard dudes a joke…… I mean Jesus Christ can that dude be anymore of a tool??

  14. All I see are 3 friends that work well together. Hate on them if you want, but they're still in business and working together fine. It's funny how many people in the comments clearly don't know the industry.

  15. where do u find these "Canadians". I'm Canadian and this does not represent us at all…..Also that "eh" was so fucking forced lol

  16. oh my god the chef , he cant be cool – tries his level best to be but it keeps protruding from inside that he is not

  17. not a vegetarian here..but foie gras is disgusting and so is anyone who eats it..this is animal cruelty to the next level..if we change it's name to diseased liver instead of foie gras maybe people will stop.

  18. I have already watched all of the episodes of f#ck that's delicious so I was craving more fun food related shows these definitely do it for me

  19. Everyone is asking are they hipsters but ignoring the fact that papi’s buttons on his shirt was going to bust at any moment

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