The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master | Sacred Wonders – BBC

The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master | Sacred Wonders – BBC

Kung Fu. The Shaolin Temple became world
famous as the home of Kung Fu after being discovered
by Hollywood 50 years ago. 400 monks live and study here. 100 of those are warrior monks. For these student monks, Kung Fu is not just a martial art. It’s a spiritual practice. In two days, Shu Yandian
will face a test to qualify as a full warrior monk. Mastering Kung Fu to the level
expected at the Shaolin Temple takes years of dedication. Yandian will have to prove himself
before a panel of senior monks in both Kung Fu
and Buddhist teachings. If he fails his test, it’ll be three
years before he can try again. Senior monk Yanseng
is Yandian’s mentor. It’s thought Kung Fu was developed
by the early Chinese monks as a way to stay fit enough
for hours of seated meditation. In the past, Shaolin
warrior monks used their skills to protect their monasteries
and villages. But today, its perfection
is a mark of faith. Each monk chooses a specialism. Yandian has been practising
with the monkey stick for 11 years. But there’s one move
he struggles with. Monkey going up the tree. One of the most difficult
in all Kung Fu. Yandian must place both feet
on the stick… ..let go with his hands, and catch the stick
before it hits the ground. Strength, balance, and total
concentration are essential. At his test in two days’ time, he will need to perform
this routine perfectly. But Yandian will not just be
assessed on his Kung Fu. He must also recite a passage
of Buddhist scripture… ..from memory. The examiners could choose any
passage from this book of mantras. So Yandian needs to learn
all 200 pages off by heart. It’s judgment day. The Shaolin Temple is one
of the country’s most important examination centres
for aspiring monks. Apprentices are arriving
from all over China, hoping that this will be
the year they qualify. First, Yandian’s Kung Fu assessment. The Abbott who’s head of the temple will be judging him,
along with three senior monks. Yanseng can only watch
from the sidelines. 11 years of gruelling training
have come to this moment. His examiners have
the very highest standards. Movement must be matched
by stillness. So far, so good. But next, the technique
Yandian fears the most – monkey going up the tree. Flawless. Yandian has excelled at his Kung Fu. But his success
will count for nothing if he now fails the scripture test. The selection panel
asks each trainee to recite from the book of mantras. The monks are trained
to show no emotion… ..even in the face of failure. It’s finally Yandian’s turn. If he succeeds, he will become a full monk. HE RECITES THE SCRIPTURE Fail, and it’s another
three year wait to try again. He’s made the grade. Yandian will now become
a full Shaolin warrior monk. He will spend the rest of his life
training, studying and meditating on his road
to enlightenment.

100 thoughts on “The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master | Sacred Wonders – BBC”

  1. 7:19 thats the easiest mantra for me how can he forgot? (I knew he didnt… but he just chanted some of them not all i knew all of it)
    Im just a normal buddhist this is the basic mantra i learned when im in kindergarten my mom taught me that

  2. Monks are trained with internal and external strength . It's the same like Bruce Lee's one inch punch. Once hit on the opponents, it can be deadly to the internal organs . Their legs and hands are strong like steel and can be used like weapons .

  3. Totally fake video. Watch the Ranton channel in which a real ex-monk discusses this. All this BBC stuff is staged. Fake media!

  4. BBC was like, fail and it'll be another 3 years, every 3 seconds. That was making me more nervous than the actual performance, bro seemed to have it down

  5. First of all shaolin monks do not have personal trainers, and if they did they wouldn't be talking about how their feelings are holding them down.

  6. kung fu was created by the monks to protect the temples. techniques like iron fist were created to punch through the wooden armor of soldiers.

  7. 200 pages ?? Will this have great effect in his life if he could memories these pages ? Will this grant him money and power ? 🙊😄😀😡😠

  8. how hard was he slapped at the back of his head, my man's rear of the skull looks like the back side of an omelette lmao.

  9. This young monk must either from very rich or poor family that he can spent 10 yr to focus his own favorite Kung Fu without going to the city or even some poor Taiwanese go abroad to find a wage chore to sustain the life.
    This is the most happiness of time in human life that he live in the moment to focus how he can improve his monkey skills in Kung Fu. ……STF…..

  10. This isn’t what actually happens but Ik most people who watch this are uneducated😂this is for entertainment most of it is scripted

  11. "After being discovered by Hollywood 50 years ago" …. yeah…. define "discovered"

    If it was truly sacred, we'd leave them alone.

    Click on that link and once you land on the page, click where it says "i am not a robot" and then you redirected to the you Tube video/things that shows YOU..

  13. Lol guy you killed that demonstation when it mattered most people have 0 clue how difficult that really was, great stuff!

  14. The memory thing is nothing compared to how Muslim kids memorise the entire Quran and recite it all at once in Ramadan prayers.

    More than 600 pages.

  15. Turns out this is scripted and untrue. A member of the Shaolin temple posted a video on it and described how so much of it is false. Very disappointing that BBC, which has an obligation to report the world to us, would knowingly commit so much deception.

  16. 还是表演成分居多,始终是忘了初心。电影里的少林功夫只是演技+特效,现实是在这个和平的时代里,功夫已经没落了。

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