The Games Begin: Roasting, Game Play & More! Ep. 2 | Minecraft City Champs

The Games Begin: Roasting, Game Play & More! Ep. 2 | Minecraft City Champs

On the last episode… I’m not carrying my team to victory,
I’m leading my team to victory. Oh my God! You broke my king! Ella’s determined that New York
is gonna take it this year. I won, I was the MVP,
the best in the nation. [yelling] I’d say to the opposing teams,
watch out, we’re pretty good. Minecraft City Champs is
a National Gaming League based on a five week season. Over the course of the tournament, the teams will play in
seven different game modes: Zombies, Soccer, Domination, Mayhem, Crystal Crater, Walls, and Workshop. 16 teams from across the country
are ready to represent their city and destroy the competition. I’m your host, Ryguyrocky. Get your red stone
and diamond sword ready, because you’re invited
to get into the game with Super League Gaming’s
Minecraft City Champs. After practice day, it’s divisional play. Come on New York!
17 more points! Scores now count, and the stakes are
even higher than they’ve ever been before. Target Miami!
Target Miami, people! Target Miami! Some of the players
are going to rise to the top. I need popcorn.
Thank you. While others are going to struggle. Oh, today was a troublesome day. Divisional play is underway!
Los Angeles, California. I don’t think we’re gonna have
any trouble in the divisions, I feel pretty confident we’re gonna win. We have some very
experienced players on our team. My IGN is “Sonofalbi” Teamwork helps better since
all of our skills combine. ‘Cause we’ve been doing
this good for three years. LA Shockwaves was like
the only team last year that actually had well-formed
structure, as a team. My name is Gr1mmm_Creeper. When we all work as a team, we just
absolutely obliterate the other teams. That’s pretty much what
we’re known for, it’s teamwork. Let’s check in on New York. I’m Trophy_Girl,
top New York player of last week. Today, it actually counts,
and there’s no backing out of it. While New York and Boston
were kind of battling it out, no one really noticed Miami going up,
and Miami got the highest scores. And then I think they got a little cocky. If everybody works together,
then New York will definitely win. Also, if New York wins today,
I’m giving everyone mini chocolate bars. Otherwise I’m eating the whole thing. Let’s head on over to Dallas
and check in on Dermot, and the Dallas Dynamite. So the relationship with Dermot and
Aiden is an interesting one. What? Aiden stop! – Wait, no, I mean I’m–
– I needed it to connect to this! Dermot is surprisingly good
at just everyone’s everywhere, try to get the most kills,
he’s great at Mayhem. Normally gets first place in Mayhem? So my strongest qualities,
how I can strategize. I’m able to predict what people are
going to do, and I know how to counter it. Aiden, he’s great at Solve These. You know I hate it when you do that
and you always do it. I guess you don’t want to talk. No, I don’t wanna talk. Let’s check in on Los Angeles. I think Los Angeles does
have a good chance because last week we were scoring
the most points out of any city. Like, we kept getting
on the leader board. My in-game name is BlackJackPoke. Oh, no! It would be awesome if we
just like, win two times in a row, and then go straight to the Grand Finals,
I mean, that’s just cool. And the lights go down,
that’s what I’m talkin’ about! The real action has begun
ladies and gentlemen. These cities don’t know
what’s coming to them right now. Whoa! That guy does a lot of damage! Look at this kid right here, this kid. I just killed him. BlackJackPoke, killing so fast
you don’t even know how you got it. – No!
– No! Oh and Monkeyman at the top
of the leader board right now. [laughing] Yo, we have three people
on this one, let’s go! – Oh, we have four people now.
– Oh my God. This is gonna be so easy. I see Los Angeles
holding the lead right now. Count it down with me!
5… 4… 3… 2… 1… and that’s a dominating
performance by Los Angeles. We did have some
competition, surprisingly. The team that gave me the most trouble
today was probably Las Vegas. It makes me kinda nervous. Our communication was
a little bit lacking today. Next week I think we have
to work with communicating more, and describing what
we’re gonna do as a team more, just see how we can dominate
the other teams like we did last week. Now, a look at the other cities
in the competition. This is the second week.
I practiced over the week. I played on my own server, and I was trying to like, set up
what each little minigame is. Miami is one of the best cities. When Miami wins, they get very cocky. They might be a little easier to beat this
time, but we still have to target Miami. Target Miami!
Target Miami, people! Target Miami! I think we’re gonna do good,
we have a lot of good people with us. I got the best Chicago roast ever.
