The Four Causes of Biblical Divorce by Dr David Instone-Brewer in Playmobil

The Four Causes of Biblical Divorce by Dr David Instone-Brewer in Playmobil

hi I’m David insulin Brewer I’m a senior researcher at in the house let me tell you a bit about my exciting biblical research and divorce in the cases of marital abuse let’s start with the Old Testament divorces in Jewish law were governed by two scriptures the first was given by God to Moses in Deuteronomy 24:1 when a man takes a wife and marries her if then she finds no favor in his eyes because he has found a cause of sexual immorality he writes her a certificate of divorce and puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house the phrase a cause of sexual immorality was interpreted to mean adultery and this first allowed the victim of adultery the right to be free of the marriage the second verse in the Old Testament allowed divorce for neglect and abuse this was based on a law that actually governed the treatment of servants given by God to Moses in Exodus 21 10 to 11 if a man sells his daughter as a servant and if her master favors her for his son the master must grant her the rights of a daughter if the son then marries an additional wife he must not deprive the first wife of her food clothing and love if the husband does not provide her with these three things she is to go free this verse in Exodus meant that the first wife could be free from her marriage and divorce him if he neglected her in these three areas people in the Old Testament figured that if God thought that a lowly ex servant had this writer divorce then any neglected wife or husband had this right also abusive situations were covered by these laws because physical and emotional abuse were extreme forms of neglect these three grounds for divorce were listed in Jewish marriage certificates and they formed the basis of the marriage vows although God allowed multi wife marriages under Moses this ended when Jesus told us one wife marriage was what God had envisioned in the beginning when he Adam and Eve in matthew 19:4 but these four rights of a spouse to faithfulness food clothing a love in marriage were established and remain the same today in these Jewish vows the husband and wife promised to feed clothes and exchanged conjugal love with each other the husband did this by ploughing and shepherding to provide his wife with food and cloth and the wife did this by cooking the food and sewing the cloth for the family they both agreed to share conjugal love now let’s look at the New Testament we first need to understand an adaptation to Jewish law that occurred about the time of Jesus birth a new type of divorce called the any cause divorce broke away from these four causes of divorce in the Old Testament and became a common place in Jewish society how was this new form of divorce created remember how God allowed divorce for a cause of sexual immorality in the verse in Deuteronomy as we saw the whole phrase had originally meant nothing but adultery now a legal loophole was created by some lawyers who divided up the phrase into two separate grounds for divorce first sexual immorality which they still interpreted as adultery and second a cause which they interpreted as any cause and any cause divorce means I can divorce my wife and I don’t have to prove she’s broken her vows by unfaithfulness neglect or abuse she only need burn my cooking and I’m permitted to divorce her is it lawful to divorce one’s wife or any cause Jesus was actually asked this question about the legality of any cause divorces which changed the meaning of the verse in Deuteronomy was this adaptation to the verse lawful Jesus said whoever divorces his wife except for sexual immorality and marries another commits adultery Jesus reply said that the verse in Deuteronomy could not be split up into two grounds for divorce this first mentions only one divorce for unfaithfulness this along with the grounds of neglect and abuse in Exodus were the only grounds God mentioned Jesus told them that divorces that use the any caused misinterpretation were invalid and they were committing adultery if they used it and remarried note that Jesus was not restricting all grounds for divorce to adultery only he was correcting the loophole that was created using the verse in Deuteronomy the grounds in Exodus food clothing and love were already accepted by all first century Jews and were not in question the Apostle Paul mentions these three extra sessions when he writes to remind the committee uns they owed their spouses with physical love that’s in 1st Corinthians 7 3 to 5 and material support in verses 33 to 34 in fact the traditional marriage vows will you love nourish and cherish her are based on the grounds of divorce mentioned in Exodus love food and clothing and they’re quoted by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5 where Christ loves nourishes and cherishes or more literally in Greek loves feeds and keeps warm his bride the church a bride and groom promised the same to each other when any one of these vows are repeatedly broken divorce and remarriage becomes an option to the victim so the key points are first the for marriage vows of sexual faithfulness food clothing and love are based on the four biblical grounds for divorce second unfaithfulness neglect or abuse in both old and new testaments gave the victim the option of divorce and remarriage third Jesus out Lords the nationwide any cause divorce which was effectively a no-fault divorce because it allowed divorce without the breaking of vows and fourth Paul mentions these marriage obligations and tells Christian spouses not to defraud each other by withholding their marital dues that’s just for starters you might be surprised to learn that God Himself is a reluctant divorcee in Jeremiah 3:8

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  1. A great video. This is a difficult topic to approach, but I appreciate its balance of Biblical content and light-hearted format. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this. There are so many that try to say domestic violence is not grounds for divorce. And like you said, God even was divorced.

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