The EASIEST No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe

The EASIEST No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe

– Hey guys! So today’s recipe is being dedicated to one of my subscribers, Byron Chandler. Hi, Byron! Byron, you’ve been so patient with me asking me for my triple
berry cheesecake recipe, and today is the day. So I decided to share with you one of my easiest cheesecake recipes because this one involves a filling that you don’t actually have to bake. And this is perfect in the summertime when we don’t want to heat
up our ovens too much. So the only thing you
have to bake is the crust, and it only takes about
six to seven minutes. Let me show you how easy this beautiful cheesecake comes together. So to make our crust, we’re gonna make this
really quick and easy and we are going to use
pre-ground graham cracker crumbs. This is something that
I recently discovered at the supermarket. I know, there might be
people out there laughing, thinking, “Beth, things
have been around for years.” But I just discovered it and it saves a ton of time because you don’t have to
whip out the food processor to actually grind up your graham crackers. So we’re gonna measure out two cups. Now if you don’t have access
to graham cracker crumbs, you really could use any
kind of cookie crumb. Outside of the United States, a lot of people say digestive biscuits. I’m not actually sure what those are, but they sound lovely. Anyway, you might give those a try. Then to that we’re gonna add two teaspoons of sugar and a little pinch of salt. So you can go ahead and
whisk that up with a fork and then we’re gonna add six tablespoons of melted butter. And the idea is you want to create a crumb that sticks together. So it’ll look sort of like damp sand. We’re gonna transfer this
into a springform pan. These are the pans that have the ring that you can actually release. And this is helpful when it comes time to take the cheesecake out. And so you’re gonna take all those crumbs and put them in the bottom and just give your tin
a little bit of a shake to make sure that they’re
all sort of level and even. And then go in with your hand and using a little fist-bump motion, you’re gonna wanna ride
up the side of the tin. This is going to create the crust. And you wanna go about two inches. So just go ahead fist-bumping your way all the way around the ring. And then once you get to that stage, you then want to go in and with your hand, pat down the bottom of the pan to make sure there’s enough crumb there. And then the final step is to take a measuring cup and just press it against the corners and that will get those
corners really tight. And then you can do the
same thing on the bottom, just patting down the crumb on the bottom of your tin. And then it’s ready for the oven. So then we are going to bake this at 375 for anywhere from six to seven minutes. You’ll know that it’s done when it starts to turn
golden brown and fragrant. And meanwhile, we can
make our no-bake filling which is so easy to do. So in an electric mixer, we are going to add 16 ounces
of softened cream cheese. And then we’re gonna add
one cup of powdered sugar. And you wanna combine the
cream cheese with the sugar just until everything is nicely mixed. And then we’re gonna add one
teaspoon of vanilla extract. And you can beat that up. And then we are gonna take this mixture and place it in a large bowl. And you don’t even have to
wash out your mixing bowl. This is what makes this so easy. So we are gonna keep that mixing bowl and to it we’re gonna add two cups of heavy cream, a half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and one tablespoon of powdered sugar. So we wanna whip this up just until we get some nice, soft peaks. And then we’re gonna add back
the cream cheese mixture. And we’re gonna beat that up just until everything
is nice and combined. So then we’re gonna transfer
this into our cooled crust. And then, at this point it is helpful to have a nice little offset spatula. Just to kind of press
that cream cheese mixture down into your tin. And give it some nice
decorative swirls on top. And then you’re going to
cover it with some foil and pop it in the fridge. Now you do wanna let this set up for probably two hours or so, or overnight if you have it. Just so that when you go to cut into it, you get nice cake wedges and that it doesn’t sort
of spill out everywhere. Okay, so for my triple berries, I’m gonna use some fresh raspberries, some blackberries and
some fresh strawberries. I do like to use smaller strawberries and keep the little green parts on and slice them in half. That spots of green just
adds a really beautiful, almost garden-fresh
quality to this cheesecake. And Byron, because you’re
such a loyal subscriber, I have to add one more berry to the mix. So consider this the
triple berry bonus berry. I am gonna add some blueberries because they’re my favorite berry. And really there’s not a lot
of precision with this process. You can just pile those berries high, any which way. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What I love about this cake is the sort of beautiful,
rustic quality it has. So the more loosey-goosey, the better. You will see, you will have
one beautiful, summery dessert on your hands. You’ve got that crunch
of the graham cracker and that creamy decadence of
the cream cheese underneath, and of course mixed with that
tartness of the fresh berries. It is such a great flavor combination. And so easy too. It took hardly any time to put together. Byron, I hope you enjoy this quadruple cheesecake
recipe and give it a try. But most importantly, thank you so much for all of your support. It means so much to us YouTubers. None of these channels would go anywhere if it wasn’t for the supportive community that we have come to know week after week. So thank you. Alright you guys. I’ll see you back here next week and if anybody else has any more requests, please let me know. I’d love to hear ’em. Bye. (upbeat music)

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