The Funniest Reddit Roasts Compilation

The Funniest Reddit Roasts Compilation

Just looking at this photo gave me my virginity back. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its not over I don’t know what’s worse. the fact you have a trains magazine or that your heads shaped like a trapezoid. Oh shit! I think I almost broke my light. How’s it going guys and welcome back to Reaction Time today where going to be reading some of the funniest, reddit roasts. These photos are a complication of people getting roasted on reddit. but don’t feel bad these people wanted to get roasted, they literally hold up a sign that says roast me. So if you want to get roast where going to be reading some of the roasts, that were handed to them. It’s gonna burn, it’s not gonna feel very nice. But without further-ado let’s jump right into it. This guy smiling says roast me reddit, roast me! fine sex offender arrested on school bus after going access by pretending to be joey atone when you porously become a super senior just to talk to high school girls but still get no pussy hahahaha You can’t do this to him. He looks like such a nice guy Just leave him alone You wanted it. if he wanted it your going to get it buddy look at the girl in the back she’s liturly laughing at him i didn’t know Sid from toy story made it to high school congrats no no no no we can’t do this to him this guy looks exactly like sid these people are going to be s, these guys are just complete savages alright, we’re good. You look like you accidently saw your moms boobs as a toddler and just now emerged from your locked room after a ten year masturbation marathon. Hahahaa! nooo… WOOOOO!!! Wooo!! Boom Shakalaka! You look like your parent keep you drowsy on Benadryl at least asleep they can pretend you never happened. he’s so sad…

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  1. I cant be the only one who thought at 3:45 that he couldn't get the leftovers, because she already ate them 😅

  2. Omg, at 4:10 the cheerleader girl is wearing a uniform that looks exactly like the cheer uniforms in my middle school! Same mascot, colors, and design XD I should know, I had to wear a cheer uniform for a play in theater TwT

  3. For the third picture I have a roast : I don't know what's worse the fact that ur hair is string cheese or that the paper ur holding blends in with ur skin perfectly

  4. when tal sings it sounds like a donkey with a dry sponge down it's throat while he has a sore throat. ROASTED!!!!!!!

  5. you want us to roast you, get ready.

    why do you look like you just got punched in the forehead with a razor?your hairline is so crooked you might as well be the crooked man in a crooked house with the crooked cat.(sizzle)

  6. My cousin always make cringy musically's so .. one time my cousin said ur childish
    then i said have you seen your musically's

  7. Best roast ever.

    Boy: how much do u love me?

    Girl: look up at the stars and count them. That's how much I love u

    Boy: but it is daytime…

    Girl: EXACTLY

  8. You're like a virus with no perfection trying to be cool just making your self a fool this this the last time you will have affection in your stupid world of infection. How about that 😏

  9. I think the last one girl was wearing my middle school cheerleader uniform cause my game uniform was with that knight wore on it…………PS IS201

  10. One time this boy kept saying he was all big and bad and that everyone was scared of him.
    I went up to him when he was saying that and was like "The only thing you scare is the mirror." And walked away.
    He now hates me. 🙂
    Mission Accomplished!

  11. Teacher : Can you see god??
    Students: No
    Teacher: Can you touch god??
    Students: No
    Teacher: Then there is no god

    Student raises up his hand

    Student: Sir, Can you see your brain
    Teacher: No
    Student: Can you touch your brain
    Teacher: No
    Student: guess what?? You have not brain

  12. This is to u tal but dont take it srlsy

    Guys don’t hate…

    This Guy had some rough times too…

    His mother obviously failed to have an

  13. It looks like your grandma pinched your nose too much as a kid and it just naturally formed into that shape over time

    That was bad 🤣🤣🤣 (nah no disrespect I love the content)

  14. This guys hair looks like a McDonald's drink carrier. He got woman lips and his eyebrows go lower than his ears.

  15. I'm going to try to roast you: Wow. Nobody realised you're so skinny that somebody nearly thought you were a walking chip!
    That was just a false fact, you are beautiful the way you are. You look fantastic, please keep it up!

  16. 4:21 where did your girlfriend go I thought y'all were gonna have another round until she went to the docter and fixed her vision but lost it again when you asked for another round

  17. My friend name is oscar I told my friend your oscar from Cookie Monster because he's writing is so mess up

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