The Fault In Our Stars Cake Ice Cream Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

The Fault In Our Stars Cake Ice Cream Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
Today after 100’s of requests, I’ve heard you, we are going to make a Fault in Our Stars
cake. And this one is an ice cream cake and the great thing about that is you can make
it up to a month ahead and keep it in the freezer so there’s no stress right before
your party. The first thing we are going to do is make
a soft ganache, to do that melt together you cream and chocolate, you can do that in a
microwave or over a double boiler. I am using a mix of milk and dark chocolate
which is how I like my ganache. For all the recipe quantities go to this weeks recipe
blog post on there is a link in the description just below this video. Keep stirring it until is is silky smooth.
Then place that in a plastic bag, seal it and spread the ganache out so that it will
cool down quickly. To make this even more delicious choose 6
of your favourite chocolate bars and chop them into small pieces. I am using mars, boost
and caramello. I know you get different chocolate bars all over the world so you choose what
you have where you are. I must confess I haven’t seen the Fault in
Our Stars movie, I think it would make me cry too much.
Both of my husbands parents died from cancer. And one of my immediate family members has
just gone through surgery and chemo this year, but they’re doing really well but I just don’t
want to put myself through that movie right now. If you have chosen sticky caramel chocolates,
pull the pieces apart so you don’t just have one big blob. And what do you think did you cry when you
read the book? Did you cry when you went to the movie? It’s pretty sad. Anyway next we of course want some ice cream,
you can make your won or you can just buy a big tub but we are going to need it to be
softened. You can leave it out for hours or microwave on high for 30 seconds. Take out
all the softened bits and then microwave it again. We don’t want it completely liquid
and melted we just want it softened. Once you have 3/4 of the ice cream your bowl
then add you chocolates and stir them through well. Now take a container the shape you want your
ice cream cake to be, round and tall looks best and then pour it all in. Grab the ganache that we made earlier, cut
the corner off the bag and squirt some in. Use a spatula to gently fold it through, if
you over-mix it here you’ll get chocolate ice-cream which is not what we’re after you
want streaks of ganache in your slices. Add some more ganache then add some extra
ice cream on top and fold it through. Adding this extra ice-cream helps keep the cake softer
so it is going to be easier to cut at the end. Repeat that adding enough ice-cream to get
it right to the top. If you want to here you can add brownie or cake base, but I am opting
to keep it all ice cream. Smooth the base off and then put that in the freezer to firm
up for at least 4 hours, overnight would be ideal. While it is in the freezer we can make the
decoration to go on top. You’ll need to print out the book cover and
cut out the clouds. If you go to this weeks recipe blog post I’ve actually put a pdf in
the size I am using here so you can print it out from there.
To make our clouds roll out some black fondant and cut around the template. As always i suggest
you buy black fondant rather than trying to make it so you don’t end up with grey. Now for the white cut around the cloud shape
but don’t cut the top the exact shape cut it like it out like it’s a full cloud. And did you know that the Fault in our Stars
author John Green is actually youtuber? He runs the youtube channel vlogbrothers with
his brother Hank. “OK Hank I just did all of those press interviews
and now I’m going to the movie, look, look, look, look that’s the movie. The reviews have
been amazing and according to rotten tomatoes 93% of people who’ve seen it liked it so just
real quickly. Yeeeeehsss”. The two of them are also behind a bunch of
other youtube channels and they also started vidcon these guys are busy. Now mark just above where the cloud edge is
so you’ve got a guide to where it has to go. Then add the black could back on top. For the words put some black and white fondant
into two bowls and mix each with a little bit of water, now you are not going to need
much here. But you do need to squash it down using the
back of the spoon and keep doing that so that you can get the fondant to mix with the water
and get out all the lumps, because you need it totally smooth for piping. Place it into a plastic bag and push it all
into one corner and twist the top so it doesn’t spill out. Then cut off a tiny corner and
check you can pipe a nice line like this. Then starting with the white pipe on the question
mark. “It’s a good life Hazel Grace, okay?”
“Okay” [music]
Then the Y, A, K and of course O. And then repeat that without the question
mark in the black onto the white cloud. Now just leave that uncovered at room temperature
to firm up. Fill you sink with hot tap water and place
your ice cream container into it. We just want to melt a small layer on the outside
so that we can get it out of the container. Place some foil on the bench to make it easier
to clean up the mess and tip over your container. You are going to need to use a knife to create
a small channel on one side so the air can get in, otherwise you’ve got a vacuum and
you won’t be able to get it out. Let the melted ice cream drip off the sides
and then transfer it onto your serving plate and put it back in the freezer to firm up
that outside layer again that will take at least an hour. Now to make our tifios blue whip together
your cream and blue food colouring. You can also add a little icing sugar to sweeten it
if you like. Things taste less sweet when they are frozen so keep that in mind and make
it a little sweeter than you’re after. You don’t want to over-whip your cream if
you do it will start to turn to butter and go lumpy, so whip it until it is just soft
but holds its shape. Pile 3/4 of the cream on top and then spread
it so it goes over the sides and then smooth it around the sides. You need to work as quickly
as you can here obviously or your ice cream is going to melt. And then place the ice cream
back into the freezer for an hour or so, so that that layer can firm up and put the remaining
cream in the fridge. It doesn’t matter if it not exactly perfect
at this stage because we are going to add the extra cream and smooth it in a minute.
Now that’s firm on the outside we can spread some of the extra cream like I said over the
top and get a nice smooth cake shape. I am using an icing comb to put a pattern
around the edge of the cake, and you do that just by placing it on the side, resting it
on the base of the plate and spinning the plate around. If you don’t have one you can
just use a knife to put a pattern or leave it smooth it is up to you. Take the rest of your cream and put it into
a piping bag fitted with a star shaped tip and pipe around the edge. Just squeeze, stop
and pull up, squeeze, stop and pull up and keep that going the whole way around. Repeat that around the top edge too so you
have a nice defined circle. Then you guessed it put it back in the freezer
to firm up again. On party day take the cake out of the freezer,
peel the non-stick baking paper off the back of the fondant and place your logo on the
top of the ice-cream cake in the middle. If you are making your ice cream cakes ahead
of time then make sure once the cream has firmed up that you double coat it in plastic
wrap so that it doesn’t dry out. To cut an ice-cream cake you will need two
sharp knives and a jug of hot water, and you have the two so you can swap one into the
hot water while you are cutting with the other. Cut out a slice and then serve it up. You
get the ice-cream mixed with these really nice chunks of chocolate ganache and chocolate
bars mixed all through it, it’s very rich and decadent. If you haven’t already make sure you subscribe
to how to cook that for more cakes, chocolate and desserts. Put all your requests in the
comments below and don’t forget to thumbs up and share.
Have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday. [music: The Boat Song by
used with permission]

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