Oh my God. Look what I just said. Chicago wrote, “Chicago will win,
Chicago’s the best.” And I said, “then how come Chicago only
got a sad 36 victory points?” I’m the best roaster in the world! Let’s check in on Dallas. First match went okay,
second match not as good, and then Crystal Crater, woo. [sighs] Woo, today was a troublesome day. [indistinct chatter] Aidan, go! – So Aiden did… well, I’m not
really sure how he did. So today, for once, Dermot got second
place and Aiden got first place. That was fun. And I kinda noticed Dermot, he
wasn’t really happy about that. I guess I am a little proud,
you know, he doesn’t beat me often. We are back in the competition. Why did New York go down?
Why isn’t that working? How does Miami have 29 already? Why–
Oh, crud. Aw! Step it up, New York!
Couple points behind, 18 to 29. Target Miami!
Target light blue people. No actually, right now, get Boston. Boston!
I don’t like you, Boston. [laughing] I went right up to him like, “punch!” – Come on!
– What? Team C, we’re building a rapid! Guys, don’t put your dispensers
too close to mine. Do not touch my cannon. No, it’s Miami! Go!
Don’t let Miami get it. We’re blue? Guys, get it in the red goal.
Red goal, okay? Red goal. Guys, guys, defend!
Everybody defend! What the heck? Come on!
Come on! It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay! We just have to beat them.
Boston’s only 16 victory points ahead, we’re probably gonna beat Boston. Go! Heck! We won Walls!
We won Walls! We won! We won! Let’s check in on LA. I don’t wanna be bossy or anything,
but, you know, every game that I play, I kinda warp into my leader form, I guess. MonkeyMan, he’s been doing it
for like three years. He has a lot of experience,
so I would call him the leader. I gotta tell you, he’s one of
the best players out there. He’s one of our big team leaders and
I gotta say, he’s a great player. Even if I’ve just met them,
I think I can develop a sort of connection with that person quite quickly
so that they don’t feel controlled by me. But right now, we’re beating
everyone else in this tournament, and we’re gonna keep doing that. Let’s check in on the teams
from across the nation. Other than New York Team C. Take damage with the crystal! [screaming] I placed magma all around our crystal. There’s a little short way in,
but right here there’s a lava trap. Anyone that tries to get in
is gonna be like magma, so as long as they’re up
against the wall, I’ll be hurting them. So really there’s no way for
anyone to be in here, but I’m still in here, just in case. [yelling] Dang it!
I was so close. Come on, I need a cap for this!
I need a win. Go! Go! No, no!
How is Boston winning? At least Miami’s not winning.
I told you they got cocky! Boom! Kill the zombies!
What else do you do? 20 kills already! I have 35 kills. Miami gets cocky. I have 70 kills, seven-zero. You could see it happening.
In the beginning they were really ahead. And my record is 82. They’re behind now because
they’re kinda cocky now. I’m a better roaster than Wendy. We’re all here, we’re all defending,
that’s what the most important. Dang it!
I had a wrist cramp! Oh! I don’t have any, I don’t
have any medpack. No! Come on New York! If we can get 17 more points,
then we beat Boston. 17 points! We can do it! Oh, crud!
No! Minebagger, we gotta do this. I won’t be the end of us. Do not let Miami win! Get Miami!
Get Miami! Get Miami! Mi-ami-ami-ami! We’re first place again! [Cheering] Nice job! It went pretty good.
Um, we lost. Boston won today, that’s the first time
I’ve ever seen Boston winning on the big screen, so… If they’re like Miami, which– The whole season, season two, they
were cocky because they made the finals and got second place in the finals. They started out winning today but then
they got cocky just as I predicted. Miami got one more point than us, But that’s still pretty good ’cause we
were ahead of Miami almost the whole time. So you could say New York
was second place, sort of. So that wraps up our
first week of divisional play, where we saw some teams
continue their dominance established in practice week. Some teams start to gel, and
some teams begin to collapse. Can MonkeyMan and the LA Shockwaves continue their dominant performance
in the second week of divisional play? Can Ella bring her team together? Will Dermot take his MVP-winning technique
and become a team player? All of these questions
will be answered next week, as our heroes charge ahead into
the second week of divisional play. Next time on Minecraft City Champs… I really do wanna win this. That’s the other server. [yelling] Everyone give me your medpacks! – I will heal you all.
– No. Guys, why did you break it?!? Dermot, he takes the other
people’s idea, says it louder, that’s it. Legends making their way into the mix. Like, I’m sorry Chicago.
It’s not happening.

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